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Dan Onorato Receives Endorsement From Education Voters of Pennsylvania

Dan Onorato Receives Endorsement From Education Voters of Pennsylvania

Public education advocates hail nominee’s plan to ease burden on property taxes, increase student achievement
NORRISTOWN: Education Voters of Pennsylvania today endorsed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato, whose education plan will help homeowners avoid skyrocketing property taxes while preparing the next generation of Pennsylvanians for college and good-paying jobs.
Onorato has emphasized the importance of early childhood education and of continuing to implement the school funding formula Costing-Out Report, which increases the state share of school funding to avoid local property tax hikes and address long-standing inequities in schools.
“Dan Onorato is the education candidate,” said Susan Gobreski, executive director of Education Voters of Pennsylvania.  “We are dedicated to putting pro-public education candidates into office, and Dan is committed to promoting equity and improving achievement in Pennsylvania’s schools.  If Tom Corbett is elected, school funding will be cut, the quality of education in this state will decline and local governments will only be able to respond by raising property taxes.”
Corbett recently acknowledged to the Harrisburg Patriot-News editorial board that his budget plans could increase local property taxes. “You work at it the best you possibly can,” he said. [9/30/2010]

Corbett has also announced his intention to cut education funding and, in the first gubernatorial debate, mocked Onorato for proposing to increase investment in early childhood education as the state budget allows.
“I’ve balanced seven budgets in a row without ever increasing property taxes,” said Onorato. “My plan will avoid local property tax hikes while ensuring that all of our students receive a quality education. Tom Corbett would simply stick homeowners with higher property tax bills, just like he did as a township commissioner when he cast the deciding vote for a 20% property tax hike.”
Onorato released a policy paper in February outlining his plan for pre-K through 12 education. The plan includes:
Fulfilling the state’s responsibility for adequate school funding – and keeping the burden off of local property taxes;
Providing high-quality early childhood care and education;
Creating an environment where students can learn;
Providing all children with the quality education they deserve – including effective teaching and turning around failing schools; and
Ensuring that students graduate ready for success in college and the workforce.
“I believe that early childhood education is the best investment the sate makes,” Onorato said. “If we invest in kids early, it will reduce the amount we have to spend on the criminal justice system when they’re 15 and 16 years old. We will save money in the long term, and we will give children the tools they need to compete.”  
Education Voters of Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization, established in 2007 to promote a pro-public education policy agenda with elected officials, policy makers and the public. Its mission is to inform the public about the needs and importance of public schools, ensure that political leaders adopt and implement a pro public education agenda, and hold those leaders accountable if they fail to do so.

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