Cutler Names Five to Committee to Review Krasner

Bryan Cutler

Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler today announced the members of the Select Committee on Law and Order that was established through the adoption of House Resolution 216.

“This bipartisan group of lawmakers understands that what residents and visitors of Philadelphia are currently experiencing must change,” Cutler said. “I am confident these members will work together to find solutions and hold those in power accountable for allowing crime in Philadelphia to reach the levels they have today.”

The five members of the committee are:


The Select Committee is authorized and empowered to investigate, review and make findings and recommendations concerning rising rates of crime, law enforcement and the enforcement of crime victim rights.

The resolution is targeted at Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner who has been under fire over the city’s gun violence crisis.

The measure was introduced by Rep. Josh Kail (R-Beaver/Washington) in an attempt to initiate articles of impeachment against Krasner.

Any effort to remove the two-term DA would require a majority vote in the PA House and a two-thirds vote of the Senate. As the GOP does not have a two-thirds majority in that chamber, any trial would have to sway Democrats.

8 Responses

  1. This is voter nullification pure and simple. The extreme right wing is trying to dictate to the voters in the largest county in the Commonwealth who should be their DA and, most importantly, if they so chose this extremist element in Pennsylvania politics will harass that DA with baloney investigations so they will fall into line.

    1. Voter Nullification, give us an example of circumstances under which the state legislature could justifiably use its power to impeach and remove an elected county official for incompetence.

  2. Actually Reps Lawrence and Thomas represent districts well within the Philly suburbs, which does not leave them “Way outside Philly” as alleged. Despite my opposition to Krasner, I do not nessecarily support impeachment without a proper review, but the Speaker has appointed Republicans who are actually somewhat relevant to the city.

  3. It is pathetic when GOP legislature forms a committee to investigate Philly DA and there are only 2 of 5 from Philly. Both Dems, of course. The other 3 are R’s from way outside Philly. I did not check, but I would bet those 3 are all white.

    1. and your not from Philly So why would this even bother you…Your not living what we are going thru…

    2. Remember young Gulag, there are consequences when Krasner choses not to prosecute crime… it spreads.

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