Decision Desk: Pa. Governor Race Leans Democratic

DDHQ MapDecision Desk HQ (DDHQ) released its 2018 Governor’s race ratings for the Northeast this morning. DDHQ rated the race in Pennsylvania as leaning Democratic.

“Going into 2018, we think Wolf should be favored over the candidates currently running, so we’ll say Pennsylvania is leaning Democratic,” the DDHQ post read.   

Governor Wolf will be running for his second term after beating Tom Corbett by 10 points in 2014.

Others running include State Sen. Scott Wagner (R-York), Allegheny county businessman Paul Mango, and Montgomery county Businessman Kris Hart. Speaker Mike Turzai is strongly considering a run and former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley is rumored to be considering a run.  

The rating agrees with Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball who also rated Pennsylvania as leaning Democratic in its initial ratings in April.

Two states are rated as a tossup, New Hampshire is leaning Republican, three states are likely Republican, two states are likely Democratic, and New York is strong Democratic.

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  1. There are only 2 people on the planet who don’t realize Tom Wolf is going to lose to Scott Wagner. Those 2 people are Tom Wolf and his wife.

    1. They are in good company with about 55 percent of the Pennsylvania population, too.

  2. Any place not leaning Democrat must be illiterate and stuck on Fox News. Anybody that can read a newspaper and watch a real TV news program should realize what a disaster Trump has been.

  3. DDHQ made quite a horrible map..lean and likely Democratic are almost impossible to tell apart by the colors.

    Very odd choice on the part of the writer to only mention SOME states’ leanings but exclude others. For those who are wondering:
    Tossups: Maine, Connecticut
    Likely Republican: Vermont, Massachusetts
    Likely Democratic: Rhode Island, New Jersey
    The author also missed Maryland which was rated as “leaning Republican.”

    I’d also claim that the ratings themselves carry a Republican bias, but they are what they are.

    1. Since Vermont and Massachusetts and Maryland all have Republican governors currently that are pretty popular, it doesn’t surprise me they’re favored on winning re-election.

      1. Twat – ask and you shall receive…

        Likely Dem: OR, RI
        Lean Dem: CO, CT, IL, MN, NM, PA
        Tossup: AK, FL, ME, MD, MI, NV, NH, WI
        Lean Rep: IA, KS, MA, OH
        Likely Rep: AR, GA, TN, VT

      1. Someone Not Crazy – And yet all three are likely to be heavily targeted, since they’re running in VERY Democratic states and have to deal with a very unpopular party leader/president weighing over them. Do they start off with advantages from their popularity? Sure, but it might not be enough in this climate.

        Answer Desk – my criticism was on the odd choice to list specific leanings for SOME states, but to refrain from listing them and only providing numbers for some other states. It seemed like an odd cherry-picking of information that PoliticsPA CHOSE to explicitly provide in this article.

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