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4/1 Morning Buzz

First, we’ve got this week’s edition of Up & Down featuring a candidate for AG and our representatives in Washington. The Miracle in the Hudson is back in the news as Congress debates the FAA Authorization Bill. One amendment in particular, offered by Rep. Shuster, is causing some controversy. We have collected the various statements Pa. Lawmakers have released in the wake of the President’s address on military action in Libya. In case you were confused, Gov. Corbett is not Gov. Rendell. To start with, Gov. Corbett does not like how Rendell dealt with Transportation issues and Corbett wants to sell a state bus. Rep. Mariano got a little confused with his geography, we’ve got the details and the Democrats want everyone to know about the mistake. Sen. Toomey had a Press Conference to discuss his Constitutional Amendment requiring the federal budget to be balanced.

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