Dauphin County Commissioner Considers a Run in PA-15

Mike PriesDauphin County Commissioner Mike Pries (R-Dauphin) is considering a run to replace retiring Congressman Charlie Dent (R-Lehigh) in the 15th Congressional district.

“I am strongly considering entering the race.  I am meeting with leaders and getting a lot of encouragement,” Pries told PoliticsPA.  

Pries is currently a Dauphin county Commissioner, having previously served as a Derry Township Supervisor for five years.  

Speaking about the race so far, Pries said believes Republicans should be more united, rather than attacking each other.  

“I was at [Republican] state committee and heard what [PA GOP Chairman] Val [DiGiorgio] was saying about unity and I could not agree more,” Pries said.  

The district spans from the Lehigh Valley across to Dauphin county.  Despite its size, Pries does not think coming from one of the smaller areas of the district will be a hinderance.  

“In a district this large and with this many different candidates, voters will look for the best candidate.”  

Pries has not set an exact time table for when he is planning on making a decision about the race.  

“I am going to continue to it one day at a time, meeting with leaders across the district.”  

State Representatives Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh) and Justin Simmons (R-Lehigh) have both announced for the race.

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15 thoughts on “Dauphin County Commissioner Considers a Run in PA-15”

  1. Steventodd says:

    I’ve known Mike for years. He is s very moderate R, along the lines of Dent. While the west of our shamefully gerrymandered district can’t carry a candidate over a well respected Allentowner, it is not yet clear that the east has coalesced or will. Especially if multiple easterners best each other up in primary. If Mike gets through the primary, we Dems have our work cut out. I wish him well.

  2. Sweet and Salty says:

    Do you ever sit back and just picture Justin hovering over his keyboard, sweating like crazy switching names and trolling this site? SCREAMING at his mom to bring him more pizza rolls. Just saying.

  3. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

    I like this guy. Above all else, I hear that he can fund raise. I agree with other posts, it’ll be hard to penetrate the LV, but tbh, that’s where most of the Dems/Moderates are in the District. So it matters, but not as much, if we are talking about vote totals. In the end, the best candidate will shine through during debates/appearances and the rest is dollars. He has a solid record, so if he can really bring the cash, he stands a good chance of winning. And Simmons can go crawl back into the gutter, or his mom’s basement, or wherever he will slither next.

  4. Emma says:

    The Dauphin commishes have a long history of working really well together and with many other counties within the 15th district. I wouldn’t underestimate what Haste & Hartwick could do or are planning to do if they were supportive of Pries running. Sure, on paper, looks like a daunting task, and I have to think strongly favors Lehigh as jjcnpa says in a prior post. However, as people in Lehigh don’t know Mike, same can probably be said for the others who’ve already announced, not being known in many parts of the district.

    1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

      Agreed Emma.

    2. moderate Republican says:

      I agree.

  5. yerkiddenright says:

    Mike, don’t waste your time. Wrong end of the district.

  6. jjcnpa says:

    This is a Lehigh Valley dominated district. The Dauphin county section is an after-thought

  7. Super R Voter says:

    Mackenzie by a mile. He will have a strong showing out of the Lehigh Valley and Berks, and plays well in the other parts of the district also. Simmons honestly might not even get out of the gate. He’s just that bad of a candidate. Never heard of Pries and it is tough breaking into the LV, which is very very local in nature. Pries is from the wrong part of the district and it is likely Dauphin will not even be in PA15 after redistrcting. So why spend tons of money advertising for a guy in the LV area that he wouldn’t represent in a few years? Many will be turned off by someone asking for their help under those circumstances.

    1. Jerry Manderin says:

      Looks like Lyin Ryan stays very busy trolling this site. Downplaying potential opposition and proclaiming themselves the anointed one is the height of arrogance and a recipe for disaster.

      1. Maryanne, Upper Milford says:

        Jerry aka Justin – I believe this seems like a fair assessment. I’m sorry, but no one wants to support you. We are all glad you will no longer be our state rep. -Maryanne, Upper Milford

      2. The Real Jerry Mandarin says:

        Oh look, Justin’s now assuming identities of others. That’s new low for sure.

        Additionally – Mike Pries is a thoughtful guy, well liked and very capable. He might be an unknown in the Valley but I wouldn’t discredit him so quickly to make yourself feel better.

        1. EvilBobCaseyIV says:

          He has been assuming the identity of others since he started posting degrading things under the name “Jess B.”. Let’s be honest, this is a good thing. Justin will no longer be a State Rep, thank god. And now, bc he absolutely lost his mind and went rogue, he will never have a career in politics ever again! Maybe Toomey will take him back for another internship, but I think Pat is better than that to be honest.

  8. Bfloose says:

    Anybody but the dipsy twins from Lehigh!

    1. #PA15 says:

      Simmons and Schlossberg are the Lehigh dipsy twins – and both are ghost voters.

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