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Could Trump Appeal to Southeast PA?

Donald TrumpCould Donald Trump do well in Southeast Pennsylvania after all?

That’s the question asked by David Weigel of the Washington Post. It’s generally thought that PA is experiencing a growing east-west divide but Weigel found several people in Bucks County that are worried/excited that Trump could have a chance.

“I’d have been very confident if they’d nominated Sen. [Ted] Cruz because he would have done terribly in the Philadelphia suburbs,” said Rep. Brendan Boyle. “The question with Trump is, will he be able to get votes that your typical Republican, like Mitt Romney, couldn’t get? It’s a real X-factor.”

“I’ve never seen this much excitement in Pennsylvania in my life,” said Rep. Lou Barletta, who was an early supporter of Trump. “I can’t tell you how many people come up to me, say they haven’t voted in 20 or 30 years, and say they’re for Trump. Strong, Democrat[ic] areas, union members — they’re voting for Trump.”

As usual, former Governor Ed Rendell provided the most colorful response.

“Will he have some appeal to working-class Dems in Levittown or Bristol? Sure,” Rendell said. “For every one he’ll lose 1½ , two Republican women. Trump’s comments like ‘You can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested,’ that’ll come back to haunt him.”

He then added, “There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.”

Without a hint of irony Rendell concluded, “People take that stuff personally.”

Labor leader John Dougherty, however, isn’t as concerned.

“There’s still a little frustration, a little racism in this world,” he stated while describing his plan to point holes in Trump’s appeal by asking exactly how the nominee plans to “Make America Great Again”.

“The novelty of Donald Trump will wear off, okay?”

19 Responses

  1. Tim-
    How do I explain his “appeal” to Hispanics and Blacks?

    He has no appeal to these groups. Hispanics are registering in record numbers to vote against him. His strongest support comes from a lot of White Supremacist groups. (He’s the candidate David Duke has been longing for, and Trump’s dad was in the KKK.)

    Trump isn’t going to provide anybody opportunities. He’s not talking about job training programs. He’s not talking about investing in infrastructure.

    I’m sure you’d prefer a more Mad Max form of government.

  2. I can dislike many of Brendan Boyle’s policies and ideas without disliking Brendan Boyle himself who is one of the nicest people in politics, decent and an avatar of family values. Brendan Boyle is an excellent politicians who listens to his constituents and is sensitive to their needs and views as his well-earned electoral success proves.

    In my view, if jobs and the economy are more important than transgendered bathrooms, Donald Trump wins. That is how I read Brendan Boyle’s comments.

    Republican Lou Barletta has been elected by larger and larger margins by a working class, Democratic Union constituency because he, too, listens to his voters and is sensitive to their needs, and it would be a mistake to dismiss his comments as partisan. He endorsed Donald Trump early because, in my view, he sensed the feelings of his voters and that endorsement has not diminished his popularity in his district, as far as I know. Lou Barletta is NOT a conservative.

  3. Donald Trump is trumped by Ed Rendell; are Democrats even minimally embarrassed by the high ranking, fundraising Democrat’s comments?

    Former Democratic Mayor of Philadelphia, and former Governor of Pennsylvania and former chair of Democratic National Convention in 2000, and unapologetic womanizer, Ed Rendell, predicts ugly women will vote for Hillary Clinton. There is superficial logic to his point. /

  4. Nick – thank you for correcting Barletta’s casual use of the “Democrat” slur. He’s a classless hack, but it’s nice to see someone not let that slip by.

  5. Hey Diano, who is smoking the crack? You are pal! How do you explain Trumps appeal to Hispanics and blacks. All you white middle class leftists get so busy being offended on behalf of blacks, you fail to realize that Obama has done NOTHING for them and Auntie Goofamus even though she panders to them at the black churches will do nothing for them either except maybe expand welfare benefits to the parasite class. On the other hand Trump will provide o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-t-y something socialist Democrats know little about because you pricks want the nanny state to do everything for you.

