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DCCC Launches “Battleground” Ad Against Fitzpatrick

republican budget ad dccc

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) launched an ad campaign against Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) in response to the newly released Republican budget.

The campaign, entitled “Battleground: Middle Class,” will be broadcast nationwide, with the first phase acting as an attention-getter for Pennsylvania voters. The aim of the project is convince Pennsylvanian citizens that Fitzpatrick is abandoning the middle class to cater to the wealthy, according to the DCCC.

Fitzpatrick and House Republicans released the budget on Tuesday, and the DCCC highlighted several aspects that they felt were causes for concern. These include raising the taxes of middle class families, making Medicare a voucher program, ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors, and allegedly costing the economy 1.1 million jobs. The budget also grants tax breaks to corporations, some of which may ship jobs overseas.

“Congressman Fitzpatrick’s new Republican budget is the clearest illustration yet that he is not on the side of Pennsylvania’s middle class families – Congressman Fitzpatrick’s Republican budget rewards the special interests and the wealthy who need help the least, and does it on the backs of the middle class,” said Josh Schwerin of the DCCC. “The people of Pennsylvania cannot afford Congressman Fitzpatrick’s reckless budget that costs jobs, threatens middle class families’ financial security, raises their taxes, and ends the Medicare guarantee for Pennsylvania seniors, while giving more handouts to the corporations and special interests that are shipping our jobs overseas.”

The project will reach voters in various ways. Among them are paid advertising online, efforts to connect voters to their representatives, and field canvassing efforts.

The budget has already garnered national backlash, with everyone from the AARP to The New York Times denouncing its contents. Ian Prior, Northeast Regional Press Secretary for the National Republican Congressional Committee, defended Fitzpatrick:

“Mike Fitzpatrick has actually passed laws that restore pension cost-of-living adjustments for military veterans and protect seniors from predatory lending tactics. Meanwhile the DCCC is adding another episode to its amateurish fiction film collection to distract from the fact that Fitzpatrick’s two opponents are trying to out-liberal each other on their support for Obamacare and economic programs concocted in the 1970’s that drastically increases the cost of living on middle class families.”

The DCCC also has a horse in this race: Kevin Strouse, who they endorsed in a run against Fitzpatrick. But Strouse will first have to win a Democratic primary against Shaughnessy Naughton.

8 Responses

  1. For those of you concerned with where Strouse has stepped foot, keep in mind he’s worn the boots of a US Army Ranger and has “stepped foot” in Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. Someone who has literally put their life on the line deserves a heck of a lot more respect than some of you are showing him. The 8th district would be lucky to have Strouse, someone who knows true sacrifice and whose not just playing politics.

  2. As for the “Middle Class” attack ad, how’s this for reality logic.

    Point #1) Obamacare CUT more than $750 BILLION out of MediCare by cutting doctor pay and eliminating various medical procedures for the elderly.

    Point #2)Strouse wholeheartedly supports Obama and Obamacare.

    #3)Strouse supports CUTTING Medicare. He supports squeezing the life out of the elderly.

  3. I don’t care who recruited him.

    Strouse can’t find his way around the 8th district without a GPS and a google map on his lap.

    Heck. He doesn’t know the difference between Bristol and Bedminster unless someone tells him. He never even set foot in Bucks or upper MontCo until his buddy, Pattie Murphy got approval from the DNC to import him from another part of the state.

    Good Lord, he barely got enough nominating petition signatures last month cause he got his home address wrong …. he doesn’t even know where he lives.

  4. Toots is right. The only “sources” that “reported” Strouse was recruited by Nancy Pelosi was the Bucks GOP and some other blatantly extreme right-wing organizations.

  5. Sean Ryan, your ignorance once again prevails. Having known Kevin since he was a teen, I know for a FACT that he was not “recruited” by anyone but his own desire to continue service to his country. Even to protect the misinformed, Fox News anti-Pelosi idiots like you.

  6. Smarter is correct.
    The DCCC did not recruit Kevin Strouse, Nancy Pelosi did as has been written by several news sources.

  7. Jordan, the DCCC did not recruit Kevin Strouse. There is absolutely zero evidence of that. The did endorse him. Do you understand the difference? This article reeks of a partisan slant, and is poorly written.

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