Dept. of State Says All Voting Machines Must Have Paper Backup by 2020

The Department of State has begun telling county board of elections that all voting machines must have a paper backup by 2020.  

According to the Patriot News Acting Secretary of State Robert Torres ordered a deadline of December 31st 2019 for all counties to have voting systems that create a paper trail for each ballot cast.  

Torres said the move would cost between $95 million and $153 million of the machines are bought outright now, but the Department will be working with counties to decrease to cost.

Department spokeswoman Wanda Murren said they will try to lower the costs through bulk purchasing through the state, and different grants.

4 Responses

  1. It’s about time; really, way past time! Virginia and
    Maryland are among a number of states which have universal paper
    ballots or paper trails associated with voting machines.

  2. bad choice Department of State maybe I will not support you in a future state senate or state representative race in 2020 as a example.

  3. Makes sense. Our society cannot guarantee that numbers won’t be messed with by hackers so–until some wizard can assure us that protection–paper trails are essential. My gut tells me that in the lifetimes of all those reading this website paper trails will be needed. It is ironic we try to get away from paper only to go back to paper but that is all in the nature of things and funny in a way.

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