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Dean Browning Announces Bid for PA7

Yes, this article is about 2020 already.

According to the Allentown Morning Call, Republican Dean Browning filed paperwork on Wednesday to run for the 7th Congressional District.

In his campaign’s release, Browning labels Rep. Susan Wild (D-Lehigh) as an “extreme liberal” who promises “sharp issued-based contrasts” with the incumbent on border security, national defense, federal budget priorities, and economic policies.

“Congresswoman Wild’s votes to reinstall Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and to oppose funding for President Trump’s border wall tell you she will be a reliable rubber stamp for the extreme left,” Browning writes in his campaign announcement.

Browning, a former Lehigh County commissioner, narrowly lost to Marty Nothstein in the GOP primary for the 7th District last year.

Wild went on to defeat Nothstein by a comfortable margin for the 7th District and also eked out a victory over him in the special election for the old 15th district.

Wild did not immediately respond for comment to PoliticsPA, but in a Morning Call story about Browning’s announcement, she stated that she is “completely focused on my job of representing the people of the 7th District,” adding that “the last thing on my mind right now is 2020.”

10 Responses

  1. A. Picture must be from 2005 at least. B. If you’ve ever spent time around this individual than you know just how awkward and creepy he is. C. He has less of a chance than Marty without a gold medal.

  2. All You Damned Liberals Should Just “Shut Up”! None Of You Have Anything To
    Say! Dean Browning Is A Genuine Conservative!

  3. OMG, the woman just took office and he is attacking her votes and policies already!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get real, dude. But then GOP will need 2 years to convince (brainwash) voters to fall for their scams again.

  4. This is, yet again, the leftover servings of Val The Republican boss’s “contract against Pennsylvania” (the Newt Gingrich warmed up dinner using leftovers from way back). The leftovers constitute a dash of the words “extreme” and “liberal” and large helpings of the name “Pelosi” with frequent sprinklings of the word “left”. Put it in the microwave for 2 years till the next election and serve periodically during this time period. Servers need to realize that this congressional district is not in Alabama so those dining on this warmed over drivel may quickly grow tired of it. It seems the county commissioner has adopted the Val and Scott Wagner playbook and forgets that Rep Dent was not of the Republican word play mindset ie that uses generous doses of the words “extreme” “left” “liberal and “Pelosi.” It just the same old same old jibberish.

    1. Seems like a stretch on your part to make these connections… Marty was the pick of some real geniuses like Lil Woody, Charlie Dent (former D congressman – PA) and Bob Asher. Great call guys! Keep picking winners! (Sarcasm! Glad Lil Woody is gone Dent knew he was toast so he left and Asher needs to see himself out.) Don’t know that Browning is the guy, but he almost beat Marty and honestly he can’t do any worse than Dopestein did in the General

      1. All You Damned Liberals Should Just “Shut Up”! None Of You Have Anything To
        Say! Dean Browning Is A Genuine Conservative!

        1. All that proves is that he is a debased, degenerate scumbag and and since a guy that beat him lost so badly, he would probably do worse

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