Democratic LG Candidates Differ on Stack Report

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During a Lieutenant Governor debate on Monday, the Democratic candidates were split on whether Governor Tom Wolf should release the report into current Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack’s treatment of staff.

Former Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Nina Ahmad and Montgomery County businessman Ray Sosa both called on Wolf to release the report.  

“It should be public. I do think citizens of Pennsylvania have the right to know what their officials are doing. But I understand the sensitivity we need to have with that,” Ahmad said according to the Patriot News.

“We work at the will of the people … I do think it should be public,” Sosa said.  

Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman said they agreed with Wolf’s decision to not release the report.

“I have a great deal of trust in Gov. Wolf. He made the decision not to release the report, saying he was trying not to pile on because of some personal, mental health issues for Mrs. Stack. If [Wolf] felt there was something in there for the public to know, he would have done that,: Cozzone said.  

“I have not seen it. I have not read it. He has. And he has made the decision that he will not release it. I  … defer to his judgment on this issue,” Fetterman said.

Wolf ordered the Office of Inspector General to investigate Stack after accusations of verbal abuse by Stack and his wife of their security detail and staff in the Lieutenant Governor’s mansion surfaced.  Wolf announced after the report was completed he would not release it to the public.  

Stack did not participate in the debate because he was presiding over the state Senate.

28 Responses

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  2. Wasn’t it Nina who challenged Stack? Stack should challeneg all the wrongdoing that occurring with her in the Asian community as well as the all the improper handling of MCAAA Funds. They are still waiting on the release of that accounting report.

  3. Factoid:

    There are almost double the amount of those employed by Chester County(2,300) than people in Braddock (1,259).

    1. Zero money. Zero name ID. Zero campaign. Zero chance. She does, however weigh more than Fetterman. And Stack.

      1. According to the most recent poll, Fetterman is at 20% name ID, and Cozzone is at 10%.

        Considering Fetterman has run state-wide and spent all of the money on a state-wide campaign and receives free fluff press every week (much like Donald Trump once did) while Cozzone has only been in Chester County working and fighting for her constituents – I would call this a well-documented abject failure on Fetterman’s part, especially when adding all the family money he has spent.

        It is now up to Fetterman and his supporters to understand and grasp that this does not bode well for Team Fetterman.

        It appears as though they are beginning to understand, and are lashing out in distasteful ways.

    2. County executives are a dime a dozen. How challenging it must be to continue the operations of one of the wealthiest counties in the state with little to no social issues. She took on a straightforward job that lots of other people could have done just as well. Fetterman on the other hand went in to a violent dangerous place that nobody would think of going to that was written off for dead and brought safety, playgrounds, gardens, businesses, jobs, healthcare, and other services.

      We want leaders, not cogs.

      1. We just need elected officials that know what work is, day in and day out.

        This would disqualify Fetterman, since he has never worked a day in his life.

        1. You know the campaign isn’t going well when you have to spread lies about the competition.

          1. Hey there. Actually Katie Harrison here. It was just pointed out to me that people who write in comments sections are using my name on this site. Well. Heads up (I can guess the one of 3 people that has enough time on their hands for this kind of thing)- I have never once made a comment about Fetterman on here. I don’t actually read this site very often, to be honest. And certainly don’t read comments sections. (As far as I can tell from the “trolling” I just did by reading through, only David Diano has the guts to use his own name). I have, publicly, questioned Mr. Fetterman’s policy proposals and commitments. I would be happy for him or anyone affiliated with him to raise that as a question to me, as opposed to comments using a fake name, with my name in it, commenting on- well, let’s see now, my weight, the way I dress, what I eat? Please feel free to point to any specific things I have said (which I have always owned, never done on this site, and always done under my real name), and I am happy to engage and discuss. Otherwise, stop using my name and find something useful to do. One thing I will say- I do not particularly support Mr. Fetterman’s policies, but I do not believe he would condone or endorse what you’re doing here. I do not believe his campaign to be anything other than good people. So- if you could, please stop. In the meantime, I will work on not stinking up the work cafeteria (we don’t have one), eating anyone’s packed lunches (no one packs), and I will for sure, after the holiday, work on those weight loss goals.

        2. Hey also whoever is using “Katie Harrison’s boss”, if you’re from his campaign, not a smart idea. If you’re not from the campaign, I can assume the Fetterman campaign would prefer you stop. I’ll let Bobby handle that.

  4. The report is damning to Wolfand and how/what he and/or his henchman did may have crossed several lines. Don’t let that affable “oh shucks” demeanor fool anyone. Wolf’s a socially awkward silverspoon who sees people as objects. Rendell thugs like Mary HappyHour who he allows to stay around to clobber real and imagined rivals should speak volumes. Has a right to know request been filed for its release?

  5. Cozzone is correct about the likely contents of the report.

    My understanding has been that the report is mostly about Mrs Stack’s personal issues and Wolf used the threat of exposing her to “blackmail” Stack into publicly taking heat/responsibility and damaging his own reputation. The entire issue, including yanking Stack’s protection detail, has been an abuse of power by Wolf, and a disgrace. Releasing the report would likely expose Wolf to formal charges of abuse of office or similar retaliation. Wolf isn’t holding back the report out of any courtesy/consideration to Stack.

    1. He treated the people protecting him like crap. He treated the staff at the residence even worse. Stack and his posse of man bun betas should exile themselves to Philly proper.

      1. Don-

        Word is that Wolf treats staff badly too. Also, that one of Lt Gov staff was a plant/spy for Wolf to dig up private dirt on Stack. If true, that’s misuse of staff for politics,

        1. If Governor Wolf planted someone on LT. Governor Stack’s staff to dig up dirt on Stack it is a new low. He could have just used the Philadelphia’s Boyle Brothers for that purpose.

  6. Observations after watching the forum which this article pertains to:

    1. Cozzone is the superior candidate. Experienced. Competent. Hard working. Resounding endorsement by Craig Lehman, who has left the race.
    2. Stack will get 25% of his previous Lt. Gov race total, which means he is irrelevant – Heck, he may not get more votes that Fetterman does for Mayor of Braddock – about 300 votes!!
    3. Fetterman is over his head, and it shows. There is no substance to his promises – not to mention that he will never come close to achieving his promises. And with total certainty, he isn’t the guy you want filling in for Wolf if “God forbid, something should happen.”
    4. Ahmad is completely out of her league.

    1. Reality check:

      Cozzone has: ZERO MONEY. ZERO NAME ID. ZERO CHANCE. ????. She’ll literally get 75,000 votes. Tops. Oh, and a shady husband. Google Victor Cozonne and he’s had some sketchy business trades. ????.

          1. She would save the Governor if, God forbid, something would happen.

            Fetterman would put a tattoo on his arm.

            I would rather be saved.

      1. Since spouses are now involved, it is fair to say all spouses are now involved.

          1. Or the wife of Stack, who is still recovering from the injuries sustained after being thrown under the bus by her loving husband

  7. Convenient excuse for Stack. For sure he doesn’t want anybody to ask him about all the credit he is claiming in his blasts, where he would have you think he personally is responsible for the Court’s decision on gerrymandering, etc, and that he alone can save us from what have you. And there’s the little matter of where he lives ….

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