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Dean Raises $270K For LG Bid

State Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) has raised $270,000 in her bid for Lieutenant Governor, almost as much as current Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack raised for his run in 2014.

“I am real proud of the amount we have raised,” Dean told PoliticsPA.  “It appears we are ahead of the incumbent Lieutenant Governor in a race that is hard to raise money for.”  

Stack has not announced his fundraising totals for 2017 yet.  

Dean’s fundraising efforts are pacing just behind Stack’s 2014 bid for the office.  At the end of 2013, Stack raised $362,573.58 for his campaign.  

“This feat shows that we have a strong message of reform and ideas that people all over the Commonwealth are responding to,” Dean said in a release announcing her totals.  

Dean entered the race at the end of November, giving her a month to raise the money she did.  

Dean is also running against Aryanna Berringer, Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, and Lancaster County Commissioner Craig Lehman for the Democratic nomination.

31 Responses

  1. Central PA, careful about going out on a limb for Fetterman–he flip flopped on fracking.

    1. Fetterman did not flip flop on fracking. He’s always said it’s a necessary evil and has called for tighter regulations and taxes.

      But there is a choice…. permit 2 more wells for the steel plant (there are already thousands of wells in PA) that will allow the plant to lower operating costs and stay open, or close the mill and lose 1500 jobs that will never come back.

      What kind of Democrat wants to put 1500 workers and families out of good paying jobs and into poverty?

  2. Another day, another no answer from Rep. Dean. Are you going to ignore your constituents or answer the question. Will you run for both the House and Lt. Governor at the same time?

    I suspect her lack of response to the question when asked is all we really need to know. I’ll be supporting long-time Abington Commissioner Steve Kline in his primary challenge

    1. Abington Dem – since when is replying to a troll comment where elected officials respond to constituents?

  3. There are those who say yes a self funder and those who will criticize getting contributions. And then others who will demand the financial paperwork showing everything (which is public record and easily found. if you are sincere and not a blowhard do the homework). Campaign contributions aren’t inherently bad and neither are candidates who currently hold office.

    1. Nothing wrong with self funding, just don’t try to pretend that you’re actually raising the money. Very disingenuous and an indicator of Dean’s character and willingness to misrepresent the truth when it serves her.

      I think Stacks mistreatment of his staff speaks to his character.

  4. Anybody but Stack you should Vote for whoever has the least amount of Money except for Stack cause they are not Owned or Controlled by anyone !

  5. I think for she is the frontrunner for the democratic nomination for lieutenant governor in 2018.

    1. As a general rule, front runners don’t fluff ie. manipulate/ lie their financial numbers. Front runners don’t generally have zero 0% state name ID. Front runners don’t have to loan themselves money. ????

      1. I would rather have zero name ID and $270k COH to build my ID, than the name ID that Stack has and have to spend over $100k to lawyers and the rest of his money trying repair his ID.

  6. Rep Dean is a qualified and credible candidate. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loan. She’s on the hook for it. Look at her voting record and her positions. You will be impressed. Mike Crossey

    1. What’s she actually done for anyone? It’s pretty easy to take whatever position is fashionable at the time. I’d prefer my politicians to live those positions and serve the people the party claims to support. Yeah, I’m a Fetterman supporter. He was the only politician willing to perform gay marriages when it was still illegal.

  7. I hope that PoliticsPA can put together a table listing all the candidates and money raised, debts/loans, expenses, and cash on hand.

    This way readers can compare ALL the relevant numbers and have a standard basis of comparison.

    1. DD, that would be nice but I suspect politicspa will stick with the regurgitated talking points from the Dean campaign who tried to hide the fact that she loaned the campaign $100,000 and moved another big chuck from her rep account.

      Pretty shameful on both Dean’s part and politicspa’s part. Nasty woman.

    1. How about thinking that she believes in her campaign a great deal and as a result she willing to invest in herself?

  8. Man, with this many people hating on her, she must be good. I think it is jealous Stack and Fetterman trolls posting crap to rough her up.

    1. It’s a phony report. 100K loan. 50K from her old account. 12..5K from a union no one ever heard, 10K from a friend, and that 270 number isn’t much of a number. That’s not jealous, those are facts, chief.

      Dean knows this too- which is why she tried to gin the numbers. Pretending something is true when it’s demonstrably false isn’t a good look. Heck, it’s Trumpian.

  9. Rep. Dean: Why are you running for both your House Seat and Lt. Governor at the same time? It’s time you pick an office to run for. You don’t seem committed to the residents of Abington Twp. and the rest of the 153rd so for the good of our community, step aside. There are plenty of other Democrats in the area that could do as good, if not a better job than you. Stop being so concerned about your statewide profile and make a decision.

  10. I don’t have a horse in this race but this is disgraceful. Putting out this gross manipulation when nearly 40% of Madeline Dean’s money is a loan.

    ????. NEARLY 40% HER TOTAL IS A LOAN. Especially on the day when this can be easily confirmed.

    What does it say about Dean’s campaign that they are that desperate to sell this garbage? ????. What does it say about PoliticsPA that would publish this while claiming to be objective?

  11. Wow, it looks like Politics PA is on Dean’s payroll. Reporting a $100,000 loan as money raised without providing any detail?

    Dean been caught fluffing her numbers and PoliticsPA is complicit in it.

    Paul, you either got scammed or you’re in bed with the campaign. Which is it?

  12. No matter where it came from, she has a quarter mil to put on TV. That’s a big deal in a low information primary. And with Stack as damaged goods, her reform minded message will play well.

    She is a serious player and this shows she’s got a good shot.

    1. More than 100K is a loan and she tried to palm it off. LOL. 250K with zero name ID isn’t anything and the fact they would’nt divulge it proves it all just desperate BS spin. ????

  13. This is the second time in three they release numbers with no corresponding details as to *where* it came from. Second, Dean has zero state name ID, is unpopular in montco and is in a crowded field in south eastern pa. for votes.

      1. This article reads like a press release. LOL

        Numbers don’t mean anything unless they talk about where it came from. This is the second time they’ve done this without mentioning WHERE?

        Why? ????. PoliticsPA sure didn’t ask.

        And, the other stuff ARE facts. Dean does have 0% state name ID, no MontCo endorsements and she is in a crowded field for south eastern Pennsylvania votes.

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