    You will see Bernie supporters defect from Clinton and vote for Trump too as a protest to this lying skank, hypocrite traitor to America. She’s done pal and it’s a new day in America. Wake up and send Hillary a nice retirement card to her rest home when it’s all over pally.

    You are the biggest Democrat shill I’ve ever encountered. Too bad they don’t hire you, except you don’t qualify because you’re such a bs artist!

  6. Tim-

    Put down the crack pipe.

    Trump is not the favorite (odds-on or otherwise). The electoral map greatly favors Clinton and she’s likely to get 320 electoral votes.

    Trump’s poll numbers improved slightly because the GOP race is over and the RNC and GOP leadership have scaled back attacks on him.

    Hillary’s number are artificially down because of crazed Bernie supporters who haven’t gotten the wake up call about party unity. Once Bernie concedes and endorses her, Hillary’s numbers will skyrocket.

    Trump continues to alienate women and minorities. Hispanic voters are registering and applying for citizenship in record numbers.

  7. Trump is no longer a longshot candidate. In fact, he is now the odds on favorite. Auntie Goofamus of The Ozarks is DONE! No one trusts this liar. That’s why she is aptly named “Crooked” Hillary. In fact, you can tell she had a stroke, she rarely goes off script and her brain is foggy. In the debates with Trump, she will come off as lost and cluless. You will see the “real” Hillary in these debates as she fumbles for comebacks and zingers against a man who will be totally prepared to roast her and her record. Healthwise Hillary is one step away from a major stroke or a coronary. Recent photos of her depict an ill woman who is unfit to be on the campaign trail, let alone be President. She willgo down in flames in November is my prediction unless of course she has Trump assigned to the Clinton body count.

  8. Oh Archie I love that Donald Trump he is so handsome and guess what- I just left Louise Jefferson next door and she told me that George and her were voting for Trump too—and then she starting singing some song…Movin on up to the east side…….

  9. The racist Lou Barletta is giddy, so there must be some Trump excitement with other bigots and poorly educated in PA too.

  10. In Purple SEPA? You bet he can. people here have been screwed over by the Democratic Party as much as the Republican Party. If Trump is the only outsider, he will win here. Hillary lost PA in that swing-state poll, remember? If it is two outsiders – Trump v. Sanders – Sanders romps here.

    Fast Eddie, Fast Eddie, Fast Eddie… Even Midge couldn’t put up with his derogatory, demeaning comments about women – and that woman is a saint. Also, when he was DNC Chair, the Dems suffered MASSIVE losses – including the entire state house and the purple congressional districts in SEPA. So he is not even worth getting a quote from on matters of politics in PA.

  11. Question becomes does labor properly expose Trump’s own record with labor such as stiffing contractors and hiring illegals? Also, if exposed will the Archie Bunkers of the world ignore it and find a way to like Trump because of his sexism, xenophobia and racism? Even when I call it out on FB, guys with no reason whatsoever to support Trump fire back with Hillary’s a bitch and nothing substantive. Trump has an anti-union, anti-labor record. His rhetoric shouldn’t hide that fact

  12. Northeast, South Philly, lower Bucks and eastern Delco absolutely. Elsewhere in SE Pennsylvania no,in fact it will be a bloodbath. Rendell is right.

  13. First of all Fast Eddie being the arbiter of whether Trump’s statements about women will be offensive to them is hilarious. Mr. Pot meet Mr. Kettle—Mr Fox how is the guard job going at the hen house? Here’s what none of you inside Rep or Dem boys get. Women have heard those comments and voted for Trump anyway. They might prefer that he didn’t say them but they are so fed up with all of the BS that both establishment R and D candidates have provided for YEARS that they will vote for the provocative guy. and John—Trump will peel away your members like the peel off a ripe banana on hot summer day—real easy and kind of quickly

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