Dermatologist Enters Race for New 13th District

Dr. John Joyce announced he is entering the Republican primary for the new 13th Congressional district.

“After thoughtful prayer and consideration, and with the support of my wife and family, I am committed to listen to my community and continue to serve them as a strong conservative voice in the United States Congress. I am officially announcing my candidacy for the United States Congress,” Joyce said according to the Altoona Mirror.  

Joyce runs the Altoona Dermatology Associates, and has practiced medicine in the Altoona area for 25 years.  

“The citizens of this country are looking for someone who is not a career politician, someone who has never run before. I feel I can have an impact in Washington, D.C.  Political insiders say how hard it is to beat career politicians. I am running to be your voice. It is time we elect someone who cares more about the people than the politics,” Joyce said during his announcement.  

Joyce was considering a run for the old 9th Congressional district following the retirement of Congressman Bill Shuster.

Joyce joins state Sen. John H. Eichelberger, state Rep. Steve Bloom, Art Halvorson, Travis Schooley, and Douglas Mastriano in the race for the new 13th district.

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15 thoughts on “Dermatologist Enters Race for New 13th District”

  1. Shelley Eppard says:

    The Shuster machine was backing Dave Reed, but since the new map cut him out of the district they had to find someone else. This guy’s son Sean was Bill Shuster’s campaign manager and he has donated thousands to Shuster over the years.

    Poor Travis Schooley sold his soul to keep Bill Shuster in office two years ago and now he’s being passed over by the establishment again.

  2. Bakrey Zissell says:

    good choice people and I think for he should move to Montgomery County and run for reelection as Montgomery County Commissioner or as a State Representative in 2019 is to replace Madeleine Dean when she does wins the congressional seat and reelection in 2018.

  3. Bloooooom! says:


  4. DormyStanials says:

    This should be an interesting race. I do agree that the Shuster influence needs to be completely removed from this seat. But we don’t need a Trumper elected either. The only thing more corrupt than a Shuster is a Trump.

  5. John Henry says:

    He is a Schuster plant. The truth be told Bud has been at war with Eicherberger for years. Bud also dislikes Halverson and will never let him be a congressman. We need a new direction away from the power of the Schuster’s. Travis Schooly is not connected to the rich and powerful. We need someone like Travis.

    1. Not Travis says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Travis deserves this seat after he stuck his neck out to endorse Shuster only to get stabbed in the back. We don’t need a greedy doctor in Congress anyway. Vote Travis.

    2. Harrison says:

      Are you asking us to forget that Travis Schooley twice conspired with Shuster to keep the dynasty, that he met Shuster several times in DC and endorsed Shuster against Halvorson in the 2016 election, thereby helping to ensure Shuster’s narrow victory?

      Schooley hasn’t a prayer of winning the elction, and his collusion with Shuster is a big reason why.

  6. David Diano says:

    “After thoughtful prayer”

    Is this his training for doing nothing about gun violence?

  7. John Holmes says:

    Sweet porn stache.

  8. Sharon says:

    That’s ridiculous. Dr. Joyce has been my doctor for over 12 years and is an incredible guy. We would be lucky to have him in DC. He has zero background in politics unlike repeat candidate Halvorson and Eichelberger who spent his career in politics and is power hungry. Who cares what his son is doing right now – he doesn’t even live here anymore. We need a guy with integrity and will do what is right. That is who John Joyce is.

    1. Harrison says:

      You’re forgetting that Joyce’s son, Sean, was a senior Shuster staffer for years and, true to form, is now a power lobbyist for the processed food industry and other major Shuster backers. Joyce and his wife have donated 10s of thousands to Shuster campaigns directly and have orchestrated much more than that.

      A vote for Joyce is a vote for business as usual.

  9. Altoona&Proud says:

    Finally someone who is not a career politician running. DC needs fresh perspectives from someone who can shake things up like Trump!

  10. Nathan says:

    Finally some one who isn’t part of the swamp! Eichelberger is a careerist and Halvorson has nothing better to do for the last decade than run for office and lose every time.

  11. Ryan says:

    Dr. Joyce is a great man! It’s time for someone new.

  12. trojanhorse says:

    This guy is the Shuster candidate in the race. Complete fraud. 5 days he wasn’t in it and now he thinks he can buy the race because the DC swamp recruits him. And his son is a former Shuster campaign manager now lobbies for the biggest Democrat swamp firm in DC.

    And his has Shuster’s sleazy consulting team behind him as well. He isn’t fooling anybody.

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