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Cutler Commends House Passage of Castle Doctrine

Cutler Commends House Passage of Castle Doctrine
HARRISBURG – Rep. Bryan Cutler (R-Peach Bottom) released the following statement regarding his affirmative vote on House Bill 40, which would provide a defense from civil liability for the lawful use of self defense within one’s home or vehicle:
“This legislation is not only pro-Second Amendment, but it is also a positive for families and law-abiding citizens. For too long our laws have favored the rights of criminals over the rights of people who obey the law, but this proposal aims to put things back into balance.
Video comments about House Bill 40 are available by accessing the following link or by visiting
“The right to defend one’s self is not just a gun issue, but it is a basic human and God-given right. It is exactly the kind of principle for which our forefathers fought during the American Revolution and goes to the heart of our Constitution. A citizen should not have to retreat from his own home to protect the rights of someone who has forcibly or illegally entered it.
“House Bill 40 will allow reason to prevail, in that it provides a defense to prosecution for anyone who uses deadly force in the protection of his or her home and family by creating the presumption that someone who is in a residence unlawfully is there to cause harm. Even in the quiet communities throughout Lancaster County, we have seen horrific crimes committed, and people are justified in using whatever means necessary to protect against intruders.”
House Bill 40 passed the House by a vote of 159-38 and will now go to the Senate for its consideration.
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