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Democratic Platform Committee Drafts Language For Convention

Bernie-HillaryOn Friday, a panel of Democrats developing the party’s platform ahead of next month’s Philadelphia convention voted down an amendment that would have opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. The TPP has been a heavily debated topic within the Democratic party as some rank-and-file Democrats are opposed to President Obama’s support of it.

The panel decided to address the issue by maintaining a neutral stance, stating that “there are a diversity of views in the party” and asserting that a trade deal “must protect workers and the environment”.

The panel also touched on language regarding the death penalty, expansion of Social Security and raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. They have approved calling the death penalty “a cruel and unusual form of punishment which has no place” in the state and saying that it should be abolished.

In a debate earlier this year, Clinton declared that the death penalty should only be used in certain cases where “heinous crimes” have taken place while Sanders said the government has no right to use capital punishment.

It is clear that the Clinton campaign is giving some leeway to the Sanders team, allowing them to have influence in the party’s platform. Yet the document will continue to be debated before the convention in July and is expected to touch on the economy, climate change, education, health care, national security and many other issues.

Additionally, the panel is expected to consider language on the controversial Israeli-Palestinian conflict advocating a “two-state solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict” which “provides the Palestinians with independence, sovereignty, and dignity”.

While Clinton is not forced to agree with every stance the party platform puts forward, it is a statement of the party’s values and provides guidelines for party members to follow.

The convention’s full Platform Committee is scheduled to consider the drafted document in Orlando, Florida next month.

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  1. The people want you to talk about CORRUPTION, something Philadelphia is very good at. Ed Rendell, JAMES Kenny, all of City Council and cronies have committed environemnetal felonies and caused injury and launched severe retalaton campaign againt me that nearly killed me since 2006. Both Hilary and Bernie said in Flint Mich, that officials needed to be held responsible for environmnetal injustice crimes and injury. Yet Rendell, Cindy Bass, James, Derek and Seth Williams and more are continuing their reign of terror , lies, and crimes against me and the people. Ed Rendell has personally allowed and supported these crimes and terrorized & injured me, as have all other names mentioned.

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