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Daniels’ Wife Obtains PFA Order Against Him

Teddy Daniels, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, has been ordered to stay away from his home after his wife obtained a protective order citing claims of physical and mental abuse, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The 6-4, 360-pound Daniels was accused of making threats, saying he would kill the family dog and grabbing his wife by her shirt.

Daniels’ wife told authorities that he had “numerous” guns and knives in the house and that she is “afraid of him and what he will do to me.” She also told a Pennsylvania judge that Daniels stalked her at work, “screaming at me, making me cry” and that he regularly cursed at her and threatened to throw her out of the house.

The three-page petition requesting the protective order stated that Daniels is “always angry with [the wife] and has threatened to kick her and her 4-year-old son out of the house if he loses the campaign. In addition to verbal abuse at both, he is accused of preventing her from seeing her family and said she could not attend a family funeral.

Daniels’ campaign manager called her a dozen times trying to talk her out of filing for the PFA, the wife wrote.

“He (the campaign manager) has threatened to investigate who made wellness calls to the state police unless I dropped the emergency PFA and didn’t file (for) a temporary PFA,” she told the Times-Tribune.

Wayne County President Judge Janine Edwards granted the temporary PFA on Tuesday. Under the order, Daniels was removed from his home in the Poconos and forbidden from having any contact with her. The judge also gave Daniels’ wife temporary custody of their child and ordered Daniels to turn over his guns.

Edwards set May 6 at 9 a.m. for a hearing on whether to continue the temporary order. She said Daniels can go to their Lake Twp. home, accompanied by state police, to retrieve his personal belongings.

Daniels, one of nine candidates for the lieutenant governor nomination, is running with the endorsement of state senator Doug Mastriano, who is a candidate for governor for the GOP.

In response to the accusations, Daniels, 47, vowed to stay in the race and claimed that he was the target of “political terrorism” meant to damage his campaign.

He also complained repeatedly about Rolling Stone contacting people for its reporting about him, a standard practice in journalism. Rolling Stone in February reported on other domestic abuse allegations stemming from two prior relationships he had with women.

The Associated Press reports that Rolling Stone editor-in-chief, Noah Shachtman, responded in an email that “We stand by our story.”

Earlier this month, Daniels had a run-in with fellow candidate Russ Diamond (R-Lebanon) who raised questions about his law enforcement background, disability status and family life.

“I’m curious to see what you’re going to do with a man standing in front of you, now that you want to bring my wife into things,” Daniels warned Diamond via Facebook. “You are the lowest, scummiest, dirtiest form of a thing on the face of the earth. And boy you poked the wrong bear.”

35 Responses

  1. Daniels’ lawyer showed a document online stating the petition for a PFA was denied by the court, suggesting this was all a political set up—but for a petition to be denied, there had to have been a petition to the court. So the petition for the PFA by this wife is true, yet the court denied the request? Is that the latest? What wife with no cause petitions a court for a PFA?

  2. The fact that this narcissistic clown show is running in the lead in a crowded statewide race goes back to the damn Tea Party nonsense in 2010. The Koch brothers among others funded a bunch of young right wingers to go out in the rural areas and organize these red necks. Once that seed was planted, they have since become obsessed and empowered to believe they can take over and run for any office regardless of qualifications. This is just bolstered by the ability to organize on Facebook and other platforms – specifically Ding Dong Doug. And drive through rural PA right now and see all the Mastriano, Daniels and Barnette signs. And of course once they are hooked on the line, nothing will make them stop supporting their “MAGA America First” candidate.

  3. Somehow his poll numbers won’t be adversely affected much at all. Similar to Greitens in Missouri. Some might even like it! And that’s just pathetic. What is wrong with voters?

  4. Daniels claiming a conspiracy theory false police report political set up is sad and pathetic. How delusional. What an inflated ego. No one thinks you’re that important. Your wife and two women before her had PFAs against you, man. Classic abuser looks for others to blame.

    1. And if that PFA gets dropped, won’t be the first time a scared woman does so. The media needs to interview her to find out if she’s truly scared of the guy or if this is the political set up Daniels claims it is. Hoping the latter as the former would be sad.

  5. So let me get this straight. Teddy is a “successful” businessman but has declared no business income in his financial disclosures. He is a retired police officer but is not receiving a pension. He’s a war hero but doesn’t even have a Bronze Star to show for it. He’s a family man but his wife is docile enough to be conned by liberals to file a false charge against him. He’s a Christian but has at least 3 PFA’s filed against him. He’s successful enough that he needed a free home donated to him by a veterans foundation, then he sold it 3-4 years later for a profit of $167,000.

    Sounds like a real trustworthy person. Shows the calibre of people who are running for office.

    And Dougie Mastriano is his running mate?

    Nothing but a dumpster fire to see here.

  6. I still will vote for him every one that knows of the man he is under Fire & Lies the last few months May God set the truth free

    1. So his wife ate at the pedophile pizza parlor in DC, got marching orders from the Demoncrats and then headed back to the Poconos to take down her husband before he can be elected Lt Gov?

  7. Rolling Stone means the story is going national. Every media interview will be about the legal issues of Lt Gov candidate. Disaster for Republicans. Worst possible political news for R Nominee for Gov.

  8. Daniels probably up 25 points on a milquetoast field. Still gonna win.

    1. This is one of the worst accusations in a campaign and if it is a legal filing and that the Rolling Stone article is accurate then I can’t see how the accused can win. Impossible to prevail. If he won Lt Gov nomination would absolutely sink the ticket. 100% certain. This is stating the obvious.

