DCCC Names PA-6 & PA-8 “Emerging Districts”

sepa congressional map

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee updated their list of Red to Blue districts, including a short list of “Emerging Districts” that included Pennsylvania’s 6th and 8th Congressional seats.

Running in PA-6 primary are Manan Trivedi and Mike Parrish. As for PA-8, Kevin Strouse and Shaughnessy Naughton are duking it out in their primary.

According to the DCCC, Emerging Districts are the third tier of the list they put out. Red to Blue seats are those where the DCCC offers them financial, communications, grassroots, and strategic support. Emerging Races highlights candidates and districts that are making themselves competitive by running smart campaigns which are becoming increasingly competitive. And Emerging Districts are just a smidge below, more of a watch list for the DCCC before they commit serious resources.

The candidates mentioned on the list seemed grateful and considered it a sign of strength.

“We’re excited about the momentum we are creating in such a short-time,” said Mike Parrish. “We continue to hit benchmarks and reach out to voters in this district that want something different than a career politician like Ryan Costello in Washington.”

The other PA-6 Democrat was equally pleased.

“National Democrats certainly see great potential in turning this seat from Republican to Democrat,” Trivedi’s campaign spokesman Daren Berringer told PoliticsPA. “They’re taking their lead from local Democratic parties who have overwhelming endorsed Manan Trivedi and it’s an encouraging sign for the rest of the election year for us.”

In PA-8, Naughton’s campaign was particularly enthused, given that the DCCC had previously been strongly behind Strouse, putting him on their Jumpstart list early last year.

“The only way to beat [Fitzpatrick] and put us back on the path to prosperity for the middle class is with a candidate who knows this district as well as he does, who understands the issues that Bucks and Montgomery County residents face, and who presents a real contrast on the issues,” Naughtons’ campaign manager Josh Morrow said. “Only one candidate in this race has said we should never allow fracking in the Delaware River Basin and only one candidate in this race has articulated a plan to save social security. That candidate is Shaughnessy Naughton.”

Strouse’s campaign didn’t take the listing as a demotion.

“We are excited for the national recognition that Kevin Strouse is bringing to the 8th District as the only candidate who can go toe-to-toe with Congressman Fitzpatrick in the fall and win. Kevin’s record of service as an Army Ranger who put his life on the line defending American values is a stark contrast between Congressman Fitzpatrick’s record of shutdowns and plant closures,” Strouse’s campaign manager Brendan McPhillips said. “We are pleased to be recognized for the hard work Kevin has put in traveling across the district and talking to voters about how we need to raise the minimum wage, invest in infrastructure, and create an environment that will produce more good paying jobs here in the district.”

Meanwhile, the National Republican Campaign Committee saw the list as a withdrawal from these Pennsylvania races.

“It seems like it wasn’t too long ago when the DCCC was sending fundraising emails saying that Kevin Strouse was the key to Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House again,” NRCC spokesman Ian Prior told PoliticsPA. “Now it looks like Pelosi and the DCCC are finally coming out of their delusional state and realizing that a stagnant economy, the Obamacare train wreck, and weak Democrat candidates in PA-06 and 08 are going to make those two House seats unattainable for Democrats in November.”


3 Responses

  1. The DCCC must be eating tabs of LSD for lunch if they claim that PA-8 is an “emerging” blue district.

    Heck, the Dems in PA-8 are so inept the DCCC is trying to FORCE them to accept some creepy congressional candidate who had never even set foot inside the 8th district.

  2. PA 6 looks a bit gerrymandered. In fact, that would be one bent-out-of-shape salamander.

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