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Dean Ends LG Bid, Enters Race for PA-4

State Rep. Madeleine Dean announced today she is ending her primary challenge of Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack to enter the race for the open 4th Congressional district.

“I wanted to use my track record as a state legislator to help Governor Tom Wolf reform Harrisburg. But this once in a lifetime opportunity to serve – this week’s creation of a new congressional district in the county I’ve represented and lived in my entire life demanded consideration,” Dean said.  

Along with the announcement of changing races, Dean announced the endorsement of former Governor Ed Rendell for her Congressional bid.  

“With Montgomery County getting its own congressional district back, Mad is the ideal person to represent it. She was a great township commissioner, has been a great state representative, has the right experience, and always fights for the right things,” Rendell said.  

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley and CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman are also running for the seat.

41 Responses

    1. Agreed. A Democrat gubernatorial ticket without a woman is what we need! Go Fetterman!

  1. BTW, it’s my impression that every LG candidate now has a new self-enforcing “path to victory” based on this.

    For Stack, it’s one less SEPA person.
    For Cozzone, it’s one less SEPA woman.
    For Fetterman, it’s more progressive votes that will go to him instead.
    For Ray Sosa, he’s the only Montco candidate

    I’m sure the others have a take on this as well.

    For everyone it changes the odds from 1/7 to 1/6 that they’ll randomly draw the first ballot position.

    1. Cazonne : no $ and no name ID.

      Stack: demolished reputation, limited $, and radioactive in democratic circles.

      Fetterman : $, wide state name ID, popular , geographical west dominant , #1 in polls.


      1. Sad that fetterman supporters can’t read, or in the alternative, are childish enough to repeatedly misspell COZZONE. It is a testament to the mindset of the fetterman supremacy group, and the way it will treat people. Fetterman is SAD. Grow up! A clear testament why fetterman is not suited for office.

          1. There was a primary vote with Cozzone in it?? Apparently Trumpers have gone over to fetterman…the make up lies, and keep telling them. Fetterman and his supporters lie like Trumpers. Sad.

          2. It is clear from this comment that fetterman and his Supremacy Group are worried about Cozzone

          1. I think Cozzone supporters would like a true and fair comparison of who is prepared for this position and who has the optimal background and experience to do the best for Democrats as Lt. Governor. Is this a race for Fetterman to lose, or Cozzone to win?

          2. If the job were about counting beans, I’d vote Cozzone. Since it’s not and we need Wolf to win, I gotta go with Fetterman.

      2. John Fetterman is quoted saying that money shouldn’t have so much importance and impact on elections. That was part of his charm. Fetterman has obviously changed his mind. This guy is a fraud. SAD.

    1. In leadership?? He’s the mayor of a town with a population of 2,159. What can he possibly know about leading?
      The County Commissioner candidate have more employees in their counties then he has people in Braddock! ROFLMAO.

      Has Fetterman ever had a J-O-B?

        1. The natural progression from mayor of 2,159 souls would be to dog catcher in Allegheny County. You think he should be Lt. Governor?


  2. Kathi Cozzone is the best choice for Lt. Governor, and the best choice to win in the general election. Her resume is sterling, her accomplishments in helping people unparalleled and she has no baggage. As a women, she is in the absolute best postion to help Governor Wolf win in November.

    1. I personally like Kathi and she is obviously good at her job, but I dont think she can help Wolf win which is really the only thing that matters.

    2. And if you think just being a woman somehow makes a difference, see how Katie McGinty made out against Toomey.

      1. Where have you been? Do you read? Women are on a roll! Kathi Cozzone will help Wolf win in November!

        Fetterman will hurt the Wolf ticket, and guarantee a Democratic loss in November! We just can’t have that happen!

        1. I agree. Fetterman should get out of this race because he will hurt the top of ticket and down the ballot. John Fetterman should get out and replace himself with his wife – only then will a Fetterman help the top of the ticket and down the ballot.

          Fetterman should know this, but his oversized ego won’t let him see the reality of this election cycle.

          1. Anyone who would say Fetterman has an ego has never met him.

            It’s looks pretty desperate when your best pitch is gender identity. Sad.

          2. What’s keeping him in the race then? Anyone who believes he is doing it for any reason other than ego, I have a fairytale to tell you.

            This is the wrong position for him; he knows it. He is counting on you sycophants.

