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Crossroads Strikes with Another Negative Ad

Following up on last Wednesday’s negative broken promises advertisement, Republican Super PAC Crossroads GPS is at again, announcing that they will begin a new ad in PA starting Wednesday. The spot accuses Barack Obama of failing to create jobs, cut taxes, and reduce government debt.

It opens with a beautiful and seemingly carefree mother watching her young children play basketball.

“I always loved watching the kids play basketball.”

However, she’s shown quickly transforming into a worn down looking senior.

“I still do, even though things have changed. It’s funny; they can’t find jobs to get their careers started and I can’t afford to retire. And now we’re all living together again.”

“I supported President Obama because he spoke so beautifully. He promised change, but things changed for the worse. Obama started spending like our credit cards have no limit”, she laments.

“Basketball” is the second advertisement in a $25 million ad campaing in Pennsylvania as well as in Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.

“This ad drives home the impact President Obama’s policies are having on American families and why those policies need to be changed. We want there to be a serious debate on the real issues people are facing in this country, and this ad expresses the human element of that debate,” said Steve Law, president of Crossroads GPS.

Crossroads GPS will remain on the air in PA for three weeks.

Super PACs have done the heavy lifting for Romney in PA. His campaign isn’t on TV here, but Obama’s is. So too a pro-Obama and pro-Romney PAC – plus Crossroads.

Update: The Democratic National Committee shot back at Crossroads GPS, which was started by George W. Bush political adviser Karl Rove.

“Karl Rove’s most recent deceptive ad can’t hide the reality that, under President Obama’s leadership, the economy has gone from losing 750,000 jobs a months to adding more than 4.2 million private sector jobs over the last 26 consecutive months, unemployment today is lower among college graduates than when the President took office, and more companies are hiring recent graduates while the outlook for hiring continues to improve,” the DNC said in a press release.

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  2. Would one of you Republican plutocrats kindly explain to me how your proposals to allow big business to do whatever it pleases, to allow the uber-wealthy to avoid paying fair taxation, and to defund public education, social-security (and the rest of your other cruel, cold-hearted agenda) help the common person? Or should we all just “hurry up and die” to leave our country’s remaining assets to be gobbled up by already-wealthy corporate raiders like Romney?

    Not that I think Obama is any better… My fondest hope is a candidate in the image of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, but honest, ethical politicians are not only “unelectable” these days, but also non-existent! I fear we’re doomed.

  3. John-
    ” It stays focused on the policies and their impact it has had on the economy.” ???? Umm.. no it doesn’t. The impact has been to save the economy from the Bush policies.

    “first to threaten senior citizens social security check” ??? Do you have a legitimate news source reference for that? If all you’ve got is Obama pointing out that SS would be (one of many things) affected by failure to raise debt ceiling, that is not the same as “threaten”. Also, the right-wing has been trying to undermine and eliminate SS since it’s inception. “Privatizing” is one of their more recent attempts. Ronald Reagan railed against Medicare back in 1961 calling it socialism and making wild catastrophic predictions about it.

    Obama tried to close GITMO, and was blocked by conservatives in congress (and FOX) disinformation campaign and fear mongering. Military action (Libya) doesn’t equal “war”. We were part of a relatively short joint operation with our allies where we provided a limited support role.

    People don’t start companies to create jobs, they start them to create profits. From a companies perspective, hiring people is a “necessary evil”. They’d much rather have computers or robots if they could. On the other hand, Obama IS interested in created job by setting economic policies that will grow the economy and train workers for new jobs. Methods for job creation and economic growth are well understood (and documented) , but the neo-cons just want to ignore history and bring back the failed pre-depression policies under the guise of “pro-business”.

  4. Judging by the responses, this is an effective ad. It stays focused on the policies and their impact it has had on the economy.

    Ironic to find complaints about “slash spending on entitlements and other social safety-net programs” when President Obama was the first to threaten senior citizens social security check if his debt ceiling was not increased and HealthCare Act slashing Medicare and making them qualify for benefits via approval of a board.

    Then the infamous misdirection about the 8 Bush years. First, no one ever accused Bush of being a fiscal conservative, he wasn’t. Secondly, Bush had a republican majority in both houses after the 2002 and 2004 election. The democrats took back control of Congress after the 2006 election. Barack O not only did not close GITMO as promised, he also got us into wars that he did not seek congressional approval on.

    One thing we know for sure, Barack Obama is the has received more money from Wall Street and hired more former wall street executives (who received major bonuses) in his administration than any previous President.

    Of course, since Barack Obama never owned a company nor produced jobs, one can not expect he would have a clue how to create jobs or stimulate growth. It is not in his dossier.

  5. State run republican governors are cutting schools/education and blame Obama for no jobs. Good grief! So where are their jobs?

  6. Same old Karl Rove – good production work-the best the anonymous rich guys can buy; lots of negativity, little in the way of new ideas for the future. The ad of course leaves out many things, including who is really behind the so-called New Majority Agenda. It also does not spell out the Agenda of the New Majority. We all know what this New Majority Agenda is: warmed over and a doubling down on the neo-con, trickle down economic policies that have failed and placed us in the mess we are in: lower taxes on “job creators,” slash spending on entitlements and other social safety-net programs, increase military spending, build the east coast star wars missile shields, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran, drill baby drill, raise revenue by letting the crumbs from the rich guy hoagie the New Majority creates fall off the table to the rest of us. This “New Majority” was tried for eight years – we call it Bush administration lost eight years.

  7. Interesting.

    Are we expected to believe the kids aged 8-10 years, and she aged 15-20 years in the three years Obama has been president?

    Supposedly the kids can’t afford to go to college, so the graduation picture with son would be high school.
    Did you see her son’s receding hairline? No wonder the kids can’t get jobs if they are graduating high school in their twenties or suffering from a rapid aging disease (which sounds like a pre-existing condition the mother doesn’t want covered).

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