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Democratic LG Candidate Runs Ad During Rachel Maddow

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Aryanna Berringer ran a 60-second ad during Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC Tuesday night.

The ad, titled “My Own Words” features Berringer speaking directly to camera talking about money in politics.  

“I’m not afraid to give it to you in my own words.  Politics are being controlled by the mega wealthy and the corrupt.  First you have mayor Fetterman who raises money telling us he wants to overturn Citizens United and that the rich are buying our elections then his family dumps one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars into a super PAC to help him,” Berringer says.  

“And you have Lieutenant Governor Stack take twenty five thousand dollars from a known political corruption convict.”  

Berringer’s campaign is currently pushing the ad on social media to raise money to be able to run the ad on TV more than the one time it has aired so far.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to both Fetterman and Stack’s campaigns for comment on this story.  

You can view the ad below.


64 Responses

  1. Fetterman and his supporters are sick people for attacking Aryanna. Fetterman’s biggest supporter, Ed Rendell, cheated on his wife countless times over the years of their marriage – perhaps Fetterman should asked to be un -endorsed by Pennsylvania’s biggest cheat and pervert.

    Because Arayanna is a woman, there is a different standard from Fetterman and his sicko’s.

  2. Ayanna, I want to see more women elected to office and I was inspired by your video and your story, but as a woman, I have to wonder how you could have had an affair with your campaign manager and broken up two families with children.

    Can you provide some kind of assurance that your days of sleeping with married men are over? Thank you.

    1. None of that is true. None of it. These people are married with a family. Enough.

      1. Sadly, it’s 100% true. It’s old Joe Pitts oppo stuff that’s been floating around since 2012. Look, I don’t have a horse in the race, but I remember the race in pa 16. Kinda sad, actually. But, the tone is unfortunate.

        1. I remember her now, I thought her campaign didn’t really exist except for literally a couple yard signs I saw one time.

          1. She tied for the smallest margin against Pitts ever in that district. And if people are spending their time trying to smear a kind woman and her husband 6 years later using Joe Pitts’s oppo research, which has so far offered nothing more than– a bunch of adult people lived their lives but then went separate ways and 6 years later have all moved on with their own lives and families— she must be a pretty formidable candidate. I’d say she has a heck of a future if this is what the opposition is focusing on. It’s only making me like her more. Authentic, honest, and playing the long and smart game.

      2. Yup, it’s all true. I’m a an old friend of Dan’s. It’s actually worse than you think.

  3. Could someone tell me why Aryanna shut her congressional campaign website got shut down for three weeks in 2012?

    I heard it was over her getting some polling done. ????

  4. Google ‘John Fetterman hot seat’ to find out more about this candidate for Lt. governor

    1. Thanks for the information. It strengthens my support.

      “If you’re in a room of 1,200 steel workers, and this one well could save and extend the life of the Mon Valley Works for 20-30 years, what would you say?” Fetterman asked.

      These socialists would rather see steel workers out of jobs than allow ONE more well added to the thousands of already existing wells in the state. It just shows you what kind of people they really are. Since when is putting people out of work a progressive agenda item? That’s fringe left.

      1. So Fetterman thinks the Bernie group of Democratic Socilists are wrong? You can’t have it both ways- and speak from both sides of you mouth.

        Just how will Fetterman bring Bernie’s Democratic Socialists and Hillary people together when he thinks the Bernie People are idiots???

        Fetterman is a FRAUD!

        1. As a Bernie voter, let me assure that Bernie’s support is much broader than the handful of those people.

          If you want to support someone who claims to be a champion for poor people of color yet lives as far away from them as possible, you should absolutely do that. Isn’t democracy great?

          1. A black woman from poverty doesn’t need to live in the community to be a champion. Only the white trust fund baby who sends his kids to the most expensive private school in Pittsburgh does.

          2. Nice of you to bring race into this. But since you did, I’ll just say that I cant believe you would begrudge the Fettermen’s Hispanic children a top notch education. You’re really sinking to new lows here.

            Also, I’m not sure if you can call someone a champion for poor people who has never lifted a finger to help them. If all it takes are words, I guess we’re all champions like Ayanna!

