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7/3 Morning Buzz

Good morning politicos, here’s the buzz. Obama’s coming to Pittsburgh; LG Cawley ponders calling a special election after Sen. Pippy’s resignation; two pro-Dem groups make huge ad reservations in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia; and we ask readers what the most exciting state Senate race is.

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Cable for Two: Dem PAC, SEIU Reserve $1.3 Mil for PA Ads

The House Majority PAC and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced today that they have reserved TV ad time in 38 markets, including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The partners combined are preparing to spend $20 million, with the House Majority PAC chipping in the lion’s share.

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Poll Results: 71 Percent Predicted Budget Passage

The results are in: 209 of our politically savvy readers voted in the latest PoliticsPA poll asking whether PA legislators would pass the state budget on time. An impressive 71 percent of people correctly predicted that the budget would indeed be signed into law by the Saturday night deadline

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Smith Rallies Blair Tea Partiers

In a setting that might otherwise resemble a company picnic, Senate candidate Tom Smith spoke at a Blair County Tea Party rally Sunday, using his go-to promises to halt the Obama-Casey agenda and get the country back on track.

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Corbett Signs 2012-2013 Budget

With 15 minutes to spare, Gov. Corbett signed the $27.7B budget into law. The budget includes cuts to health and human service agencies, status quo education funding but with other potential revenue sources such as business tax credits.

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