          3. Why is he still in the race? Because he’s going to win, duh.

            Cazonne literally has zero COH and literally zero state name ID. Oh, and stack is radioactive and lolik like a washed-up meth head televangelist .

  3. Sadly, Dean leaves the race.

    Fetterman, the mayor of 2,159 residents, is uniquely unqualified for any state-wide spot. I have not been able to see the appeal and allure others see. He is tall, but that’s about it. Very little substance to his story, and zero Understanding as to why he is thought to be the ticket. He definitely will be a drag to Wolf’s effort to be re-elected.

    1. I support Fetterman because he actually does what the other politicians only say we should be doing. He’s made real changes and improved lives. Also, he’s one of the nicest, most sincere and caring people I know.

      1. Dude, have you even opened your eyes to see what other candidates have done???

        Yes, John is a nice guy, I wholeheartedly agree. And yes, he has helped change and improve some lives.

        Have you researched the other candidates? Please, don’t be like a Trumper, and only see One Person, and no one else. We are living this mindset now, and it is ruining our country.

        If you researched the other candidates, you would find that they have effected multiple times the change that John has, and have improved the lives of many, many, many more times than that of John. in this business, size does matter, and the scale of size of John’s accomplishments is woefully inadequate when compared to other candidates. That is why John has only been elected by a few hundred people as Mayor of Braddock, and others have been elected by tens of thousands in their respective positions.

        Democrats need to elect people who know have to effect change on a grand scale. If you owned a business, John’s resume wouldn’t make it through the auto screen, and if it did, he wouldn’t be hired because his experience is not commensurate with the position.

        So, we agree about John. But he will only help Wolf lose in a general election, and that thought is terrifying.

    2. Maddy needed more friends in the LG primary.

      When she polled 4%- Fetterman 5X that; Where were you? She almost lost in *MontCo* at their last committee meeting – to Fetterman. Where were you?

      You don’t seem like a very good friend.. ☹️

  4. Good choice madeleine dean is to run for congress because I think for John Fetterman will win the Lieutenant Governor Primary anyway. and for congress needs more women like you but I might support you for congress and get the democrats back into the majority for the 116th congress in 2018.

  5. Dean was a weak candidate against Cozzone and Feterman and it showed in the poll, and it wasn’t going to get any better.

    Fetterman should be next to drop, as he doesn’t want this job , but wants name recognition for senate run.

    1. Fetterman’s campaign email have a national tone to them. Is this what plays to voters and doaners? I want to hear about what he wants to do for towns and cities.

      I don’t get the part in his campaign video when he mentions the opiod crisis. This has nothing to do with decline of Braddock. Braddock’s problems began when people in the late 50s left for Churchill and Monroeville. The mill closings killed the remaining tax base.

    2. If Fetterman wants to get a bigger platform to develop name recognition/notoriety to run for a bigger office, then LG is actually a pretty ideal position for him!!! Barely anybody in this state can say what the LG actually does and only notice the position when someone behaves badly a la Stack. But the title alone would further increase his mouthpiece since that’s how he’d use it, and I’d consider him the favorite for the win since he got decent notoriety from his “unique” 2016 run and Western PA’s bloc mentality.

    3. Fetterman will bring an east Wolf / west Fetterman balance to the ticket that will help pull in some votes out of Pittsburgh. And, yes I agree, Fetterman is likely looking at the Lt. Gov. job as a potential stepping stone. But consider if his intentions are towards a US Senate run against Toomey, that doesn’t happen until 2022, when his Lt. Gov. term is coming to an end OR, he could be thinking about Governor in 2022 – again, not a problem. Regardless, he is going to have to do the job as Lt. Gov. for 4 years – and I actually believe because he wants to run for other jobs in 2022, he will well out perform the job Stack has for the last 4 years. Stack has been horrendous and would be a huge drag on Wolf if he is the Lt. Gov. candidate for fall.

  6. I didn’t know her before last week, but I heard her speak out on the campaign trail for Lt. Gov. a few days ago and she was very poised. That said, I think she is seeing the polls that show Stack is in trouble but Fetterman has some name recognition and is from the western part of the state – so she probably can’t pull off a win in the statewide race. Of course it will be interesting to see the scramble if SCOTUS intervenes and puts a long term stay on the PA SC maps.

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