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Councilwomen Grill Williams Over Fina

Fina-WilliamsThe shadows of Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo and Pat Blessington are going to hang over Philadelphia DA Seth Williams for as long as they stay on his staff…and possibly longer.

That’s the conclusion one reaches after Williams was hammered once again by members of the Philadelphia City Council about the employees’ behavior.

Fina, Costanzo and Blessington were part of the group exchanging lewd emails with government officials during their time in the Attorney General’s office. They went on to work for Williams in the Philly DA and despite the outcry, he has refused to fire them.

“I’m offended by these emails,” Councilwoman Cindy Bass said. “If somebody sends me something that I’m offended by, I will email them back and say, ‘Don’t send me this anymore.’”

“They did not stop the emails. They stand in a position where they have to make judgments, about whether cases are going to trial. They make decisions on peoples’ fates every single day,” she continued. “This is really about three individuals who work in the district attorney’s office right now on taxpayer dollars. I did expect that my district attorney would do something about it, and that it wouldn’t require meetings, press conferences, all these conversations over and over again.”

Freshman Councilwoman Helen Gym also critiqued Williams’ judgement.

“I really hope that your office does not excuse behavior that is deemed offensive and shocking and off the charts,” Gym said. “They offend the sensibilities of every individual who operates in a functional society.”

Williams stood by the trio and his attempts to move past the controversy weren’t welcomed.

“They’ve had tremendous careers as public servants, have a tremendous body of experience, wealth of knowledge that we just can’t get by just jettisoning them off and hiring someone right out of law school,” Williams said.

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  1. Aw, this was a actually nice post. In idea I would like to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to create a very beneficial article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get one thing carried out.

  2. PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY OF THIS …. Please !!! Just ignore it.

  3. Even more bad news for Seth Williams. This from The Nation —

    “For [Seth] Williams, killer cops deserve much more leniency under the law. In December of 2014, two Philadelphia cops gunned down a 26-year-old African-American man named Brandon Tate-Brown at a traffic stop, sparking popular protest against the excessive use of police force. While Williams asserted that he understood “what happened with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin and what happened in Ferguson,” he claimed what happened in Philadelphia is “different” because Tate-Brown had a weapon in his car. “The officer’s actions here do not constitute a crime,” he said when announcing that he would not bring charges against the police.”

    The gun in Tate-Brown’s car has absolutely nothing to do with what happened to him. Seth knows this. He is a disgrace. Smart money is on that gun being put there by Police.

  4. And now we find out that Seth Williams and Frank Fina don’t even care about innocent people in prison for crimes they did not commit:

    “From PennLive article — “The committee’s work took four long years but, in 2011, it released its report, a 316-page tome that thoroughly analyzed the causes of wrongful convictions and offered a series of recommendations to fix the problem.

    The committee’s recommendations included greater preservation of biological evidence, changes in witness interviews and photo lineups, state-based funding for indigent defense services, video and audio recording of interrogations, and compensation for people who are wrongly convicted.

    Unfortunately, law enforcement, led by the District Attorneys’ association, released its own minority report.

    That report diminished the committee’s recommendations and refused to even acknowledge the reality of innocent people in prison.

    Signers of the report included Ed Marsico, Frank Fina, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

    Perhaps most appalling of all, the minority report called the idea of compensating wrongly convicted people “preposterous.”

    Apparently – Frank Fina thinks he deserves taxpayer $$$ and has sued the State trying to get some. But – he doesn’t think people who get sent to jail by corrupt prosecutors like him should recover. Shame on him.

  5. Seth is an even bigger moron than he looks if he thinks my Republican buddies in Harrisburg are going to give him money.

  6. I wonder if City Council asked Seth Williams about this e-mail sent by prosecutor Frank Fina using Governmet equipment:

    This is a guy who is supposed to be a prosecutor. He is supposed to have judgment. In an office that prosecutes sex crimes. And here he is joking about statutory rape. How can he be sensitive to the needs/plight of rape victims?

    Hope Cindy Bass, NOW, Hardy Williams and NAACP continue this fight.

