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Costello Puts Blame on Trump, Stormy Daniels For Retirement

In interviews over the weekend retiring Congressman Ryan Costello put the blame for his decision on President Donald Trump and pornstar Stormy Daniels.

In an interview with CNN on Saturday Costello said that Trump’s many controversies caused too many distractions.  

“No matter what I say or do, I feel all I do is answer questions about Donald Trump, rather than health insurance or tax policy,” Costello said according to Newsweek.  

“I think it’s a very challenging political environment, and when you add on top of that just the demands from a work-family balance, I just felt it was best for me to take stock in my life and have eight months to decide what I’m going to do next, rather than, potentially, six weeks,” Costello continued.  

In a separate interview with MSNBC Saturday, Costello said that Congressmen were spending too much time talking about pornstar Stormy Daniels instead of tax reform.  

“That is actually one of the reasons why I think it’s the right time for me to perhaps consider another line of work, at least temporarily. Because we’re talking about porn stars and the president rather than about tax policy or what we need to get done by the end of the year or what should have been in the omnibus,” Costello said according to The Hill.  

Costello dropped out of his run for re-election after the filing deadline to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania’s primary election leaving Republicans with a political unknown Greg McCauley as their candidate in the 6th Congressional district.

26 Responses

  1. Costello was just telling the truth. His district had become an uphill challenge and suddenly, in that challenge, he was confronted with discussing Stormy Daniels and all the Trumpian drama. How can his message cut through? It is a valid point of view as it is to want to fight on. There is no wrong answer but the same can be said for the “what ifs” about Hillary having won. “What if” Hillary had won? Would the landscape be as positive as it is now for Wolf and Casey?

  2. Don’t blame President Trump. You did not run again because you lacked the guts to try in a district that was no longer a sure thing. I believe that the country is much better off to have President Trump without Costello in Congress than it would have been to have President Hillary Clinton with Costello still in Congress.

  3. With the way he handled this election situation, MSNBC is the only organization that I think would have any interest in employing him.

  4. The question is not who is responsible for Costello leaving Congress. The question is why was Ryan Costello ever elected to Congress. He has been my congressman and I have met him. Costello never had any qualifications to be in any higher office.

    1. The folks responsible for an incompetent like Baby Boy Costello- are the same Republican establishment that has lost every major statewide race – and have managed to turn large parts of SW PA from solid Republican to Dem control. Please spare me a mention of Toomey the Gloomy. He won because Trump carried him- and he ran against the one candidate that was weaker- McKinty.
      Lousy candidates- an arrogance and distance from voters make PA Republican establishment one of the worst in USA. They need fresh blood – not crap like Costello and the other losers

  5. What a lame excuse! I think Mr. Costello was a big deal in Chester County, but couldn’t find his big boy pants in Washingon, D.C. Heavy hitter players there. Mr. Costello is more comfy being big fish in small pond.

  6. What a jackwad! Val di Giorgio intended to run before this D-bag had the nomination rigged for him. Costello has always had it easy. Now that it’s less easy, he’s panicked, ditching the job and using Donald Trump as an excuse. Costello’s an “excuse,” a poor excuse for a public servant.

  7. I’m amazed at how ignorant everyday people can be. Has anyone ever come after you for changing your job? No. He is serving out his term, doing the work that the taxpayers sent him to Washington to do. If at some point he doesn’t want to do it anymore, that is his own business. The only difference is that when he says he doesn’t want to do his job anymore, people put a microphone in his face.

    Just for one second, imagine the stupid stuff you would say into a microphone. My message is this: Worry about yourself. Dent, Costello, these guys are doing what they’re doing for their own reasons, for their families and for what they think is best for their careers in their own mind. A real “pu$$Y” is someone who can’t realize that and cherp away online, when they dont have the “b@lls” to stand up and say it themselves.

      1. I’ve literally be called like 30 different people on this website over the past two weeks. Get a life loser.

  8. The issue isn’t Trump- it’s an incompetent phony named Ryan Costello who has no class or principles. Also- he is reflective of an incompetent and pathetic Republican Party that gives voters awful candidates. Problem isn’t Trump- it’s Republican “leaders” and RINOs like Baby Boy Costello and CNN favorite son- Charlie mad dog Dent

    1. Yes, please come after a man for not wanting to have terrible stuff said about him in the media and have it seen by his two children under 5 years old.

      Meanwhile, you protect a guy who paid money through a rathole to keep a pornstar quiet. I bet you are the same dude that was screaming his head off about Bill Clinton in the 90s too.

      1. Trump is way worse than Bill Clinton was — but not as bad as Hillary would have been. Bill was SMART. Amoral, sure, but smart. The Trumpeter Swan probably finished at the bottom of his college class. He has small hands. He needs whores to be able to fulfill himself. He lies, deliberately, because Goebbels is his hero. That said, he hasn’t been a half-bad President because the country needed to move to the right. But as a person, Trump is an ass. It is up to Costello and the others in Congress to GOVERN rather than being spineless party hacks. Costello couldn’t. Good riddance.

  9. Agree, a complete loser! Grow some b@lls if you disagree or get on the winning train- MAGA…. build the wall.

    1. Frank says this from his dusty recliner surrounded by 30 cats. I’m also guessing that 2016 was the first time you voted. Clean the lint out of your belly button and move on Frank.

      1. LOL!!!

        So the same people who were calling for him to leave because he’s a RINO are angry because he is leaving?

  10. I sense Costello is telling the truth and have to respect his honesty. Trump is a disaster for the Republican Party. Does anyone think that Casey and Wolf would be in as good a position as they are now had Hillary won and the Republicans in their more effective “complaining about everything but having no power to do anything mode?” Trump has totally changed the Pennsylvania political landscape and brought forth two of the least effective challengers for Senate and Governor in 2018. Again, had Hillary won, it could easily be argued that way better challengers would have emerged in a dynamic that would have seen a far easier path for Republican victory in those two races in 2018. The “what-if’s” of history!

  11. The Costellos should just consider a completely different line of work. Perfect example of an out-of-touch political class.

  12. I’m sorry, but this is a copout. If you want to be a big boy, show a spine and stand up to a corrupt despot that has taken over your party – you have 3 choices. Run as a Republican and denounce Trump or change your party registration to Democratic or change to Independent or a 3rd party and get on the ballot through a 3rd party petition process. Unfortunately, Mr. Costello continues to prove to everyone, he has no spine and only runs when the deck is stacked in his favor. But since you’ve decided the road you want to take, here is your binky and blanket – now go over in the corner and console yourself.

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