Dermody Signals that Dems May Not Support Kane Impeachment

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1Democrats appear to be trying to pump the brakes on the efforts to impeach Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

House Minority Leader Frank Dermody is leading the charge.

“I have doubts as to whether it’s necessary,” Dermody told Kevin Zwick of Capitolwire concerning possible impeachment. “There’s a reason it happens every 150 years…It needs to be reserved for the most extreme cases.”

It first became apparent that the Party was slowing beginning to rally around Kane when the vote to remove her failed to reach a two-thirds majority in the State Senate.

Now that she has officially announced that she won’t run for a second term, momentum seems to be building to allow her to just finish her time in office and leave her fate to the judiciary.

Republicans, however, are definitely not on board with this trend.

Subcommittee Chair, and one-time AG candidate, State Rep. Todd Stephens told Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review that the hearings will continue.

“Until we have the facts, we don’t know whether it makes sense to proceed,” Stephens stated.

For now, Kane’s fate remains very much up in the air.

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  1. Brad – very eloquent. But – most reasonable people have already figured out what happened here. Kane was brave to stand up to the bullies. So far – she has won. The fact that they have been afraid to give her a trial speaks volumes about the strength of their “case.” I, for one, would be very happy to see ALL THE FACTS come out – at an Impeachment or a criminal trial. Either one – or both – would be fine by me.

  2. Kane is not running, the facts will come out in a trial held under rules of evidence!

    Now I see some demanding that we punish her further by impeaching her at a great cost to the public treasury. And at no practical purpose than to shave off a month or two from her end of term. To what purpose? It is costly and the courts must handle their own shortcomings as the facts come out.

    It seems that the courts and the threat of civil and criminal penalties will not assuage the beasts waiting to digest her reputation even before the veils of conspiracies are probed in an actual court of law. The food of a conspiracy seems to proceed this short sighted thinking relative to destroying her before trial.

    Enough is enough and acting like jackals does nothing to further justice and does not make any of us any wiser. In this kangaroo court of public opinion challenging the right to an individual to a trial in a court of justice further destroys our own fragile rights.

    I fear what we destroy when we act is such ways as to deprive anyone of their rights in order to assuage our egos.

  3. The porn allegedly sent from their State computers included:

    – videos depicting graphic violence against women

    – a woman having “sex” with a snake

    – a 100 yr-old woman engaged in intercourse

    – sexual images of children

    – a man shoving a champagne bottle into a woman’s vagina

  4. Hey buggy – I have heard that Fina really likes “old ladies.” 100 year “old ladies” to get specific. When are the videos going to come out? We have heard so much about the videos!!

  5. Don’t be so bitter. Just because FINA put criminal ass in prison. At least He wasn’t banging your old lady when you were locked up. Oh yeah I forgot that was one of your so called FRIENDS.

  6. OK. I managed to make sure I let Levant’s other client keep the $400K he stole from PA taxpayers (note that I am also Levant’s client).

    I made sure I covered-up my use of State computers on racist material (at least for a while until Kane EXPOSED me).

    Me and Levant are now suing the AG’s Office for more taxpayer $$$

    I got Seth Williams (idiot) to help me smear Kane

    I got Seth Williams (moron) to hire Levant’s wife to a newly created position. A job she is not qualified for.

    I got Seth Williams (fool) to get rid of his First Assistant (the one that wanted me fired – along with the rest of the legal community and civilized people everywhere).

    And now I got Seth Williams to promote my guy – Claude Thomas – to supervise a bunch of fine law enforcement people who have been with the DA’s Office for tens of years. Oh yeah — Claude Thomas is suing the AG’s Office for money too.

    This is AWESOME … at least til we all get arrested!!

  7. I actually don’t think it is moot. I agree with Rendell that they should move forward with Impeachment proceedings. My POPCORN is already on order for the trial in the Senate.

  8. The legislature needs to work on the budget and stop wasting time, money and effort on this very moot matter.

  9. You can all thank an unnamed Republican angel for putting a stop to my potty mouth. I got totally owned. I wish Democrats had told me how offensive my words were and I wouldn’t have had to get my hand slapped by Sy.

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