Court Rules Against Kane in Thomas Lawsuit

KaneDetective Claude Thomas wants his hearing and it looks like he is going to get it.

Thomas was the agent in charge of the now infamous sting operation that Kane passed on. Thomas, who is African-American, was incensed when Kane stated that the investigation was meant to target black lawmakers.

In response, Thomas sued Kane back in April.

Today, Thomas’ attorney Mark Sereni revealed that the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas ruled that while Kane has immunity from any personal liability (she can’t be sued), the Attorney General still must respond to Thomas’ allegations in writing within the next twenty days.

Sereni’s statement is included below in full:

I represent Claude Thomas in his lawsuit against Kathleen G. Kane that is pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Detective Thomas was the Pennsylvania Attorney General Office’s undercover agent in charge of a once-secret public corruption investigation involving state legislators.

As the media has reported, Detective Thomas’ lawsuit alleges that Ms. Kane damaged his reputation by falsely accusing him publicly of participating in racially-targeting certain state legislators based upon their African-American race. Detective Thomas himself is African- Page 2 of 2 American. Detective Thomas’ lawsuit alleges that these false public accusations badly misportrayed him as unethical and incompetent.

As to Detective Thomas’ victory regarding a public name-clearing hearing, long before Detective Thomas had to file his lawsuit, I had asked Ms. Kane in writing to conduct a public name-clearing hearing for him so that the public, including the media, could see and hear for themselves Detective Thomas’ refutation of these false accusations against him, including the written results of an independent polygraph examination that showed that Detective Thomas was telling the truth. I wanted – and Detective Thomas needed – the public to determine for themselves whether or not Ms. Kane had publicly spoken the truth about him.

Ms. Kane completely ignored, and continues to completely ignore, my written request. Candidly, I find it painfully ironic that when Ms. Kane now sees herself publicly accused of wrongdoing, she uses her immense power as state Attorney General to promptly call a state-wide press conference in an effort to defend herself, but when she publicly accuses a former undercover agent of wrongdoing who needs and deserves the same kind of public forum to clear his name, she decides not to lift a finger for him and instead virtually thumbs her nose at him.

If Ms. Kane truly practices what she preaches about the need for public transparency and better government, then I urge her to give up her claim to absolute immunity and instead take personal responsibility for her own actions and their consequences in regard to Detective Thomas. If Ms. Kane has nothing to hide, then she should welcome the bright spotlight of truth by shedding that cloak of absolute immunity.

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  1. Another example of David Diano Derangement Disorder. Kane’s main adult life experience is going to political fundraisers with her wealthy ex-husband. She has almost no prosecutorial experience. She’s personal friends with Hillary.

  2. PhillySteve-

    Kane has never struck me as partisan nor political. She’s been thrust into defending herself against political attacks and has responded in kind.

    As for babies, they are delicious. Like veal.

    My friends are always posting how cute their babies are and how they could gobble them up.

  3. Hey PhillySteve – no one is buying it. You are a shill.

    DD – Maybe SpongeBob can come here and tell us how the Ashley Madison hackers used forensically unsound methods to steal all the days they stole … LOL

  4. David Diano is a political hack who has a thing for extremely partisan female democrats. If a politician is partisan, female, and Democrat, they could eat a baby on live TV and Diano would still defend them.

  5. BTW, has anyone searched for Fina and his pervy pals in the Ashley Madison dump?

    I don’t know his real email address.

  6. kanesdriver-

    I’ve already established I’m not a paid shill for the Dems, and my many complaints with how the party is run are also proof. My voter data business is a sideline/hobby from my regular day job.

    You, however, seemed to be a shill (paid or otherwise) for Fina and friends. You try to sexualize everything about Kane to demean/degrade her because she’s a woman.

    How many times have you or SpongeBob gone down on Fina (or each other)? You just support the meme of the old-boys mentality that spreads porn and doesn’t respect women.

    Maybe the FBI will read your posts, track you down, and slap you around for info. You’d probably like that.

    I guess they’ll probably find you in your window-darkened van with a tear stained mattress parked outside a school or a playground.

  7. DD,

    It’s OK baby. I don’t need your acceptance. Every day you post your nonsense you lose what little credibility you have. You’re very good at being the paid little shill for the liberal progressive wing of the democratic party.

    What’s funny after doing a little research the very same things that many people here hate about Kathleen Kane are the same things that you have written about Joe Sestak.

    So not only are you a paid shill with no knowledge of law enforcement, the law, criminal justice, Title 18, Title III or federal law you’re a hypocrite.

    I’m going to take my own advice again and just ignore you. It’s not fun anymore because you are, in a word, a moron. While you may know how to compile voter registration databases and have some knowledge in IT you simply won’t ever concede that you are wrong about ANYTHING or better yet you won’t concede that you simply don’t have the knowledge about certain topics.

    Instead of making those concessions you would rather Google something then extrapolate from that research some minute nugget taken totally out of context, pound your chest and proclaim your expertise. Why do you do that?

    So, I won’t reply to anymore of your postings. Your girlfriends going down (she’s an expert) and it should be interesting to see what happens next.

    But hey, maybe the FBI will read your posts and simply say “Hey, David Diano says this is a simple accounting problem…let’s stop our investigation and go have some lunch…”

    You know so little David…

  8. kanesdriver-

    I’m happy to wait. The longer cockroaches like you spend in the shadows the less credibility you have.

    Also, I can derive any assumptions I please for your reticence. Maybe you are a child molester on Kane’s radar and are hoping to tarnish her reputation before your own conviction. Maybe your insider info is from talk you picked up awaiting arraignment or from your holding cell.

  9. Multi-Tasker – the victims of Sandusky would beg to differ. The one who wrote a book said something that is quite the contrary. It has been reported that Sandusky victimized another child after there was PLENTY of evidence to arrest Sandusky.

  10. Come on baby. Please don’t cry. You have been exposed here. You have no credibility.

  11. kanesdriver-

    “Another cop show reference?” This is the first cop show I’ve referenced. YOU are the one who keeps bringing up Law and Order and Blue Bloods (shows that I’ve never even watched).

    Brooklyn 99 seemed more appropriate considering your childish antics.

  12. DD,

    Another television cop show reference? Did you check the printers in the lab yet? Grow up little boy. Someone better check your diaper. Wah…wah…wah.

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