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Daley Announces Run for New PA-4

After the state Supreme Court redrew Pennsylvania’s Congressional maps ahead of this year’s election, the math for a lot of potential candidates changed, including for state Rep. Mary Jo Daley (D-Montgomery) who announced for the newly drawn 4th Congressional district.  

The new 4th district, which covers a large amount of Montgomery county and part of Berks county, will be an open seat in the election.  

“Today, I filed the paperwork to declare my candidacy for Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District.  I have spent my life fighting for progressive causes including women’s rights, defending and growing the middle class, and increasing funding for public education, and I look forward to continuing this fight in Congress,” Daley said.

Daley has served in the state House since 2012, after serving 10 years as the Narberth Borough Council President.  

Daley took aim at President Trump and the Republicans in Congress in her announcement.

“Currently, we have a President and Congress who are completely out of touch with reality,” Daley said.  

Her release pointed to mainly the tax reform law, protecting women’s and LGBT rights, and gun control as major issues for her decision.  

“They believe that prioritizing the wealthy few at the expense of the rest of us — while increasing the national debt — is responsible fiscal policy. They believe that limiting and reducing the rights of women, minorities, the LGBT community, immigrants, and so many other groups is good social policy. And they believe that allowing for greater access to machine guns at the expense of our children and families is good public safety policy.”

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  1. Mary Jo Daley is one of the most miserable people I have ever met . That Smile in her picture above surly most be a Photo Shop . We dont need a Miserable person like Mary Jo Pauxtis in Congress . Just say NO To Mary Jo

    1. Hey, Donald. What are you doing on PoliticsPA, especially this late at night?

      Seriously, whoever you are, Pres. Trump always looks miserable but I guess because he’s a man, its ok.

      If you have actual policy issues with MJD, how about lead off with that rather than the way she looks.

  2. Personally, I think Dean is the best overall candidate and has the money, though her state-house/LG money cannot be transferred to a Congressional race if i remember correctly.

    I seriously hope she gives this a look. I like Daley, too but Dean is the dream candidate. Daylin is a non-starter, and Boyle can stay in his own district and represent them in Congress.

    Montco has waited too long to have it’s own seat so MCDC better not even think about giving it to a Philadelphian. The 3rd largest county in PA deserves a voice in Washington!

  3. Currently, we have a President and Congress who are completely out of touch with reality,” Daley said.

    Well, currently, her State Senator, Daylin, is completely out of touch with reality and pretending he’s learned something about #MeToo.

    Daley has been silent on joining Gov Wolf in calling for Daylin’s resignation. This is ironic, since she’s listing protecting women’s rights as one of her major issues.

    She should be running for Daylin’s vacated seat (by pushing him out of it).

    BTW, the DCCC has announced a policy of not supporting candidates with credible harassment allegations against them. So, I don’t see how Daylin would be eligible for support.

    The entire Montco committee has been complicit in covering for Daylin. It will be interesting to see (if he runs), if his challengers will pretend to have a spine and call out his behavior.

    1. You’re not wrong, Dave. Arkoosh has been silent too. Some fresh Democratic blood would be good for PA so I wouldn’t mind seeing someone out of left-field.

      Hearing rumors that Boyle wants to run in PA-4 though.

      1. Daley rescinded her endorsement of Daylin and told him not to run for Congress. But you are right she did not ask him to resign his senate seat because many would have viewed it as self serving since she would also be the first name floated to be the candidate for that senate seat should he vacate it. And Val and several other officials in the county have not called for his resignation BUT they best damn sure make sure he is not the candidate in 4th. It would be a disaster for the MCDC leadership and the Montgomery county democratic rank and file.

    2. The Montco committee is the only committee in the state that can tell Daylin what flavor his @ss tastes like.

  4. Daley is a quality draw for the Democrats, though Madeleine Dean would be better. Daley and Dean are friends so I have to imagine Mary Jo cleared this with Dean first, to ensure she was staying in the race for Lt. Governor. Shira Goodman of Ceasefire PA is also in the race but I’m not sure she’d generate as much support from MCDC than Daley.

    On the GOP side, Kris Hart and Greg Richmann (two no-names) announced their intentions of running in the PA-13 (when it was the PA-13). I wonder if MCRC will stick with these two candidates or if they’ll try and find someone relatively decent. A woman would be nice for a change…

      1. It’s now a D+7 district. You’re right, they don’t have a shot but running someone who isn’t going to hurt down-ballot sure would be nice. In 6 years, when Dems control the White House, House and Senate, this district could be in play once voters redirect their anger just like they always do.

  5. Another great editing job by PoliticsPA…

    “Daley has served in the state House since 2012, after serving 10 years as the Narberth Borough Council President for 10 years.”

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