  7. Marie – I would not be surprised if he is running from other inmates in 2017. Even if he stays out of jail, how much $$$ does he think the Corbett Republicans are going to raise for him?

    He certainly won’t have any support in Philadelphia. He won’t have female votes. The Police have turned against him. Black leaders cannot stand him. Really – what is left at this point?

  8. Another article here has PA leaning left ahead of November’s big election – where America gets to tell Donald Trump what we think of him.

    But, Philadelphia’s elected DA seems to be leaning Republican:

    He hangs out at the Union League. Wears bow ties. Hires racists and perverts. Protects racists and perverts. Demotes females who speak out.

    And then there’s this:

    Everyone who seems confused about why Seth Williams won’t fire Frank Fina hasn’t read this. Seth Williams has tied his future to Frank Fina. He is on an island. No one in Philly likes him or trusts him. He knows that his $$$ has dried up. So – Seth Williams is morphing into a corrupt Republican. His shady ties to Bob Levant, Frank Fina, and the Corbett Pervs will soon be exposed. His treatment of women can no longer be covered up. Can’t wait to see if he runs as a Democrat or a Republican in 2017.

    Real slimy chameleon that Seth Williams is. And a real POS.

  9. Seth Williams:

    The guy who is covering up for the person who defaced City property in front of his house.

    The guy who’s Twitter feed once included photos from Big Booty Latinas.

    The guy who spent campaign funds on membership dues at The Union League and The Sporting Club at The Bellvue.

    The guy who turned his back on the victim of a violent crime because one of the perpetrators gave him lots of $$$.

    The guy who lives with his Mommy.

    The guy who demoted a top Deputy and hard-working prosecutor because she suggested that the Office not have racist, sexist prosecutors on staff.

    The guy that has a Harrisburg bartender and Corbett Republicans running his PAC.

    The guy that got his ass kicked last weekend.

    The guy who gets field-passes for NFL games and then refuses to prosecute NFL players who sucker-punch off-duty officers.

    The guy whose family lives in the suburbs with the wife that he cheated on repeatedly.

    The guy who goes to bat for disgusting lawyers with multiple ethics violations so they can become Judges.

    And that is all BEFORE WE EVEN TALK ABOUT Frank Fina and Marc Costanzo.

  10. Hon – I told you to keep your mouth shut!! The Feds are sniffing around. Stop talking about Fina. He is toxic at this point. It’s a lost cause.

    Also – if anyone asks you anything about my brother, Harry Levant, hang up on them – like you did when the reporters called asking about the John Dougherty aggravated assault.

    This is really going south for us. Everyone knows you have no qualifications for that job Seth gave you. Everyone seems to be guessing that I represented Seth when the Feds knocked on his door. And my lawsuit with Fina is public record. This is bad. Really bad! Stop talking!!!!

  11. Fina? Frank Fina?

    He’s a great guy. Trust me — Great guy. Really great guy.

    Just ignore that my husband is Fina’s lawyer and that they are suing the State for taxpayer money. Just ignore that and trust me!! He’s not a racist. Just ignore his Fried Chicken e-mail. He’s a great guy. TRUST ME !!!!!!

  12. Why are you people surprised? His predecessor called him an empty suit. He’s a serial cheater who lives out of his PAC fund to support his celebrity lifestyle and is about to be indicted. But the Inquirer endorsed him anyway over several much better candidates. And Fina And Costanzo will NEVER resign. They are incapable of producing in any private law firm and couldn’t get a job outside government if their lives depended on it. The only solution is a new DA. Good luck with that!!

  13. Tina – not only are they not in jail. They are collecting their salaries from Philadelphia taxpayers.

    Seth Williams’ explanation is absurd.

    Who cares where they were working when they exposed themselves as racists? They are still racists. And racists should not be employed as prosecutors.

    Fina and Costanzo must go! If Seth won’t do it – Seth must go too!!

