Department of State Files Suit Against Three Counties

The Pennsylvania Department of State today filed a lawsuit against three Commonwealth county governments for not properly certifying vote tallies from the May 17 primary election.

The state’s top elections agency sued Berks, Fayette and Lancaster counties in Commonwealth Court, describing them as “outlier counties.”

The lawsuit stated that “three county boards of elections are holding up final certification of Pennsylvania’s 2022 primary election because they refuse to send the Acting Secretary of the Commonwealth (Leigh Chapman) certified returns that include every ballot lawfully cast in that election. Their duty to send the Acting Secretary those returns is a ministerial and non-discretionary act, and there is no longer doubt that the ballots the county boards refuse to include — timely received absentee and mail-in ballots cast by qualified voters who neglected to write a date on the declaration printed on the ballot’s return envelope — were lawfully cast and must be included in the certified returns. This Court should order the three county boards that are delaying resolution of the 2022 primary election to send to the Acting Secretary certifications reflecting all lawfully cast ballots.”

The Department of State concluded by stating, “The county boards would suffer no injury from being ordered to certify returns that include timely received absentee and mail-in ballots from qualified voters who failed to date the declaration. In fact, the boards already have been ordered to canvass those ballots and report how many there are. An order here would not even require any meaningful additional work on the part of the county boards. And its effect would be only to require the Respondent boards to certify returns for the 2022 primary election in accordance with the law.”


This is a developing story and will be updated.

11 Responses

  1. President Trump did win the election! Anyone with any sense, would not believe all those people voted for the clown, now in office!

    1. you are a special kind of stupid if you refuse to believe certified election results from election officials , both dem and GOP, across the state of PA. most people learn math by 2nd grade. trumpians appear to be the exception to that rule.

  2. These election boards must be run by MAGA deadenders wo still claim Trump won 2020 election. Such idiots.

      1. President Trump did win the election! Anyone with any sense, would not believe all those people voted for the clown, now in office!

        1. Rather than a lying insurrectionist . You people who believe trump invite to your house for dinner and see if he comes.. haha

    1. The lawsuit concerns the May 2022 primary. It has nothing to do with Trump. You Trump haters can’t let go. Geeze.

      1. The counties have a responsibility to follow election procedures. I don’t have the discretion to not pay state taxes or skip paying the feds on a given year my income tax. Neither does the counties have the option of not adhering to election procedures. No certification documents. No state funds. Relevant officials put in the pokey for contempt of court.

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