DePasquale Endorses Shapiro for AG

DePasquale-ShapiroIn a press release Friday, Josh Shapiro’s campaign announced the support of Pennsylvania  Auditor General Eugene DePasquale.

“I served with Josh in the state house and saw first-hand the way he took on the status quo and worked to restore integrity to our system. That’s exactly what he’ll do as Attorney General,” said Auditor General DePasquale. “I look forward to partnering with Josh to increase accountability and reform our state government.”

“I’m deeply grateful for the support of these strong York leaders, particularly my former colleague and good friend Eugene DePasquale,” Shapiro responded. “These leaders agree with me that the Office of Attorney General needs to protect all Pennsylvanians. As Attorney General I’ll be tough on criminals whether it’s the drug dealers who bring heroin into our communities, the frackers who pollute our air and water and the scammers who target our seniors.”   

Shapiro also won the endorsement of three York County leaders: 95th District State Rep. Kevin Schreiber, County Commissioner Doug Hoke and York Mayor Kim Bracey.

“Josh knows that Pennsylvania’s Attorney General is the people’s lawyer, the one person people all across our Commonwealth can call when they have a problem,” said State Rep. Schreiber at a Thursday rally in York. “From stopping scams against seniors to defending our constitutional right to clean air and pure water, Josh will be an Attorney General who fights for us.”

“Josh has shown time and time again that he’ll protect the rights of all Pennsylvanians,” added York Mayor Kim Bracey. “He’s governed as a proud progressive Democrat, leading the fight for marriage equality, opposing a discriminatory Voter ID bill and stopping the fees to Wall Street money managers. Those are the same values he’ll bring to the Attorney General’s office.”  

Following his January candidacy announcement, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro has risen to the top of the pack alongside Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala in the race for the Attorney General Democratic nomination, which also includes Northampton District Attorney John Morganelli.

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  1. AG Kane just hired Bruce Castor at the AG’s Office. Bruce Beemer’s little run as Fina’s Clown Boy there is OVER.

  2. I wonder what AG Kane has to say about Allegheny County DA Stephen Zappala sitting on the US Bishops Conference board that oversees clergy sex abuse cases. No doubt his allegiance to church hierarchy trumped my requests for a grand jury investigation into Father John Wellinger and his attack on a University of Pittsburgh student back in 1987.

    We also need to keep in mind that PaPa Zappala Sr. sits on the Pittsburgh diocesan board that reviews clergy sex abuse cases. We can only guess how many survivors and their attorneys were scared off by the prospects of tangling with the son of Frank Zappala, confidant and consigliere to Johnny “Icepick” Bazzano, Sicilian mob boss in Pittsburgh during prohibition.

    Is Frank Zappala the guy who advised John Bazzano Sr. to whack the Volpe brothers. Frank Zappala didn;t want his sister Rose to end up a widow if the Volpe brothers struck first.

    So much for planning ahead, John “Icepick” Bazzaono Sr. returned from his steak dinner in New York with 22 ice pick wounds. What a fitting end for such a nice guy.

  3. DA Zappala will not be the next PA Attorney General. It’s even odds if he will even finish his current term.

    I wrote this essay at least 5 years ago; maybe closer to 10. I wonder if the Pittsburgh media will try and make up for lost time and try and consolidate 25 years of cover-ups into one Earth-shattering article about the Zappala Crime Family?Terrorist Group and the Roman Coward Church and their Pittsburgh Diocese.

    Did Allegheny County DA’s office protect predators over children?

    If it weren’t such a serious matter, I would find it laughable that Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr. has announced plans to “revisit some of the matters” during the tenure of one-time Pittsburgh Catholic Bishop Anthony Bevilacqua now that the former cardinal of the Philadelphia archdiocese has been accused of transferring and possibly covering up crimes of priests accused of sexual abuse and never warning the unsuspecting parishioners in the new churches.

    Perhaps Zappala can start by “revisiting” documentation that I provided years ago to two Allegheny County Detectives (Logan and Andrews) regarding an alleged cover-up that inspired the current McKeesport Police Chief to tell me that a grand jury investigation was merited. This case goes back to 1987, the last year Bevilacqua served in the Pittsburgh Diocese. The alleged cover-up involved a local priest giving a young man alcohol and drugs; there was a period of unconsciousness during which the boy may have been sexually abused, and then he eventually made his way to a city hospital. His parents were summoned, told what had happened and advised by medical staff not to report the alleged criminal activity.