  14. Seth has come a long way alright. He once had a bright future in Politics. He inherited a great office with great people. Then he hired Fina and Costanzo. He tried a press play on the sting case that has backfired. And he has let Fina and his lawyer’s wife to destroy the great office Lynne Abraham left him. The Shady stuff. The Dougherty punt. The tires slashed and no one arrested. There are all signs. Seth Williams has run the Philadelphia DA’s Office into the ground. He likes to play the victim. But the victims are the citizens of Philadelphia – who deserve better than a desperate politician who employs racists as prosecutors.

  15. Seth Williams has come a long way since his days at Penn State went he led ant-apartheid sit-ins.

  16. My boss, Mr. Frank, is not no sick person. He be treat in’ me good. Even got me a nice raise. And “Uncle Seth” — he looks out for us!!

  17. Agreed, Marie. No woman should ever vote for this guy. Some of the e-mails Fina sent around suggest that women in the work-force need to perform oral sex on their bosses to advance their careers. That is not a haha joke. That is a sick person with very poor judgment.

  18. Not too long ago, Seth Williams said he “made a mistake” by only sending Fina and his pals to “sensitivity training.” He said he needed to “see all” the e-mails. Well – what’s taking him so long???

    And – really – isn’t this e-mail enough? This one was sent by Frank Fina, using his Government computer, to a group of white male buddies:

    What more does Seth Williams need to see?? How friggin’ racist is Frank Fina???

    The “it happened while he worked as a prosecutor for another Government agency” argument is pure hog-wash. A racist is a racist is a racist. And RACISTS SHOULD NOT BE PROSECUTORS. Period!

  19. Seth Williams doesnt care what the People of Philadelphia want. He doesn’t care what the Leaders in Philadelphia think. He doesn’t care about NOW … the NAACP … his mentor, Hardy Williams … City Council …. He cares only about himself. And his instinct for self-preservation seems to have led him astray. Since he is not a full-on Republican:

    Think About it. Seth hangs out at the Union League. Wears bow ties. Hires racists and perverts. Protects racists and perverts. Demotes females who speak out.

    And then there’s this:

    Everyone calling for him to fire Frank Fina hasn’t read that article. Seth Williams has tied his future to Frank Fina. They are on an island now. The Levant family is there too. No one in Philly likes him or trusts him. Seth knows that his $$$ has dried up. So – he is morphing into a corrupt Republican. Just read the article. And follow the $$$.

    Real slimy chameleon that Seth Williams is. And a real POS too. He will NEVER get a female vote again. He must know this.

  20. Fire Frank Fina NOW !!! Can we impeach Seth Williams too? Anyone wanting the real scoop needs to read HaHa’s comment below.

  21. Seth Williams is a real disappointment. He is not only protecting bad people. He is lying to us as well. His “hiring someone right out of law school” line is an insult to our intelligence.

  22. 99.9% of prosecutors go their whole careers without an Appellate Court finding that your conduct was HIGHLY IMPROPER.

    But that’s exactly what happened to Frank Fina.

    And it had nothing to do with his racist e-mails or granny porn.

  23. Hey Boss – you want me to start “investigating” this Cindy Bass? Frank has a grand jury that may be able to help. Let me know.

    Wonder why nobody likes me and Frank at the Philly District Attorney’s Office.

    Hope the reporters don’t start talking to the ADAs. The Office is in the middle of a mutiny. It’s Seth, Frank, and Levant’s wife against the hard-working career prosecutors trying to do the right thing.

    I’m just a dope happy to have a job.

  24. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

    “… body of experience, wealth of knowledge that we just can’t get by just jettisoning them off”.

    The Philadelphia DA’s Office “got by” just fine before the Three Stooges (“Uncle Seth” … Freaky Frank … His Driver, Costanzo)

    In fact – the DA’s Office was great. They never turned their backs on victims of violent crime (like Seth Williams did with Dougherty’s attack). They didn’t hire people the DA was sleeping with.

    The prior DA would NEVER go to bat for a tool like Scott DiClaudio. The prior DA would never make thevtaxpayers pay for damage to City vehicles caused by a jilted lover.

    Seth Williams is bad news. His Office is in complete chaos. And he spends all his time “training” to get his ass kicked by a defense attorney. He should stick to dancing.

