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DCCC Puts Healthcare Front and Center

Meehan CostelloThe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) started its messaging campaign against its targeted seats in Pennsylvania.  The DCCC is using the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as the driving force behind its messaging.  

The DCCC is looking to unseat four Republicans, all in the southeast.  

Much like Republicans did with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the DCCC is looking to highlight negative effects of the proposed bill.  Democrats argue public opinion is swinging in favor in the ACA and are trying to build on it to message against the AHCA.  

They have started their messaging against Congressmen Pat Meehan and Ryan Costello, who both cast votes on the AHCA.  

“This is a boardroom bailout that makes health care more expensive and less accessible for Americans and now Costello owns this debacle until Election Day,” DCCC spokesman Evan Lukaske said in a statement.  

Republicans are pushing back against the DCCC’s messaging.  

“It’s clear that Washington Democrats haven’t learned their lesson by going back to the failed pro-Obamacare rhetoric that has left them with just 5 seats out of a possible 18 in the Keystone State,” NRCC spokesman Chris Pack said in an email.

6 Responses

  1. There is no “fixing” the ACA! It was a flawed piece of garbage from the day it was written! There are parts of it (Allowing for pre-existing conditions, allowing children to the age of 26 on the policy) that can be salvaged, but the rest of it, from the individual mandate, the taxes, the high premiums, etc. etc. that MUST BE ELIMINATED!

    If the GOP were smart (??), they would just go back to the drawing board, write a new bill and then allow for a discussion period and then pass the damned thing! Come on GOP! We elected you and President Trump to get rid of the ACA, not “fix it”!

  2. winner winner chicken dinner! the OBAMA care is gone!
    Nothing the shadow govt can do. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

  3. The Democrats might want to tread cautiously on this one. The DCCC should have waited until the ACHA clears the House before levelling their guns at the Republicans. They might also want to hold off a bit to better gauge public reaction to the plan, especially in the targetted districts.

    DCCC messaging adds up to “we won’t support anything the Republicans come up with because the US public actually wants to keep the ACA,” forgetting the widespread and pointed criticism the ACA has received. Their criticism has to be tempered by this fact, as well as by positive reaction so far by the public on those parts of the ACHA that address the ACA’s more grevious faults.

    Pennsylvania’s Democratic Congressional delegation, or what’s left of it, still seem unaware of the public’s anger and resentment over the ACA, and the crass and unprofessional way that flawed, would-be panacea was rammed through Congress. Like it or not, the Democrats lost the confidence of the public and have been paying for it ever since at both the national and state level.

    Blaming gerrmandering is a great way to downplay voter discontent, especially in this state. The four targeted districts were held by Republicans with comfortable majorities, as they were in 2014. The DCCC might benefit from paying more attention to voter sentiment and less to their support of a platform that continues to garner ever-less public support

  4. The GOP has three choices:

    1) repeal and replace
    2) Fix the ACA
    3) Do nothing to fix the risk corridors and let the ACA flounder and try to blame the DEM’s.

    If the choose #1 and people don’t get better, or the same care, for the same price as the ACA, the GOP has lied to Americans and they are screwed.

    If they choose #2 they will help millions of Americans get cheaper healthcare.

    If they choose #3 they are purposely hurting Americans for political gain, and that is morally disgusting since their job is to serve the American people.

  5. Chris Pack should not try making such disingenuous statements that Democrats are left with only 5 seats in the Hous because of the ACA. It is simply because of gerrymandering.

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