Daley Ends Congressional Run, Endorses Dean

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley announced she is ending her run for the 4th Congressional district, and is endorsing fellow state Rep. Madeleine Dean.

“After reviewing the state of the race and the current Democratic field of candidates, three women and one man, I realized that we would be facing a bitter and costly campaign that could very well lead to blowing a rare occasion to elect a strong, progressive woman from Pennsylvania to Congress,” Daley said.  

Daley announced she is putting her support behind Dean, who had filed a petition challenge against her last week.  

“We need a congresswoman who will be a leader across the district, and will serve as a beacon to all women who are thinking about running for office. And most importantly, we need a congresswoman who will be able to win.  I believe Madeleine Dean will be that Congresswoman and that is why I am endorsing her today,” Daley said.

“Words cannot convey the gratitude that I feel toward Mary Jo for her endorsement. In Harrisburg, she has set the gold standard for integrity and hard work. Across the state, she has defined what it means to be a passionate advocate for supporting women and training them to run for office,” Dean said of the endorsement.  

Shira Goodman and Joseph Hoeffel are also running in the Democratic primary.

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  1. good choice here because we need more women like her is to serve in congress in 2019.

  2. Mary Jo Daley has a track record of mentoring talented women. Her endorsement of Rep. Dean illustrates her commitment to helping other women succeed. Although I’m disappointed to see Rep. Daley leave the race, I think it shows her dedication to her party and the people of Pennsylvania.

    1. Mentoring talented young women?? She endorsed someone who can’t decide what she wants. State House (still running). Lt Gov? Well until another position opened up. Dean is exactly the wrong candidate who Daley should be behind.

      Shira Goodman has worked on gun violence prevention hoping for help from Daley and Dean and getting nowhere. She is taking upon herself to lead the effort nationally and not serial running. She is qualified and is exactly the kind of newcomer to elected office that Daley claims to be wanting to help. Daley claims to never walk away from a fight for people. She couldn’t even fight for herself with her petitions. Now what kind do messate is she sending to anyone who wants to get in?

      1. Oh Sure take everyones protection from them and let the Criminals do anything they want to you because Criminals dont follow the rules . Just say NO to Gun Grabbers like Shira

        1. For some reason I think you will be not voting for any Democrat. A gun grabber? Uh ok.

  3. Mad is MAD! After her stunt at March for Our Lives stealing the microphone from the kids, Mary Jo should endorse Shira!

  4. With this latest development all I can say is STEVE KLINE FOR STATE REP! Move over Madeleine…drop your re-election bid and let Steve be our nominee!

  5. Mad Dean is such a talented politician that she was able to stab her friend in the back and get that friend to endorse her all in the matter of a few weeks. Go Mad!

    1. Mad for PA-


      Daley’s petitions were weak. She likely would have survived the challenge, because some were subjective and a judge might give her benefit of the doubt on enough. Winning the challenge would still not have changed the other inherent weaknesses of her campaign.

      In a field of 3 women and Hoeffel, Hoeffel has the advantage due to the splitting of the womens’ vote. Head-to-head in a two person race, Hoeffel would probably lose.

      Currently, it’s a 3-way race. Shira Goodman is a worthy candidate due to her work running CeaseFirePA.

      If she joins Daley in supporting Dean, then Hoeffel is toast. But, that’s a call for Shira and her team to make when evaluating the new 3-person field.

      1. Why should anyone get out of this race? Split the women’s vote? If people feel qualified to be in, let them not be afraid of campaigning. Goodman doesn’t walk away from fights and frankly, she has had tough fights through her career. Exactly type of person we need repping us. Seems like Daley never had the stomach.

        And her deal with Dean is sure interesting. Why was Daley in race in first place? Not strong enough to run?

        1. I think Shira is great and I’m not advocating for her to drop out.

          I’m just stating the obvious electoral calculations that candidates consider in their decision process.

          I’m merely stating that Hoeffel has the least chance in a two-person race against Dean, and has a better chance in a 3-person race with Shira.

          I don’t know how a two-person race with Shira vs Hoeffel would go, but since there is no chance of Dean dropping out, that isn’t a realistic scenario. (Though, I think if Daley and Dean supported Shira, she could be Hoeffel)

          1. Can you just imagine someone telling two men that, though? I get it but something tells me that Hoeffel is grasping straws here. Hard to read the tea-leaves in Montco, as there has been little coverage, and I am not sure if people outside Dean’s House district even know her. (And I am sorry if I came off strong as accusing you of encouraging Goodman to drop out)

            It just rubs me wrong that she is essentially hogging a state seat (hedging her bet?) and flipping from campaign to campaign, freezing out anyone else who may be fit to lead. And Daley is her accomplice (and again, I bring up the notion that she is proud of her ’emerge’ thing where she isn’t even encouraging in her own district a new woman into elected office). Daley should never have gotten in. She must have some nice backroom deal with Dean

          2. I’m assuming the deal is Daley gets out and endorses Dean and Dean will in turn, endorse her for state senate in 2020. That’s the only thing I think Dean could have to offer.

          3. Actually, I tell men that all the time, if they are in a race with one woman and other men, they split the male vote. It’s not rocket science.

            For last year’s controllers primary race in Philly, it was two women against the male incumbent. Rebecca knocked off the other female challenger who would have split both the female vote and the anti-incumbent vote.

            The women are pushing ‘gender politics’ by reminding voters it’s a disgrace that there are no women in the PA congressional delegation.

            Hoeffel has name-recognition, but he’s been out of the game for a while, so his support is puddle-deep.

        2. Two polls are floating around with Shira under 5%…she’ll be a spoiler should she stay in. And there is nothing that refreshing about talking about guns…all three other candidates that were in the race were vocal in their elected positions doing the same. I hate agreeing with Diano but he is right here, Joe wins with less money and campaign if the field stayed the same. Daley fell on the sword. This is a big boost to Madeleine.

          1. would you care to share you data?

            Please tell me what any Dem campaigns on these days? I think what we just saw with Daley is that she is completely insincere about truly getting new women into the mix. As I said above, she was never qualified to be in the race if she couldn’t get signatures, couldn’t stand behind her sigs, and got out so quick. Why does anyone think Hoeffel will get anybody? I’ve heard nobody at all enthusiastic about him

  6. Mary Jo realized she could not survive the challenge to her defective petitions. . .

    1. Especially all the Forged Signatures written by the same hand Mary Jo should go to Jail for Forgery and Identity theft . JAIL MARY JO NOW

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