  25. It will be so delightful when this guy is made to do the Perp Walk by the Feds. Can’t wait! And Fina will be laughing at him…

  26. Williams’ Budget should not include the salary of Frank Fina. We know that he sent racist e-mail from his Gov’t computer.

    Not only has Seth Williams not fired the racist Fina, But Seth Williams is letting Frank Fina run the Philadelphia DA’s Office.

    How else can the hiring of the new 2nd-in-command Kathy Martin be explained?

    Martin has a shady background (representing rapists, drug dealers and murderers). She was a part time prosecutor for a cup of coffee in rural PA somewhere. And then – all of a sudden – she is 2nd in Command in a big city D.A.’s Office (Philadelphia)!!!

    Weird huh?

    Kathy Martin’s title is “Chief of Staff” and “General Counsel.” She has ZERO general counsel experience and just about no prosecutorial experience. Did she interview with the Hiring Committee? Did she get vetted by HR folks? How did she walk off the street into a six-figure salary with the City?

    Hmmmmmm …… Let’s see …..

    When Kathleen Kane won the AG race, but before she took office, then Deputy AG Frank Fina finalized his “unjust” plea deal with Tyron Ali – the con-man cooperator in the sting case. Bruce Beemer, the 1st Asst at the OAG who testified AGAINST Kane, called Fina’s plea deal “unjust.” Frank Fina dropped all of the over 2,000 criminal charges that were pending against Tyron Ali. Fina also let Ali keep the $430K he stole from a non-profit set up to help children. That was taxpayer $$$. Wh’d Fina let him keep it?

    Con-man Tyron Ali is represented by Bob Levant. Fina negotiated that sweet deal, in the 11th hour (right before Kane was set to take over) with attorney Bob Levant.

    And now Fina is suing the AG’s Office for more taxpayer money. And guess who one of his attorneys is? Yep — Bob Levant.

    Rumor has it that Bob Levant has also helped Seth Williams with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Williams.

    A ways back, Seth Williams hired Frank Fina. Whether he knew of Fina’s “e-mail issues” when he hired Fina we may never know. But Williams certainly knows now. And the Superior Court just called Fina’s conduct in the Penn State case “highly improper.” Williams certainly knows that too.

    “Chief of Staff/General Counsel” is a high paying job. Six figures. Seth Williams hired Kathy Martin off the street into that job. She has zero general counsel experience and hardly any prosecutorial experience.

    But – Kathy Martin is Bob Levant’s wife!!

    Now – Seth Williams’ “Chief of Staff” is in the Press, speaking on behalf of the Philadelphia DA’s Office, defending and praising her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina.

    Huge coincidence, huh?? I think not. It’s no wonder that Williams refuses to fire Fina. They are in bed together. Levant and Martin are on that stinky mattress too.

    Is it OK that Kathy Martin, a high-paid City employee, has a financial interest in smearing the AG and propping up her husband’s racist client – Frank Fina?

    Is it OK that Seth Williams has a financial interest in keeping Fina around? Just look at who is running Seth Williams’ PAC. His name is Mike Barley. And he is a Corbett guy – just like Frank Fina. Google “On the Rocks – Seth Williams” and read the article. You will see Seth Williams’ motive here — political survival. He has no friends and no money. Fina & The Corbett Pervs are his only hope!!

  27. Is Seth related to Mayor Wilson Goode? I swear it’s the same spineless guy.

  28. Hey “Uncle Seth” — Fina SENT racist e-mails. Is his lawyer your lawyer too?

  29. So, Willianms thinks the ONLY two options are:
    1) Keep the pervs/bigots
    2) Hire someone fresh out of law school

    So, no qualified non-pervs/bigots in the system to hire?

  30. “They’ve had tremendous careers as public servants, have a tremendous body of experience, wealth of knowledge that we just can’t get by just jettisoning them off and hiring someone right out of law school,” Williams said.
    Translation: Local 98 slashed my tires; the Feds are all over my office and I’ve been advised by my attorney to do nothing.

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