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DePasquale on TV Thursday (Watch Video)

Eugene DePasquale, the Democrat running for Auditor General, has unveiled his general election ad. The quirky spot highlights his good government acumen – and the difficulty of messaging in a race that most voters don’t care about.

“I wanna be an Auditor General who reforms state government, cuts wasteful spending, and protects Pennsylvanians from powerful special interests,” DePasquale says to a classroom full of kids after being introduced at career day by his son.

The teacher personifies campaign staffers, looking at polls showing 75% of voters have never heard of either candidate.

After his spiel, personifying many Pa. voters, another student raises her hand to ask, “Can we listen to the firefighter now?”

The spot will air in several Pa. broadcast markets starting Thursday in Pittsburgh (with nothing on the books yet for the expensive Philadelphia market). Look for it on the morning and evening news circuit.

It was produced by DePasquale’s longtime ad man Bud Jackson. It’s reminiscent of the York County State Rep.’s other playful ads, including a classic of the genre posted below.

He faces state Rep. John Maher (R-Allegheny) in what has been a low-profile and entirely positive statewide campaign. In a race like this, when neither candidate has tons of cash, each must choose one message to try and get out to voters.

DePasquale has emphasized his record of transparent governing, where he’s been recognized by many statewide observers as a leader.

Maher has his own good government credentials, and has repeatedly noted that he’s an auditor by trade (he’s a certified public accountant and co-founded a firm that performs government audits).

In so keeping, a Maher campaign spokesman declined to comment on the ad except to say, “John Maher is the only Auditor running for Auditor General.”

His campaign has plans to be on the air soon, for the final week of the campaign.

In other auditing news, outgoing Auditor Jack Wagner endorsed fellow Democrat DePasquale.

Wagner, who both candidates have praised as a talented AG, is not an auditor.

Victoria Cram contributed to this report.

Here’s that 2006 ad:

10 Responses

  1. is the message from your post that you bore us? lighten up, buddy. it is obvious that it was a gimmick to get our attention when every political commercial on television is a drone of goom and gloom. i’d rather laugh at a commercial like this than cry at another negative commercial being shoved down our throats. i can’t wait until this election is over and ALL of the ads are gone. at least this one was mildly entertaining. it is more memorable than a lot of other ads i’ve been seeing.

  2. Nice to see a positive ad. Clearly this will look like no other commercial on television right now so it will stick out like a sore thumb in a good way. Nobody knows anything about people running for this office. if we can remember their name, it’s a miracle. i know this commercial helps me remember his name. luckily it will be on the ballot so i won’t need to spell it!

  3. Cute ad. But, I’m not sure what boring kids has to do with be qualified to be Auditor General?

  4. thats a nice positive ad.from a very positive man.eugene will make a great auditor general.john maher is also a good guy but i just cant get buy the fact he voted for the pay raise.and the biggest of all hes tied to tom corbett.

  5. Nice to see a positive campaign for a change:) I prefer an Auditor for Auditor general, John Maher!

  6. Mr. DePasquale’s got my vote – FYI Politics PA, I’m not sure that most voters don’t care about this race….

  7. Wow, nice to see positive political advertising for a change! I already know that DePasquale is the best candidate for the people. He’s getting my vote!

  8. Nice to see a positive ad. Eugene is a leader who will be tough, fair and independent. Even as a legislator, he has always looked out for PA taxpayers and protected them from special interests. DePasquale has my vote !

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