CUPVF Poll: Rothfus up 4

A new poll released by the Citizens United Political Victory Fund shows GOP hopeful Keith Rothfus out in front in PA-12.

 The CUPVF, a conservative PAC, released the poll conducted by Wenzel Strategies, showing Rothfus with a 4.5 percent lead over incumbent Congressman Mark Critz, 43-39. 16 percent are undecided.

From Wenzel Strategies:

“Partisan voters in this evenly-divided district in southwestern Pennsylvania are not completely sold on their party’s candidate – as about 30% of both Democrats and Republicans are not supporting their party’s nominee for Congress – at least not yet. Critz wins just 70% support among Democrats, and Rothfus is winning 71% support among Republicans. Rothfus enjoys a significant lead among independent voters, winning 54% support, compared to 28% of independents who support Critz.”

“Rothfus also maintains a small advantage in favorability, compared to Critz. While 50% hold a favorable opinion of Rothfus, just 44% said the same about Critz. Also, 39% said they held an unfavorable opinion of Critz, compared to just 31% who harbor unfavorable views of Rothfus.”

The survey was conducted from Oct 23-24 with 750 respondents. The margin of error is +/- 3.55 percent

5 Responses

  1. Count me as one of those 30% Democrats who are not supporting Critz. He mouths sweet nothings to voters before the election, but proves later to be the Washington insider he’s been his entire career. Time for a change …

  2. Obama is siphoning off $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. That is a fact that has been discussed since this whole fiasco was initiated. Remember what Pelosi said, we’ve got to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill. It took a botched gallbladder operation to initiate the beginning of the end of the Murtha dynasty. This election will close the final chapter. It’s time for a change, I’ll be glad to vote for a Notre Dame grad – Keith Rothfus.

  3. Hey common sense, do you understand that you are cheer leading for a candidate who is worshiping at the altar of “rape pregnancy is Gods work? ” Now what? As for the poll…5million dollars and all it buys is a lie just outside the margin of error? Thats like finding out the Cleveland Browns have been pumping steroids.

  4. Clearly, CUPVF which is a fund of Citizens United is completely unbiased in their polling. They realize that Candidate Rothfus will bow down to special interests and turn profits for big corporations! Sorry, I mean people. It’s all about the $$$. And obviously the interests espoused by a group who gave $10,000 to Keith Rothfus this year are similar to the 12th CD. What’s going to happen to my medicare, Mr. Rothfus? I worked my whole life and paid into this program which should insure me in my old age, and all you want to do is make sure your rich friends get richer. Screw the middle class, right?

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