Democrats React to Kane’s Withdrawal

Kane-sadAnd now there are three.

With incumbent Kathleen Kane announcing that she will not run for re-election this November, the race for the Democratic nomination is down to Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala and Northampton District Attorney John Morganelli.

Each AG hopeful responded to Kane’s press conference with their own statement, which we’ve included below:

Josh Shapiro

“I commend Kathleen Kane for doing what is right for Pennsylvania by not filing for reelection. Now we need to choose the best Democrat to change Harrisburg. It is clear that the Republicans will nominate someone who has been part of gridlock and politics as usual in the state legislature. We know they won’t get illegal guns off our streets or hold the drillers accountable when they pollute our drinking water. I believe we must reform the office of Attorney General, clean up the ethical mess in Pennsylvania, and then protect everyone in our Commonwealth by going after the special interests that stack the deck against everyday Pennsylvanians.”

Stephen Zappala

“From the start of this campaign, Stephen Zappala has said that whether or not Attorney General Kathleen Kane seeks reelection is a decision she has to make and he respects the decision she made today. Stephen Zappala entered this race because he believes he is best positioned by his long and highly-regarded career as the District Attorney in one of the biggest and busiest prosecutors offices in America, to restore confidence in the office of Attorney General. District Attorney Zappala has a proven track record of holding public officials and powerful corporations accountable who have betrayed the public trust. He will provide the steady hand, strong leadership and unquestioned integrity needed to right the path of the Attorney General’s office,” said Marty Marks, Zappala’s campaign manager.

John Morganelli

I think Ms. Kane’ s decision today was very personal and difficult. I always liked Ms. Kane and I wish for her the best as she faces the challenges with respect to her law license and the allegations against her.

UPDATE: Republican candidate and State Sen. John Rafferty released a statement of his own:

“The Office of Attorney General is in disarray and desperately needs new leadership. My campaign is about forging a new path ahead for the Office of Attorney General. As the next Attorney General, I pledge to restore integrity and the public’s confidence in the office. That is why I am the only candidate in this race who has pledged to run for Attorney General and not use this office as a stepping stone for higher office. I am proud to have the support of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, the Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police and the Pennsylvania Professional Firefighters Association.”

16 Responses

  1. Retard Troll – if you are going to troll Ha3, you can’t use his screen-name and then try to insult him in the comment itself.


  2. The real question is did Diano withdrawal from HaHAHa in time? Since HaHaHa is a sissy there could be lots of little trolls running around.

  3. You crazy straight ticket voting democrats are delusional. It’s no wonder why you want to legalize marijuana… are all clearly smoking it!

  4. There are Superior and Commonwealth Court seats on ballot next year and maybe a Supreme Court. If KK wins her court case suddenly she may be a Supreme Court Justice! That would be interesting.

  5. Kane did more good for PA in bringing to light the network of porn emails and cover-ups for judges and other govt officials. But this is scratching the surface. There is much more rot and unethical conduct to be found for anyone who looks. When does Graci lose his law license? What about the unethical conduct of Cynthia Baldwin in violating attorney-client privilege and jeopardizing all Jerry Sandusky-related prosecutions of Penn State administrators?

  6. Josh sounds like a toddler name. He’s a mini Rendell jazillionaire. I don’t trust anyone who calls the legislature corrupt and he’s gonna clean it up. Full of It. They’re the worst ones! Here’s a guy who tried with the clueless Governor to push Kane out so he could be appointed and get a jump on his opponents. You had your chance to show how ethical you were Josh by explaining to PA citizens Kane is innocent until proven guilty. You blew it. I don’t trust anyone who thinks they’re ENTITLED. Please go away your no Fresh Start your a Rendell Robot. Take your Wolfpack connections and scram

  7. I have reason to believe that Kane’s detractors will soon be trying yet again to thwart the special prosecutor’s investigation.

    Wonder what they have to hide.

  8. Betsy, you are clueless. She used racy emails (that she and her sister also shared) as an attempt to distract from her criminal charges. Everyone sees through her smoke screen. And you support Shapiro, a person with even less relevant experience than Kathleen Kane. That’s just great. The OAG is in turmoil because gullible people like you elected a grossly inexperienced person to the office. Now you want to double down.

  9. What are the odds that announcing on the final day for filing really means she couldn’t get enough signatures to file.

  10. I thank Kathleen Kane was courageous to uncover the corruption in AG office and violent pornography shared across levels of courts and attorneys. I believe Josh Shapiro has the integrity and vision to address a great number of issues important to women, families and all Pennsylvanians

  11. Josh Shapiro said:
    “I commend Kathleen Kane for doing what is right for Pennsylvania by not filing for reelection.”

    I hope Josh will follow his own advice and not file for election to a position he is not only unqualified to hold, but is transparently using it as a stepping stone to run for Gov.

    (Please prove me wrong by vowing, in writing, never to run for Gov if you are elected AG.)

    “We know they won’t get illegal guns off our streets or hold the drillers accountable when they pollute our drinking water.”

    What the drillers are doing to the water all over the state makes the water in Flint look like medicine. Your response regarding drillers has been that you would look at each case (ie one drill site at a time) rather than the entire industry which is posing a massive heath crisis and covering it up with pay-offs, gag-orders and faked lab results.

    Try drinking the tap water in Dimmock.

    Stephen Zapala-
    “to restore confidence in the office of Attorney General.”

    I have more confidence in the AG’s office with Kane there, then I’ve ever had before. I would hope that in the future, you applaud Kane for rooting out systemic corruption and vow to continue her work. Try this:

    “restore confidence in the Judicial system by rooting out corruption, bias and conflicts of interest”

    Kane exposed at least two Supreme Court Judges. Let’s see what you can find.

    John Morganelli-
    Thanks for being decent and not trashing Kane.

  12. I am very disappointed and saddened that she is not running she was bringing down many Corrupt Government Officials we need more People in Government like Kat Kane

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