Dent Announces May Exit From Congress

Congressman Charlie Dent announced today he will officially leave congress in the coming weeks.

“After discussions with my family and careful reflection, I have decided to leave Congress in the coming weeks,” Dent said.  

Dent announced last year he would not seek re-election in 2018.  

“Actively engaging in the legislative and political process presents many challenges, and in so doing, I believe I have had a positive impact on people’s lives and made a difference in Congress. I am especially proud of the work I have done to give voice to the sensible center in our country that is often overlooked or ignored.  It is my intention to continue to aggressively advocate for responsible governance and pragmatic solutions in the coming years,” Dent said.

Governor Tom Wolf thanked Dent for his service in a statement.  

“I thank Representative Dent for his service to our country and commonwealth. While we do not agree on everything, Charlie has always been approachable, and he has always put his constituents above partisan politics. I am proud to have worked with Representative Dent to make improvements in the Lehigh Valley and advance our constituents’ shared interests in Washington,” Wolf said.  

Wolf will have 10 days after Dent officially resigns to set the date for a special election to replace Dent.  The special election would have to take place no less than 60 days after Wolf issues the write setting the date.  

PoliticsPA has reached out to see what lines a special election would take place within since Pennsylvania’s Congressional districts were redrawn earlier this year for the 2018 election.

31 Responses

  1. What about getting MacKenzie or Simmons to slide into Dents seat. These 2 need to put themselves into another role for government. They are bound to be career politicians like Dent. I think one of them will serve the people well. The district will miss Dent. He is for the good of the people.

    1. It makes no sense for either of them to go after Congressman for 5 months. Wouldn’t they have to give up their current house seats to serve? The seats they are currently running for – wouldn’t that trigger another special election?

  2. Dent and baby boy Ryan Costello are examples of all that is wrong with PA republicans. I don’t particularly like Trump- but at least he took the fight to Clinton and Barak the Thug. Republicans will lose big in midterms- terrible candidates and terrible State leadership. Chester County is a great example of RepublicAn mediocrity and lousy candidates.

  3. Question: if there is a special for the current 15th District, is it legal for candidates to run for that seat and for the new 7th at the same time? I know they’re different elections, but technically candidates would be running for two seats at the same time for the same office. Just curious what the rules are here.

  4. Republicans know that they are in great danger of losing this seat in the fall so they want to give someone a head start under the old lines to try to save it. Dent was elected to serve 2 years. Unless he is ill or there is some sort of emergency, he should stick to that commitment.

  5. So who’s waiting in the wings to sneak into Dent’s seat through the special election? Somebody who probably wouldn’t win an open primary, I’m guessing.

    This shouldn’t be allowed. The people elected you to serve your entire term, not duck out early so you can install your handpicked replacement.

    1. Ryan Mackenzie’s entire congressional campaign was focused on Dent leaving early… kind of like how Ryan first got elected to the state house, he planned to snake his way into this position too. Dropped out when he thought Dent wasn’t leaving.. plus he could keep his seat for a few more years to get healthcare and pension for life.

  6. Charlie Debt was one of America’s biggest, most worthless RINOs. Just to prove it, he wants to leave before his term is ended so he can impose extra costs on the taxpayers for the special election.

    1. Yes josh you’re so right I’m sure that was his thought. “Hmm, how can I cost taxpayers money?”. You need to get a life. The people who use the term RINOs are themselves not republicans at all. The problem with OUR (see how I said that, our) party is that we don’t stick together because POSs like you try to divide us along terms of mostly social issues when we should be bound together by our fiscal responsibility. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, you sir..are a turd.

  7. This would be a waste of a lot of taxpayer money. Just stay in office till January Charlie – save the taxpayers a couple of hundred thousand dollars. Also, the Republican and Democratic parties would spend a lot of money too. Another thing to consider – how many actual voting sessions will Ryan even schedule?

  8. Even though the special election features the old lines, the Republicans want to see if they can have an incumbent in the new district but with the blue wave and Lehigh Valley being an independent thinking area this will not work. This is obvious and its a desperate ploy.

  9. Not sure what the point is of resigning immediately…. If the special election uses the old PA-15 lines, it would be in an R+4. Most of that district was absorbed into the judicialmandered 7th which is D+1. The winner of the special would have the advantage of incumbency for fundraising in the fall.

    1. “Judicialmandered” ha ha ha! The new maps still favor Republicans, just not by the ridiculous levels the Republicans gerrymandered the maps. As Grandma L. would say, qvitcher bellyachin’. You got caught; now take your lumps and move on.

  10. Not sure what the point is of resigning immediately. Maybe this will give the GOP a chance to hold a special in a swing CD and try some strategies to retain the seat that could be used elsewhere. If I were a consultant to the GOP, I would try that.

  11. Special election would have to under the old lines, and Congress is in recess for the summer. Big mess for the voters.

    But, given the Blue Wave, a special election would likely replace Dent with a Dem, and better representation.

    I guess Dent will miss out on impeachment vote when Mueller report comes out.

    1. Any vote like that wouldn’t take place until January at the very earliest. Ryan will still be Speaker until then and the R majority will last at least that long. Even if the Dems gain control of the House, Impeachment will depend on the size of their majority. They will not convict in the Senate. I am not saying that the D’s shouldn’t Impeach anyway. I think on Ob of Justice alone, it is merited but Dems have to get off of the fantasy that Trump will be removed before the next election in 20. He won’t.

      1. KDAV-

        IF Michael Cohen taped his conversations with Trump, the Nixon tapes will look like a defense for Nixon by comparison to how damaging the Cohen-tapes will be to Trump.

        There is a good reason to impeach if the Russians have dirt on Trump (like illegal financial dealings or the pee-tape) that compromises Trump. The way Trump keeps backing off sanctions against Russia is already suspicious.

        My point on impeachment is that Dent probably knows Trump should be removed, and would like to vote to impeach Trump, but Dent is too big a p*ssy to publicly say what he thinks of Trump.

        He’s probably trying to keep his mouth shut so he can get some GOP job and cash in.

        1. Right now that is just fantasy though. Also, I am not even sure that would do it in today’s world. Not enough to convict and certainly not enough to get a R controlled House to Impeach. They will not do that.

  12. good choice Charlie Dent maybe I will support you in a future governor or attorney general race in 2020 as a example or maybe I will not, it depends maybe.

  13. Holding a special election is undemocratic and a waste of taxpayer money. Just wait until Nov.

      1. Correct. They have no option but to hold a special. I am not convinced that Dent wasn’t asked to do this. They may use this to try some strategies to see if the GOP can hold a swing seat.

    1. Why is it undemocratic to hold an election for an empty seat? Curious to know the thoughts behind this.

      1. I have no problem with holding a special election in June. The congressional recess is some legal technical issue regarding when replacement is needed or can be avoided.

        Dent should really finish his term or pay for a special election (unless he has legitimate reason to resign, like a health issue or a sex scandal).

        1. He has a legitimate reason. Maybe he wants to get an early start on collecting his federal pension. I am sure Charlie Dent will turn up soon politically somewhere else maybe as a “government relations specialist” somewhere or possibly run for mayor of Allentown. The city of Allentown could use him.

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