        2. Fetterman’s kids go to private school?

          Really? If this is true, I am beginning to wonder (even more) about what a fraud he is…is it possible to be the mayor of a town of 1,259 people, and not send your kids to the school?

          How does he afford all this, if he doesn’t have a job, and his wife doesn’t get paid?

      2. US Steel never said that the Mon Valley Works workers’ jobs were at issue when it decided to enter into the drilling agreement. They used words like “enhancing the long term competitiveness of the site,” but very noticeably they never indicated the plant or jobs were in danger without the drilling. Likely because they were not. It is disingenuous of you and JF to suggest that it was either jobs or fracking when that was never US Steel’s position.

  5. Really bizarre ad…..attacking her opponents in a Lt. Gov race? Citizens united? Never knew that could be acted on by that office. And why would a super PAC even be active in a race with no limits? If anything, this spot is a disqualifier.

  6. The Bernie Sanders people – The Democratic Sicialists – are not going to vote Fetterman, even though he lies about bringing the Bernies and the Hillary’supporters together.

    Google ” JohnFetterman hot seat” and read the article about the Bernie supporters and how they don’t want Fetterman. STOP SAYING YOU WILL BRING THEM TOGETHER , Mr. Fetterman

    1. When Bernie started running I looked into the Democratic Socialists and found them to be a bunch of hypocritical poseur hipster dbags who affectionately refer to themselves as ‘comrades.’ They claim to be for the workers, but would have no problem shelving thousands of blue collar workers by completely banning fracking and putting steel workers out of business. No thanks!

      1. That is the Fetterman BS spin. ” Thousands of blue collar workers” my ass…who are you Central PA Dem, Donald Trump???

        1. You really want to argue that there aren’t thousands and thousands of fracking and steel jobs? It’s a necessary evil at this point. Just tax and regulate the heck out of it. I was at the Harrisburg debate when Aryana called for an immediate ban to fracking. She was the only one of the 6 candidates to do that. I’d love to hear Aryana tell those workers that she wants to put them out of a job and to explain how they should feed their families without those jobs. I also wonder how Aryana heats her home.

  7. Has Aryanna lived a real life? Yes. Is life messy and crazy? Yes. I think she really is trying to do good. No matter the people on here talking crap about her. And the other candidates – Cozzone is boring and ineffective. Ahmad just shopped for a race; no one can even understand a word she says. Fetterman is a fraud and cheats on his wife. And Stack is a terrible person. People seem to be talking a lot about Aryanna because she’s making an impact. Keep it up Aryanna!

    1. Why would he cheat on his wife? She’s a smoke. For someone that looks like him she’s probably the best he’s gonna get.

  8. Berringer is no significant threat to stack or Fetterman. She has no money, base, or ID. She is, however a hindrance to cazzone and Ahmad who are all running on gender. The vote only-woman vote is seriously diluted with all 3 in the race, not that bloc is significant enough, but anyway, but chop it up 3 ways. In the unlikely event berringer does ever poll over 1%, you’ll start seeing all of her divorce/adulterous/stalking stuff come out because it’s there. The salacious married candidate/campaign manager adulterous angle is what essential jammed up Murphy.

    1. I would think she’s a bigger threat to Fetterman, due to taking regional votes from SW PA. She’s not going to take much from Fetterman, but I don’t see her taking away from Cazzone and Ahmad in the SE.

  9. since stack is such a miserable person to his own staff, he’s a sure loser for LG.
    we’d surely like to know the truth of whether fetter man was put into the mc Ginty sestak primary fight to take those manly votes away from sestak. if big ed engineered this ploy i want no part of fetter man . a guy like conor lamb might win a US senate race against toomey. but i don’t see a fetter man drawing enough votes.

  10. Didn’t she paint herself into a corner if she actually ended up winning the primary? If she ends up being Wolf’s running mate, will she still be this bold and challenge him for accepting PAC money? Sorry, this shows very little forward thinking on her part. I’ll pass.

