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Covey Receives Support From NFL Hall-of-Famer Franco Harris

Anne CoveyRepublican Supreme Court candidate Anne Covey is bringing in the big guns.

NFL legend Franco Harris is headlining a fundraiser for the Commonwealth Court Judge in Pittsburgh next week. Also chairing the event is well-known Pittsburgh investor Dr. Robert Capretto.

“I am thrilled to have the support of Franco and Dana as well as Dr. Capretto,” Covey said in a statement. “We all share a commitment to justice for all and integrity in our courts.”

The former Steelers running back isn’t the only star athlete supporting Covey. Former Eagle linebacker and WIP radio personality Garry Cobb will also host a fundraiser for Covey next week, prior to Harris’ event. Cobb’s fundraiser will be held in Bucks County.

“Garry is one of my strongest supporters and I am so grateful he would take the time to help my efforts,” Covey stated.

Covey may need all the help she can get. Her first quarter fundraising numbers paled in comparison to the top three Supreme Court candidates’ efforts. Democrats Philadelphia Judge Kevin Dougherty and Superior Court Judge David Wecht and Republican Adams County Court Judge Michael George each had more than $500,000 cash on hand in the first quarter. Covey, meanwhile, had only $37,000.

As for how she justifies earning support from athletes on rival sports teams, Covey said she is used to “a divided NFL house.”

“My son is a Steelers fan and my husband is an Eagles fan,” she said. “I have been mediating that dispute for many years.”

Cobb’s fundraiser will take place April 26 in Newtown, and the Harris and Capretto event will follow on the evening of April 30 in Pittsburgh.

9 Responses

  1. She does not deserve to be in the Supreme Court. The Republican Party should be embarrassed for endorsing her. If she dies get lucky and make it through the Primary, the Dems will have a field day with her. She has more skeletons in her closet than a cemetery! Stay tuned……

  2. Covey has the PSU vote and as we saw with Corbett’s landslide loss, that does matter.

  3. I agree with Mark. The GOP wants nothing to do with Covey. She is dragging the other two endorsed candidates down. She doesn’t stand a chance in this election — too much dirt on her!

  4. Has anyone listened to the GOP endorsed candidates speeches? First, Covey doesn’t even show to half of them! She wasn’t at Tioga last night and she cancelled for the candidates forum next week. Listen to the presentations from Olson and George. Olson touts the PBA rating and how important it is (Covey got not recommended because she was not truthful) and George talks about how important criminal law experience is needed (Covey has none). So both of the other endorsed candidates are essentially slamming her! I also heard the GOP is distancing themselves from her, which is clear! She lied in her PBA interview, she is not well liked, and there is more news coming out against her soon ;. GOP voters, do not vote for her. Do your own research and you will find out what I say is true.

  5. Somebody want to explain why the normally Democrat-supporting Franco Harris isn’t supporting Woodruff? Oh yeah– Woodruff doesn’t have any contributions from any Steelers or former Steelers. Great job by the Woodruff consultants. smh

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