    When I shared my research on this case years ago, Zappala and his detectives did nothing except blow me off.

    My guess is that newspapers from the Philadelphia area with legitimate investigative reporters will break this story first. Zappala and western PA publishers and editors who didn’t follow through on this years ago may be too busy removing egg from their face.

    The worst part of this story – Michael Unglo might still be alive if the right people had only done their job.

    Click the link below or cut and paste into your browser to view the Michael Unglo Just Be Foundation website.

  4. The Zappala Crime Family/Terrorist Group has always been able to blackmail judges, cops, elected officials because of their relationship to Chuckie Porter, former underboss to Michael Genovese, boss of the Pittsburgh LaCosa Nostra.

    The only thing an underboss does not know is when the boss is going to whack him.

    This is how former PA Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen Zappala Sr, got all of his inside information on corrupt PA officials. It’s also the number one reason so many politicians fear the Zappalas; they know everything and have the goods on everyone.

    Read for yourself and judge for yourself:

  5. Western Pennsylvania residents will support Josh Shapiro for Attorney General. We agree and inform the Zappala bullies that we are with them. The voting booth has no eyes. We know the truth about the Zappala family. We will stop the crime family at the voting booth.

  6. Not quite sure what the political calculation of this is. The year of unexplainable and illogical politics continues.

  7. @ Kraig001

    I’m from Philly, you are the one that has no CLUE. I have many friends and family from the West and that was their comments. Again BAD move.

  8. This is the most meaningful endorsement ever! I was undecided until I saw that endorsed Josh. Clearly, Josh is the best choice!

  9. No John. He just GAINED credibility. He went with the right guy. Not the guy who lives closer. You are a shill. Try to cover it up better next time.

    BTW – you have NO IDEA what is happening in Philly. GET A CLUE.

  10. A Shapiro supporter and a Zappala supporter have figured out they can post under different names.

  11. It is simple to most of us in PA!

    If one objectively sees the record of accomplishment that Shapiro has had and you understand that what we most need is competence beyond just being another prosecutor with a long career in the courtroom and if you have an honest record yourself you don’t just to endorsing for political friendships!

    I admire Eugene for doing the correct thing because that is is history in government and he supports Shapiro for the same reason, his experience in honest government.

    To my thinking this is one of the cleanest endorsements I have seen in PA in many years.

  12. Well Depasquale just killed any chance he ever had to get he support of Brady Doc and the Philly Dems for a state wide run for governor. He probably also alienated the allegheny county crowd that supports Zappala. Pretty bad move. If Shapiro wins it puts him in direct competition for governor with DePasquale in 4 or 8 years.

  13. Good choice here and I’m hoping for he does supports you for your reelection campaign as State Aduitor in 2016 as well.

  14. AG Candidate Zappala is the Grandson of a state legislator and the Son of a Supreme Court Judge.

    Zappala is Mr. Establishment. And if we are to believe Jim, he helped the Police in Pittsburgh cover-up the fact that they shot an unarmed kid they mistook for someone else.

  15. Observant – is this the part when you pretend Little Steve Zappala is not part of the “establishment?” LOL

  16. Eugene’s endorsement is worth big votes across the state. Pittsburgh Hometown guy. Eugene only endorses servants that will serve the taxpayers. Auditor General that doesn’t play politics with your money endorses an Attorney General that won’t play politics with your money.

  17. Yawn…This is not unexpected…another establishment endorsement for Shapiro orchestrated by Rendell and Groen…if this follows to form, there will be a McGinty endorsement from DePasquale to follow…

  18. Hooray for little Jeep. It took courage to go against the Bazzano-Zappala-Porter mafia and Godfather Steve must be awful sore that a countryman took a walk on him. For that, I will vote all 35 people who are registered at my house and the hundred fakes that I invented in favor of our brave Auditor General. Once he audits d.a. Zappala’s forfeiture fund, he will be elected Governor

  19. If Eugene DePasquale supports Shapiro, he has my vote too. Honest DePasquale word matters.

  20. I respect the auditor General for this endorsement as an undecided voter I will be voting for shapiro now Depasquale has been a great auditor General for pa I trust his judgment.

  21. I like Eugene, and I understand the politics of it, but my opinion of the Auditor General just went down a notch or two.

  22. Zappala is near the “top” only amongst his pals and in amongst Western PA voters that do not know too much about him. When the truth comes out, he will get slaughtered in the Primary.

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