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2/2 Morning Buzz

Both parties tread lightly over the proposed House GOP rules changes. The State House is now set, 112 GOP – 91 Dems, with last night’s special election victory of Maria Donatucci for her late husband’s seat. Pennsylvania politicos get in on the Egypt action. And PA’s economy seems to be picking up. Unemployment is down in many parts of the state, while revenue exceeded expectations, again.

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Donatucci Wins in a Rout

Maria Donatucci, wife of the late State Rep. Robert Donatucci, has won her late husband’s seat by an overwhelming margin. With 98% of precincts reporting, Donatucci leads her opponent, businessman and veteran GOP politico Lewis Harris Jr. 1,834 votes to 119.

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Iowa Republican: Santorum Posts Impressive Fundraising Number

Rick Santorum has some good ink today in the website of Iowa GOP fundraiser Craig Robinson. Santorum added to his political profile in January with high-profile comments re: abortion, race and Obama. That launched a veritable media tour across the US and in the early GOP primary states. It looks like he’s been hitting the phones, too.

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2/1 Morning Buzz

The White House decided to postpone President Obama’s visit in light of the killer ice storm bearing down on the state. The House GOP is quietly backing away from its controversial proposed rules changes. Does this mean that the first real work week of this deep-red year was.. a win for Democrats? And the DCCC is coming to town, big time, with its sights on Reps. Barletta, Fitzpatrick and Meehan.

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