Delco Dems Win Two County Council Seats, All Row Offices in Historic Election

DelcoDelaware county Democrats not only won a seat on the County Council for the first time since the Home Rule Charter removed the requirement for the minority party to have a member, but they won two seats on the Council, and won all but one countywide race.  

“It’s been a long time coming, let me tell you. This is going to be a historic night,” Delaware County Democratic Chairman David Landau told the Delco Times.  

According to the Inquirer, county Democrats pushed to make the election a referendum on Trump, and hoped that and a voter registration advantage would allow them to win.  

“The Democrats made the race about Washington and were able to drive voters to the polls because of that.  We have to move forward and jointly govern, and welcome [Democrats] into county leadership for the good of Delaware County,” Delaware County GOP Chairman Andrew Reilly told the Inquirer.  

The results could lay the groundwork for how Democrat’s plans for next year.  The push by Democrats turned traditionally Republican strongholds Democratic, including Upper Darby.  If areas like that continue to vote Democratic in 2018, it could be trouble for Congressman Pat Meehan, whose district is centred around Delaware County.

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26 thoughts on “Delco Dems Win Two County Council Seats, All Row Offices in Historic Election”

  1. Zakrey Bissell says:

    Congratulations Democrats on winning this race.

  2. Louis Lack says:

    I would like to see the spending numbers in Delaware county. You could not turn on your tv or get a piece of mail without seeing something about this election. Looks to me as the winners here were the democrats and the consu,tante. Even the losing ones.

  3. GOP runs everything. says:

    Lol… at all the pathetic liberals on here that think Virginia, New Jersey or New York or even local elections in PA matter. Republicans control the house, the senate, the White House, 33 governorships and 70% of all state legislatures. Hillary Clinton lost 30 states to Donald Trump of all people and the Democratic party is at a shocking 100 year low with seats help on a state and federal level. PA went red in 2016 and Trump will win reelection in 2020 because far left libturds have nobody to put up.

    Look at the scoreboard libs we’re winning and you’re losing🇺🇸👍🏻

    1. tommyd says:

      Not this week, you’re not, nor for the foreseeable future. Especially after the courts rule out gerrymandering.

  4. Toodles says:

    Accidental victories in both DelCo and Bucks, due to anti-Trump sentiment. Utterly incompetent, self-important Democratic operatives there.

    1. Adam says:

      It wasn’t an accident that the losers in these races chose to associate themselves with a disastrous President, a maniacal Congress and a pathetic State Legislature by running under the same Party banner. It was their choice to do so.

    2. What's wrong? says:

      You angry bro?

      Democrats made historic gains in Delaware, Bucks, and Chester counties. The vast majority of us in the Philly burbs HATE Donald Trump with a burning passion. You’re the party of Trump and every candidate with an R next to their name is hand in hand with Trump. Continued to be reminded of that every day.

      Yesterday was an amazing day for Democrats in all 4 suburbs of Philadelphia.

      1. Trump sucks @ What's wrong says:

        I like that Trump was a NYC Dem for years and then runs as a Repub., with establishment republicans trying to fight him the entire way. The response by you is that all Republicans are hand in hand with him and he sucks. Your grasp of facts seems spot on.

        1. Typical GOP name calling says:

          I like that you prove why Republicans rely on voters with no college degree. That’s how stupid you are.

          1. @ Typical says:

            Says the guy with the Typical GOP name calling tag? I didn’t name call. I made an observation that Trump sucks. Go take a deep breath from the Trump and GOP bashing. Regroup and realize that Trump and the GOP arent the problem… Your reflexive hostility is.

      2. GOP runs everything. says:

        Hillary lost libturd and we Republicans control the house, the senate, the White House, 33 governorships and 70% of all state legislatures. Enjoy you little local victory and I’ll enjoy right wing Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court for the next 40 years.

        1. Typical GOP name calling says:

          The standard libturd response from a POS dummy Trumpkin.

          Oh and more people voted for Hillary.

          1. GOP runs everything. says:

            We elect presidents through the electoral college you pathetic retard not popular vote and it’s been that way for a very long time and is written in the constitution. Did you take basic civics moron??? Trump won the POPULAR VOTE in 30 states compared to a pathetic 20 for Hillary.

            306 to 232 libturd loser now get back to flipping burgers the customers are hungry.

  5. Porter Randolph says:

    Plus 4 row offices in Bucks County, first Democrats in row offices in Bucks in 30 years

    1. Toodles says:

      Looks like anti-Trump sentiment can accidentally help the incompetent.

      1. Porter Randolph says:

        Like anti-Hillary sentiment did for Trumpkins

  6. lvten says:

    Actually, Delco is a home rule county governed by a 5 member county council. Only two seats were up thei cycle, so the republicans will still retain a 3-2 control. Dems swept the row offices, register of wills, comptroller and sheriff.

  7. Dave says:

    The same thing happened in Chester County, next to Delaware County, where Democrats swept the county races. No Democrat has ever won a contested county-wide race in Chester County in 200+ years.

    1. Joe says:

      Yeah. Very similar political trends to Delaware County for the last 25 years.

    2. Isaac L. says:

      Was it controlled by Whigs before the 1850s?

  8. Tuesday in Lycoming says:

    I think the Dems also won Controller and Sheriff in Delco. Up arrow for the company with the shredder contract in Media.

  9. Joe says:

    Not a surprise, considering that Delaware County has been going blue since Bill Clinton won it in the 1992 Presidential Election, along with the Presidency that year.

    Amazing how Eastern, and, Western PA have shifted in terms of Political Party trends, and, present standing.

    1. PhillyPolitico says:

      Well, it’s kind a surprise. It’s been blue and the presidential and gubernatorial level, but local it has still been rock-ribbed Republican.

      Until now.

      1. Isaac L. says:

        I guess moderates are finally seeing that the Republican Party they knew is dead. It is the Party of Trump now, and has not been the Party of Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt for quite some time.

        1. Trump sucks says:

          Unfortunately, the alternative is not moderate R’s or D’s, it is sprinting to the left D’s.

        2. Lew Stoulles says:

          LOL. They’ll come running back to Momma when the Dems act like Dems – which they will.

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