Dems Ding PAGOP Chair Over Etch-a-Sketch-Style Romney Remark

PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason

For some, Etch-A-Sketch brings to mind childhood memories of the red square toy which enabled the user to create whatever image they saw fit.

For Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the idea of an erasable, ever changing image is one he hoped he’d left behind after the primary. Now, Democrats are using comments by Pa.’s Republican Party Chairman to make Romney’s sketch last.

“You know what’s nice about [Governor Romney]? He can be anything you want him to be,” said Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason at an impromptu interview following the fall business meeting of the party’s state committee on Sunday. “I don’t know why he hasn’t connected better, but we still have 35 days,” he said.

While Gleason carries on the fight to turn Pennsylvania red this November, his comments may not have had the desired effect as the Republicans chances of winning the Keystone state continue to wane.

“I completely agree with Chairman Gleason’s spot on assessment of Mitt Romney’s inability to connect with middle class voters,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn in a statement released today.

Burn continued, “Voters value a leader who lays out a detailed plan of what they’re going to do if elected, but, throughout this campaign, Mitt Romney has yet to offer one idea that would create good-paying, sustainable jobs for middle class Pennsylvanians.”

Firing back, PA GOP spokeswoman Valerie Caras released a response stating that, “Chairman Gleason made it clear that if you are a Pennsylvania voter, there is a lot to like about Mitt Romney no matter if you believe fiscal, social or foreign policy is the most important issue to you in this election.”

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  1. Good point, Mary. We should live by the principles of the terrorists and not the principles of the Constitution. Having faith in the good intentions of the government bureaucrat is really a better system than the one the founders of the US Republic dreamed up.

  2. As do the families of those who died on Sept 11, 2001 and the families of the Ambassador and his staff.
    Who started all of this, I guess you think it was us? Look up the history of Islam and get back to me.

  3. Good point, Mary. You would think the youngsters would hate the man who disappeared from their lives during their formative years and be grateful to the United States of America for keeping such a person away from them. I mean, why would they be susceptible to recruitment by an anti-US group just because the father they barely know has been held incommunicado half a world away for more than a decade by the US without any legal process? .

  4. My point is Mary is so frightened by the truth of the party chair that she just starts spouting about whatever feels better. Bush years are over Mary, you want Dems to stopped blaming W for the mess he created the least you can do is stop living in the dillussional world he created in order to make the mess. By your logic W is responsible for 911…no fair person would say that but if you think The President has created the state of unrest in Libya in his time in office you have to feel Bush owns those attacks. I can’t wait until republicans regain control of their own party. Now the question is can Mitt Romney just be anything he wants ? Because really and truly in his heart of hearts he does noty want to be the Tea party darling he had to become to win nomination.

  5. Did you read the article? His sons have been filing in for him while he has been in prison.

  6. Good point, Mary. I think the answer to your question about the Gitmo detainee is that he has been held without any proof that he is a terrorist for ten years. Why on earth would they let someone ought of prison for lack of proof? When a government bureaucrat calls someone a terrorist, it must mean that they are a terrorist. There is some document that says you cannot deprive someone of liberty without due process. We know that is hooey. Don’t know why anyone would fight and die for the principles of that document. Suspicion by the agents of the state is enough as all us right thinking people know.

  7. The reason is that people are still trying to make this an election of small things, like this meaningless comment.
    The President basically has his finger on our nuclear weapons at all times, dont you think some substantive questions ought to be raised?
    Like why is most of the media willing to endanger the country by covering for his incompetence, or disinterest, or mal intent.

  8. Mary what would prompt such an obvious change of subject? I mean most of what I say lacks any trace of genius but it is at least about the subject at hand. Gleason climbed to power because of midnight pay raise shepherded by GOP and then tea party hate. Now what’s the play? Voter suppression and etch a sketch? what does gitmo have to do with any of that? Tell me you Love The Chairman of the “bored with the truth”

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