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Dem Files to Run Against Rothfus

Erin McClelland
Erin McClelland

New Kensington Democrat Erin McClelland has formed a campaign committee to challenge freshman Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny).

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported her FEC filing.

McClelland, 38, lives in New Kensington. She is Executive Director at Arche Wellness, an addiction rehabilitation center centered around alternative medicine.

Rothfus beat Rep. Mark Critz (D-Cambria) by 3 points in the GOP-leaning district last year. Critz has said he is open to another run at the seat.

As Keystone Politics writer and former Critz campaign staffer Jake Sternberger notes, team Rothfus will have an interesting task when it comes to opposition research:

McClelland is the Executive Director of Arche Wellness. According to their website, Arche uses “integrative medicine [that] involves a combination of conventional and alternative medicine.”

Arche Wellness purports to address aspects of health that traditional doctors overlook. For example, when treating depression, Arche Wellness asserts that doctors should not be so quick to prescribe depression medication, but instead examine the patient for vitamin deficiencies, malabsorption, and gastrointestinal problems.

That’s right, Arche offers treatment of the GI problems that cause depression.

McClelland’s personal page on the website lists her approach to addiction recovery as guided by her experience as a “former ballerina, a certified personal trainer and a certified lifestyle and weight management consultant.”

15 Responses

  1. Do you want a better congressmen than Erin and Steve? Check out for PA District 12 in 2018!

  2. McClelland should not be dismissed by a group that hasn’t met her, most of whom apparently know very little about that district.

  3. I am nursing my gift from God. I was forcibly raped, got pregnant, and have kept the child. Erin: Would please educate Congressman Rothfus, that women can get pregnant from forcible rape. I have the living proof!

  4. Rumors are swirling that Congressman Rothfus is going to perform a gay marriage for 2 formerly closeted faith healers, who have come out of the closet and now want to march down the wedding aisle. The times they are a changing….. I guess Rothfus is trying to get a donation from the Gay Patriot PAC or to get invited on ELLEN.

  5. LOL, RepRothfus on Twitter is not actually Keith Rothfus. It is a parody, a joke. Click on the name “RepRothfus on Twitter” and it takes you to the Twitter page

  6. Really this is the best the Democrats can do?

    This woman strikes me as a female Trivedi. Too liberal for the district and clueless about it.

  7. Yes, Rex. You’ve uncovered a scandalous post actually made by Keith Rothfus.

  8. Wow! Photogenic! I may move there just so I can vote for her.

    She has the Male vote in the bag. And considering that Rothfus wants to ban contraception for everyone, she’ll take the Female vote just as easily.

    Go, Erin!

  9. PLEASE tell me thats actually Rothfus. I can just imagine him right now praying bedside… “Lord, Please don’t let her get pregnant, please god.” Because god certainly has nothing better to do than to act as birth control for wingnuts that think women have no rights.

  10. Rothfus is what’s wrong in Washington – an unyielding idealogue owned by the Tea Party loonies. He was lucky to win in a district that went heavily for Romney. Can you say One-Termer?

  11. My 1st Democratic challenger practices alternative medicine? At least it’s better than Obamacare!

    I support the use of alternative medicines such as prayer to prevent pregnancy instead of contraception.

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