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Dean Considers a Run for LG

State Representative Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) is reportedly considering a run to challenge Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack next year, but is focused on this year’s elections before making a decision.

“I am hyper-focused on on next Tuesday’s election, from Supreme Court down to Magisterial judge, and the importance of people coming out and voting,” Dean told PoliticsPA.  

Dean, though, is talking with people across the state as she considers a bid.  

“I am exploring a run, and have been encouraged by the number of leaders I have spoken with across the state, especially labor,” Dean said.  

Dean said she will continue to consider a bid after the election next week.  

Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone and Aryanna Berringer from Westmoreland county are both challenging Stack.  Braddock Mayor and former Senate candidate John Fetterman is also reportedly considering a bid.

22 Responses

  1. I would back Rep Dean for Lt Governor. No problem. I’d bet I could find a few lefties to do so as well. If she announces, she will be the one to beat.

    1. if Madeline Dean wins the race for Lieutenant Governor’s race in 2018 and i think for the Republicans will win her State Representative seat in 2018.

      1. thinking the repubicans could win madeline deans house seat makes you cnadidate for a mental hospital if you are not already in one.

  2. She could be the ally Wolf needs as LG to pass his agenda based on her relationships in the assembly.

    Leadership on the Shake Tax shows she’s ready to fight the big fights.

  3. Happy to see a serious woman running. Harrisburg’s been a boys club, especially at the top, for way too long.

  4. She is not an easy person to work with and has a very caustic side to her. I’ve seen her verbally talk down to people. She has a bit of an elitist air and doesn’t help certain people in the MontCo Dem party that she doesn’t like.

    Wait—are we sure this isn’t Mike Stack in drag?

      1. Are you serious? Trying to blame it on men? Maybe this this is why left winged women can’t win “at the top”. Maybe it is because you blame your losses on men and hurtful comments, that is actually truth

  5. The funny thing here is that the Stack critics have called for the elimination of the job, claiming it’s a useless/empty position.

    So, if someone believes that, then it’s ironic that they’d want someone as “outstanding and hard working” to give up their job for a do-nothing job.

    Just an observation on the commentary on the LG position.

  6. What a joke. Great news for Stack, the more the merrier. Dean is always running for something. Will she give up her House seat? Opportunists like her would never.

  7. Dean is dedicated to her to the community and the Commonwealth, and she is the leader that PA needs. An advocate, fighter and upstanding citizen, I’d be happy to see her in this role!

  8. Great news! Dean is an outstanding leader and representative who has worked hard to create positive change in Harrisburg. She is well spoken and highly knowledgeable about the issues that affect Pennsylvanians most. As a constituent, I knew that Madeleine truly cared that my voice was heard in the state house and I am confident that as Lt. Governor she will put the concerns of the people she represents first. I am very excited to see her considering a run! Pennsylvania needs Madeleine!

    1. Your mechanic where pink button ups and pearls? Don’t they get caught in the timing chain? Another ad hominem from a tired anonymous coward.

  9. I love it! We need real public servants like Dean with experience fighting for the people, not looking to play politics. My sister lives in her area and heard her talk at a vigil for the children in Sandy Hook and hasn’t stopped singing her praises since. She tells me Dean is very active in the community, I think that’s a good thing.

  10. I’m so proud to work for Representative Madeleine Dean, a woman of great purpose and integrity. You will do wonderfully in this role, Rep. Dean!

  11. This is great news for Stack, as it would further divide any votes against him.

    It’s a shame that more Dems aren’t willing to stand up to replace Wolf with competent leadership.

  12. I think for she will be a great candidate is to win the primary and the general election from here.

  13. Interesting, seems like a serious bid. Not sure about the political aspects (although the quote looks like she’s got labor backing – big in Philly), but on the policy end, I know Dean has actually managed to effectively take charge on some issues, even in the Gen Assembly which has been a mess. Makes me think she could manage to cut through the dysfunction in Harrisburg.

  14. Anyone who spends time in Harrisburg knows she is a good one and very substantive. The Governor may have to make a decision on this one.

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