DCCC Adds PA-11 and PA-15 to Battlefield Districts for 2018

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is adding two more Pennsylvania districts to its list of targeted seats ahead of 2018.   The Committee is added PA-11 and PA-15, both open seats, to its list.  

In a memo released today DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján highlighted the successes of the DCCC in 2017, and gave an update of its plans for election day 2018.  

“In 2017, the DCCC successfully outlined and built an 80-district battlefield by landing highly qualified recruits with records of service and authentic messages that connect with voters in their districts. Following our early success, the DCCC is today adding 11 additional Republican-held districts to our offensive battlefield, which now totals 91 districts,” Luján said in the statement.  

PA-11 is being vacated by Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) as he runs for Senate.  The district was won by President Trump, but Democrats are running former state Agriculture Secretary and dairy farmer Denny Wolff in the mostly rural district.  

PA-15 Congressman Charlie Dent is retiring at the end of his term, opening up the moderate district.  In 2016, Trump won the district by 8 points, but Dent won the seat by 20 points while publicly being against Trump.  

The NRCC responded to the memo pointing to reports about different candidates the DCCC is pushing in other targeted districts.  

“Adding names to a list doesn’t make a seat competitive. After reports revealed Nancy Pelosi’s star recruit in PA-06 exploited and abused Chinese laborers, it’s no surprise they’re cutting their losses and shifting their focus to other (even less favorable) districts,” NRCC spokesman Chris Martin said.  

The DCCC has already been targeting the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 16th Congressional districts.

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  1. Why no mention of Alan Howe in the 11 Dostrict? He’s a much more qualified candidate than the one you listed.

  2. There’s another candidate in the 11th–a better one that Denny Wolf, who is old news

  3. Rothfus will not have $10 million from the RNCC next year so he will have to make do with local donations plus the support of the Zappala mafia. One will cancel the other out leaving him at the mercy of angry voters who still want to “lock her up” but want Rot cone as well.

  4. Simmons has no chance. Neither does Charlie’s boy, Mackenzie. As I see it, the only one who has the chance to win the distict is Marty Nothstein, a Lehigh County commissioner who’s popular on both sides despite his personable, but reliable conservatism.

    1. max2sam is living in Wayne’s World. That’s a place where Wayne picks terrible candidates who are clueless and easily manipulated – Scott Ott and Marty Nothstein. He then tries to smear the opposition in the primary (see above and below), he gets his candidate through the primary as the “conservative”, and then they get defeated in the General bc no one likes their brand of conservatism anyone. No thanks!

      1. Justin, just slither back under your rock. If you campaigned as diligently as you troll comment boards, you’d have a better shot, but you’d still lose badly.

        1. Actually I’m not Justin (I share your opinion of him actually) or affiliated with him or any other campaign. I am simply an interested follower of politics. I just saw how bad Scott Ott was and I will never understand why Wayne loved him. Now we see the same thing with Marty Nothstein. It is very odd.

          1. Scott Uehlinger will win the GOP nomination in PA 15, and then the general election. Veteran who speaks Spanish and spent decades in the CIA. Former Trump delegate who has a national media profile and who is likely building a strong fundraising network right now.

    2. You mean Marty Nothstein who was named as one of five in an HGH ring in the Kirk O’Bee v. United States Anti-Doping Agency case? The same Marty Nothstein who received 95% of his commissioner campaign funds from Wayne Woodman? Winning a gold medal under suspicion of doping is surely a qualification for congress! LOL.

  5. In a memo released today DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján highlighted the successes of the DCCC in 2017….

    Highlight what successes?? Didn’t the DCCC lost several Special Elections for Congress this year?? That’s all that matters…and you lost. How stupid do these people in DC think we are?

  6. I think it makes sense. The Dems seem to do well up there on Tuesday. Is Northampton in the Dent District. That was a shocker up there.

  7. What are these guys smoking. 15th maybe if Dent tries to pull a fast one and pass the seat to a puppet but otherwise no way either of these seats are in play

    1. Simmons cannot win it. He’s too stupid, erratic and incendiary. Mackenzie will have negative appeal for Dent’s determined conservative opposition. Ryan’s family and Charlie have been buds for decades. Any attempt to annoint him will fail miserably.

      1. Wayne Woodman is the death of Nothstein. Woodman has burned more bridges than General Sherman.

          1. max2sam, you don’t seem to get it. People do not like Wayne. It’s not just other campaigns slinging mud. If you are a Marty supporter, the better you realize Wayne is an anchor to your candidate, the better off you will be.

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