Month: June 2011

PR Battle Continues Over Marcellus Jobs Numbers

Marcellus shale gas drilling advocates have wielded the ultimate trump card in every debate: jobs. Now, as lawmakers prepare to debate a possible fee or tax, a left-leaning think tank is looking for chinks in the armor.

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6/28 Morning Buzz

The budget battle continues. Will the GOP be able to keep campaign promises and deliver an on-time budget? What happens in Harrisburg today will likely tell the story.

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Roll Call: GOP Weary of Repeating Redraw Overreach in PA

Republicans tasked with redrawing the state’s congressional map continue to seek a balance between protecting potentially vulnerable incumbents and keeping currently safe seats out of reach for Democratic challengers, according to a report published by Roll Call today.

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Toomey Signs Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge

Freshman Senator Pat Toomey signed the Cut, Cap and Balance pledge yesterday, joining ten of his Republican colleagues. The pledge makes candidates promise to make substantial cuts in spending, enforce spending caps and work to pass a balanced budget amendment.

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Capitol Ideas: Midday Budget Update

The House Appropriations Committee has attached fiscal notes to the four bills that provide funding to the state-related universities (Temple, Penn State, Pitt and Lincoln). House and Senate Republicans are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do about a vote on a shale extraction tax or fee vote.

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AP: Gushers Show Shale’s Potential

This story is getting a lot of attention on the blogs this morning…

The result is that the Marcellus, a rock formation beneath Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and Ohio, has turned out to be an even more prolific source of gas than anyone anticipated. Energy firms are boosting their production targets, not only because new wells are coming on line but also because they’re managing to coax more gas from each well.

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Rick Santorum On Glenn Beck’s Radio Show

Today, Senator Rick Santorum appeared on Fox News Host Glenn Beck’s television show. Beck introduced Santorum saying, “America needs people who are ready to stand up and lead.” And praised Santorum’s firm stance against radical Islam during his 2006 campaign, despite its unpopular polling numbers. Beck cited Sanotrum’s courageous 2006 campaign as the reason why he chose him to be one of his final guests on the show, which is ending next week.

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