Cotton Endorses Mango for Governor

Mango Cotton EndorsementPaul Mango, Republican Candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, was endorsed by Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

In his video endorsement, Cotton brought up Mango’s military service, something the two share in common. Mango attended West Point, and served as a Captain with the 82nd Airborne in the 1980’s, while Cotton served with the Army from 2005 to 2010.

“We learn some practical things in the army, like how to shoot, move and communicate,” Cotton said. “But more than that, learned about teamwork, about trust, about solidarity, about love.”

Mango accepted the endorsement, speaking fondly of Cotton in return.

“His commitment to service and our nation is without question, and I look forward to working with him in the weeks and months to come as we take our conservative vision to all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties,” he said in a press release.

While the election is still over a year away, fellow Republican and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s (R-York) announcement of his candidacy back in January pushed up the traditional schedule for the race. Endorsements and other campaign events may begin earlier than usual as a result as candidates push to gain the support of state party members ahead of the .

This is not the first time Cotton has gotten involved in PA politics. He spoke in favor of Pat Toomey at a 2016 GOP Fall Dinner.

State House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) is currently seeking support of state party members before he announces if he will enter the race.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley is also rumored to be considering a run.  

You can view the video here.

19 Responses

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  2. Cotton is Paul Mango’s top banana!! And Mango is the apple of Cotton’s eye!!! Mr. Mango, orange you glad you’re the Cotton-pickin’endorsed candidate? Let’s not cherry-pick the facts because you’re not going to pull the wool over my eyes. If Mango has Cotton’s endorsement, then which Russian stooge will get Linen’s? Cotton will no doubt take a lot of flax for this.

  3. Some of us do care about an endorsement from Cotton — BUT NOT THE SAME OLD SAME OLD like most of the responses I’ve read. So why should I care what your said????

  4. tell senator cotton too worry about his own state and the said state of affairs the Senate is in, he is part of the swamp! Mangos cant and wont too a dam thing to help the economy of Penna.


  5. Will Mr. Mango enforce the death penalty? Stop welfare to illegal aliens? Protect the safety of our police?
    He can talk, talk talk about “jobs” but these are the everyday issues and is he going to be different than what we have now is the question.

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  7. Fact Checker get real man. No one in Pennsyltucky knows or cares who Jim Cotton is.

  8. Other than attending WEest Point, what do they have in common? I hope Mango is not a redneck ass like Cotton.

  9. Ches-Mont Dem – You may not care, however, republicans certainly do. Considering the election in front of Mr. Mango is the primary, in case you are new to Pennsylvania politics we have closed primaries, it would make sense to strengthen Republican support. Best of luck with Gov. Wolf.

    1. My point was directed at Cotton not being well known in PA. He doesn’t have a national base, he’s not local, and he’s a very new senator. There are Republican elected officials whose endorsements would make a splash – I don’t think he qualifies.

  10. And we care about the opinion of a freshman senator from Arkansas because…?

    1. I don’t know, maybe the same reason your side cared about the opinion of a freshman Senator from Illinois in 2008?

      1. Ah. So Sen. Cotton is one of the frontrunners in the 2017 presidential election!

        1. Tom Cotton for President???
          He has no gonads……the people of Arkansas don’t like him…..except the old white men who voted for Trump. Look at the vid of his Springdale town hall meeting. Better yet read about him cancelling his latest meeting. So he runs to PA to endorse a candidate…..ha so funny!

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