  11. Shouldn’t these ‘Holier than Thou’ Fetterman supporters be Republicans?? Aryanna is running for a political office, she is not joining a nunnery!

    SAD that Fetterman supporters can’t stick to the issues – like how Fetterman is not qualified for this position, being a mayor of a town(?) with 1,259 people.

    At least Arayanna worked her way up on her own, and didn’t need (or depend) on the support of her rich Republican father or brother to ascend to becoming a beacon for those less fortunate. I can understand Aryanna’s frustration with the fraud she believes is being perpetrated on Pennsylvanians – and she will not shy away from the Fetterman Morons who buy into this ” my wife’s a dreamer” BS.

    Arayanna is a American ‘Dreamer”, and NOT a fraud!

  12. A lot of anonymous posters here talking sh*t. How many are on Fetterman or Stack campaigns?

    Bottom line: it was a smart move by Aryanna to put the ad on Maddow show.

    If she’s lucky, it sets off a chain reaction of her getting enough money to rerun the ad, or make new ones.

    Aryanna’s point/position is that she’s known poverty, and other people running/elected haven’t. So, she’s got a point-of-view and life-experience that is relevant for a lot of people who aren’t being represented.

    I don’t know if it will attract enough voters to her, but she’s playing it smart.

      1. How the f**k would you know? On the contrary it means everything.

        I was sticking with Stack, now I’m not so sure. I don’t give a dam how not experienced she is. I remember when she first announced and all the ignorant comments that were made towards her on this site.

        Now she’s starting to look better than most and she can’t possibly do any worse.

    1. This is the woman who came from poverty, is an Iraq War veteran, mother of 3, non-profit founder, and IT Project Manager. What is is that you accomplished??

  13. Fetterman gets his money from Republicans. His biggest donors – his brother and father – are Republican by John’s own admission.

    Fetterman is a DINO – Democrat In Name Only – if you look at his vote for fracking, and supporting a Pro-Life candidate in Allegheny County.

    Beside the fact that Fetterman isn’t qualified for this position, he doesn’t even want this job – he wants to run against Toomey for US Senate.

    Google John Fetterman hot seat to see the article

    1. Wow, I was expecting some dirt and end up learning Fetterman stood up to socialists who want to put people out of work.

      1. Funny, the “socialists” endorsed Fetterman before. They aren’t endorsing him this time; something along the line of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.”

        The best Fetterman can do for an endorsement is from Pennsylvania’s #1 Pervert, Fast Eddie! Maybe Madeline Dean will endorse Fetterman (ROFLMAO), and Rendell will endorse Dean- wouldn’t that make for some strange bedfellows! ( it is a horrible visual!!)

    2. Costa isn’t Pro Life either. The majority of Democrats voted in favor of that bill.

      Sad that even Dems now resort to lying about candidates in their own party. I thought we were better than that.

      1. Thank you for reminding us that these “Dems” need to go for voting for this legislation.

    3. Can we not forget that he also chased down an unarmed black man with a shotgun?

      1. If the Parkland security guard had been as brave as Fetterman running into gunfire, a lot of lives could have been saved.

        1. Brave? He’s as bad as George Zimmerman. Chasing down unarmed black people because they look scary.

          1. The race of thatbperson was unknown. Person was covered head to toe and there was in fact gunfire in the area.

            Pretty desperate to suggest Fetterman finds black people scary considering he’s lived there for 20 years.

      1. Hypocrisy = “Mrs. Berringer said she’s racked up over $60,000 worth of support, though “a good portion of that” is in-kind contributions from her husband and campaign manager, veteran political consultant Daren Berringer.”

        1. That’s almost as much as they owe his ex-wife. Will they pay her in-kind too?

          1. If she was worth anything they might. I know, she tried to date me. I said no too!

  14. Daren and Aryanna had a home wrecking affair when he managed her campaign (loosely defined) and broke up my marriage. Really, really messy and embarrassing stuff. Speaking of family money, I heard they owe his ex around $70K post divorce. ????

  15. If Berringer wants to attack family money, maybe she should start with the biggest offender Wolf.

    Didn’t her own campaign funds include $65,000 from her husband?

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