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CPAC Endorses McCormick For Senate In PA

In what cannot be described as surprising, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has endorsed Republican Dave McCormick for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2024.

Founded in 1964, CPAC is the nation’s oldest conservative grassroots organization and joins the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in endorsing McCormick.

McCormick is one of three GOP candidates to file statements of candidacy for the seat, joining Cory Widmann and Tariq Syed Parvez.

“Pennsylvania is suffering from a lack of leaders who advocate effectively for policies to combat crime a weak economy and illegal immigration. Dave McCormick is ready to lead and we are proud to stand with him,” stated Matt Schlapp, CPAC Chairman. “In the turbulent times in the world today, we need our strongest, battle tested leaders in Washington. As a Bronze star combat veteran, we will have a fighter for freedom with Dave McCormick.”

McCormick, a native of Bloomsburg, has been criticized for having a primary residence in Connecticut as well as one in Pittsburgh. The former Bridgewater Associates hedge fund CEO ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Republican nomination in 2022, losing by 900 votes to Mehmet Oz.

“Democrats are failing our communities and this is a result of a failed agenda that’s causing Pennsylvanians to leave Democrat-led states like Pennsylvania for Republican-led states,” said McCormick. “That’s an absolute tragedy and that’s a big part of what this election is about. Pennsylvanians are looking for answers. They need a voice. And I’m honored to represent the Commonwealth’s growing conservative movement.”

If McCormick wins the nomination, he would face Democratic incumbent Bob Casey Jr. in the general election.

One Response

  1. Your lead in quote from CPAC, in your e-mail headline seems to be click bait. The PA US Senate seat is not an open seat. It is currently held by Bob Casey, who is running for re-election, so it is not an “open seat.” He is not retiring, resigning or dead yet. Dave Mc Cormick is another “carpet bagger” who doesn’t really live in Pennsylvania like Dr. Oz. He really lives in Connecticut. He is just another 1%er or autocratic oligarch, who hates taxes, regulations, and government spending. He wants to “shrink government so small that they can drown it in Grover Norquist’s Bathtub.” He is not right for Pennsylvania. He won’t represent all of the people of Pennsylvania, only the interests of the 1% and their corporations in their anti-tax, anti-regulation, and anti-government crusade for a one party, “unitary executive” style of government not a government of three co-equal branches of government and a democracy.


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