Could Budget Stalemate Derail PA Society?

pa-state-capitol-b175d9a07740ecf3Now, it’s getting serious. At least for Pennsylvania’s power brokers.

It appears that the ongoing budget standoff could affect this year’s PA Society gathering (the annual NYC weekend of parties every December).

According to Mary Wilson of WHYYNewsworks, Democratic leaders in the legislature are threatening not to show up if a budget hasn’t been signed by then.

“There’s no way we should be going to New York City, and going and celebrating Pennsylvania Society week, unless we have a budget done,” said Democratic Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa. “I mean I’ve been someone who’s gone there many years, I will not be there unless we have this budget completely resolved.”

“It would look like what it is – out of touch with where Pennsylvanians are,” State Sen. Anthony Williams stated. “You’re going to a big old party in New York City and schools are closing.”

Republicans, however, are less alarmist, possibly because they view these proclamations as a ruse by the Democrats.

“If we don’t have a budget by December, I’m sure members will evaluate whether to go,” House Republican spokesman Stephen Miskin said.

While the budget outlook is bleak, I wouldn’t go canceling your plans just yet.

11 Responses

  1. These politicians are monsters. What are they expecting to get out of stalling. Women that are being beaten nearly to death can’t go to domestic abuse shelters, and they talk about a party? God have mercy on us all.

  2. Hey the Clown Club State House Representatives went to Israel on an economic mission travesty trip in the summer in the first months of the Budget quagmire. Both sides of the aisle went. Why wouldn’t they go to another all expense paid vacations party in New York. Term limits is the answer. Other than that vote every incumbent out. Start over. Couldn’t do any worse then the Clown Club in Harrisburg now.

  3. pennsylvania voters should consider a recall on the clowns that are holding the budget from passing.

  4. Do taxpayers pick up the tab for this party? Is this PA Society by invitation only?Or what are the criteria to be part of PA Society?

  5. Actually the big Q is — will my master Frank Fina let me out of my cage to attend PA Society if I promise to wear my gimp suit and send him PORN EMAILS.

  6. Get real.

    Absence of a budget will not stop A SINGLE public official who wouldn’t already attend from attending.

  7. If they don’t have a budget by December, members should consider quitting and letting competent people serve instead.

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