  9. Oh yeah. Remember this dude. He went to houses the last congressional cycle with photos of his opponent accusing the guy of being a homosexual. Turns out his opponent lost his leg in war and posed for pics for a veteran charity to show that a war wounded body isn’t ugly. They weren’t gay pics. Daniels made it all up cause he has no bounds. He even sent the photos to members of the Pa congressional delegation to feed the gay lies about his opponent. This Daniel ass has no honor. Karmas a bitch, bro.

  10. I’ve been referring to him as “Unsteady Teddy” for weeks now – looks like the Huckabeast knew what he/she was talking about. And of course we’re hearing from all the MAGA’s saying innocent until proven guilty. What do you need, a tape recording of him inside a bus saying “just grab em by da pussy”?

  11. Daniels is a nasty guy. Not surprised one bit. He is a braggart, a loud mouth, a bully and acts like he’s a Green Beret who did something valorous when he really was an infrantryman in the wrong place at the wrong time who wants constant attention for doing in combat what thousands of others have done. We are all sooooo sick of watching the video! He also has a bad record as a cop. Check that out.

    1. Daniels must have eaten a helluva lot of donuts as a cop to weigh 360 lbs. Otherwise typical GOP.

  12. Our nefarious scheme is working (so far). Would be a shame if somebody followed the communication and papertrail

    1. I certainly may support him.. Funny, but the SECOND person the RINO’s are trying to take down. First Parnell for the same issue, and now him. Hmmmm …. Might have to vote for this one.. he has pissed some people off!!! Yeeee HAWHHHHH!!!! Go gettim’ cowboy!

      1. Really? You’ll support someone who victimizes MULTIPLE women, his own child and lets his staff threaten his wife? KLASSY KATHY!

      2. So you’re saying this wife is making it all up, and that Daniels didn’t terrify her or threaten to kill the dog? And the wife before that and her PFA? And the woman before that and her PFA? A couple of these PFAs were before he was in politics so can’t claim political motivation every single time. Maybe he’s just a bad guy, Kath.

  13. Teddy Daniels, a candidate in next month’s Republican primary for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor was ordered this week to stay away from his home after his wife made claims of physical and mental abuse in obtaining a protective order.

    Teddy Daniels was accused of making threats, saying he would kill the FAMILY DOG and grabbing his wife by the shirt.

    Mrs. Daniels also told a Pennsylvania judge that Teddy stalked her at work, “screaming at me, making me cry” and that he continually cursed at her and threatened to throw her out of the home.

    Responding to his wife’s accusations, Daniels vowed to stay in the race and claimed without evidence that he was the target of “political terrorism” meant to damage his campaign.

    A Wayne County judge granted a temporary protection from abuse order to Daniels’ wife on Tuesday. Under the order, Daniels was removed from his home in a gated community in the Poconos and forbidden from having any contact with her. The judge also gave Daniels’ wife temporary custody of their child and ordered Daniels to turn over his guns.

    In a three-page, handwritten petition, the wife wrote that Daniels, who is 6-foot-4 and 360 pounds, is “always angry at me” and “continuously” curses at her, threatening to kick her and their son out of the house if he loses the campaign.

    He has hurled verbal abuse toward their son, she said in the petition. He also prevents her from seeing her family and told her she couldn’t attend a family funeral, she wrote. Daniels’ wife told authorities in her request for the protective order that he had “numerous” guns and knives in the house. “I am afraid of him and what he will do to me,” she wrote.

    She sought the protective order after she said Pennsylvania State Police troopers came to their Lake Ariel house for a wellness check on Sunday. After they left, she said, Daniels was “verbally abusive” and “became very agitated about who called the state troopers.”

    She said she then called state police, who suggested that her husband go elsewhere for the night to “cool things down.”

    At 6 a.m. Monday, she wrote, her husband returned to the house, asked if she planned to seek a protective order and tried to prevent her from leaving, she wrote. Daniels followed her to the courthouse, she wrote.

    Last August, she said, Daniels grabbed her shirt, pulled her to his face and said, “Don’t you ever speak to me like that,” the petition said. He also threatened to kill the family dog and has made two previous attempts to take his own life, his wife said.

    A hearing on the protective order was scheduled for next week.

    Daniels also posted a half-hour live video on Facebook on Wednesday in which he said he had been “swatted,” or targeted with bogus calls leading police to his home.

    “I have been hit with numerous cannon balls at point blank range,” Daniels said on the broadcast. “Folks, I ain’t dropping out of nothing, and I ain’t quitting.”

    I totally agree with the asessment of GOP gubernatorial candidate Jake Corman, who serves as Senate president pro tempore, in calling on his primary opponent, Sen. Doug Mastriano, to rescind his endorsement of Daniels for lieutenant governor in light of the story in Rolling Stone magazine, which first published news of the protection-from-abuse order.

    Corman said “the contents of this article are disturbing and difficult to read,”. “Teddy Daniels should immediately withdraw from the race. Doug Mastriano must call on Daniels to withdraw immediately and rescind his endorsement. Character is important. Pennsylvanians have zero tolerance for violence against women. It’s time for Mastriano and Daniels to do the right thing.”

    Teddy needs to withdraw, NOW!

    1. Your wrong.. all a slam to take him down. Glad he is staying in the race. Makes it more interesting. If he is guilty, let him have his day in court. Otherwise, he should keep fighting.

      We are a country that is to be “innocent” UNTIL PROVEN guilty.

      Got that?

      1. Woah tough guy over here is gonna make sure we “got that”

        Nobody should dare speak bad about “Unsteady Teddy” Daniels!

        I’ll bet you two have a lot in common, and I don’t just mean your political beliefs….birds of a feather….

    2. This is the third time Teddy has gone after a woman that he’s been in a relationship with, two wives and a live-in in Maryland. He’s a scum bag who threatened the family dog too! Get rid of him Dung.

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