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DCCC Targets Costello, Meehan and Smucker With Digital Ads on AHCA

DCCC AHCA AdThe Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is continuing its messaging against the AHCA with new digital ads against Congressmen Ryan Costello (R-Chester), Pat Meehan (R-Delaware), and Lloyd Smucker (R-Lancaster).  The ads are focused the committee votes on the AHCA each of the Congressmen cast to advance to AHCA.  

The AHCA was pulled from consideration late last week after the Trump Administration and House leadership were unable to secure enough votes to secure its passage.  The DCCC has promised it will hold Republicans who voted for the AHCA in committee accountable.

“This targeted ad campaign makes clear that every House Republican who voted in committee for this devastating Republican repeal bill will be held accountable from now through Election Day,” DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján said in a statement.  

The 30-second ads are cut for each Congressman, and will be run on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram according to the release.  

In the ads, the DCCC is focusing on the CBO report that said premiums would increase, and healthcare would cost more for older Americans.  

“Representatives Costello, Meehan and Smucker knowingly voted for a bill to raise premiums and deductibles, slap an age tax on older folks, and rip insurance away from 24 million hardworking Americans. It’s critical that voters know where their representative stood on this legislation,” Luján said in the statement.  

According to the release, the three ads are part of a national campaign targeting Republican members of the three committees that voted on the AHCA, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Budget.  The buy total is five-figures according to the DCCC, which is not enough to move voters, but helps keep the base engaged after the AHCA has been defeated for the time.  

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC) argued that the Democrats in the committees wants to keep the Affordable Care Act as it is, against the will of their constituents.  

“The fact remains that only 13% of Americans want the death-spiraling Obamacare law kept as is, which is what every single Democrat voted for in committee.  Ryan Costello, Pat Meehan and Lloyd Smucker should be applauded for moving the debate forward on the Obamacare ticking time bomb before it explodes,” NRCC spokesman Chris Pack said in an email.  

Pack is citing a Morning Consult/Politico poll from early March.  

You can view the ads below.  

8 Responses

  1. Seneca does not understand that nihilism has no replacement, just emptiness.

  2. Exactly what the party should be focusing on right now. Looks like they’re learning.

  3. Interesting point, Sean. And the Republicans don’t seem to be making any effort to dispel a lot of popular concern about it.

    If the Democrats were wise, they would focus on this theme. Why? Because they are the party of the administrative state, and the administrative state is about governance. Instead, the Democratic Party remains preoccupied, and crippled by, ideology and personality politics. No time for the ordinary voter, it seems.

    A pity, because the Democrats could get a lot of traction on this issue. There is a lot of concern right now among some elements of the public that the Republicans are tearing down the administrative state with no plan to replace it with something, good or bad, that is needed to govern.

  4. As has been pointed out, the Democrats, led by the DCCC, are in orgaistic mode and full of spit, vinegar, and idiocy. No sense in trying to stop them from their histronics. They’ll just have to exhaust themselves and then go find some little blue pills to carry them on for a while.

    So what can the Republicans, especially the Delaware Trio, do until the Democrats deflate? First, not say anything in response to the Democrat tirade that they’ll regret later. Simply calmly note that they were doing whatever they could to correct the gross outrage by the ACA against the American public. And, BTW, remind people that the Democrats, who previously admitted to the world how shambolic and inadequate the ACA was, offered no constructive input. And, most importantly, that the Democrats still own this thing that will continue to eat away at the health and the wallets of Americans that deserve better.

    As the article points out, the buy total won’t move many voters. It’s still a long way to 2018 and there will be at least another chance at healhcare reform. Meanwhile, the Republicans should focus on other issues, such as job creation and tax reform, and let the ACA timebomb tick on. The later a second try is made to reform healthcare, the greater the sense of urgency.

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