Dershowitz: PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro Should Run His Own Russia Investigation

Alan DershowitzA national Democratic commentator offered a solution to the ongoing Trump/Russia imbroglio that runs through Harrisburg.

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz told MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro should conduct a separate investigation into Russian influence in Pennsylvania’s election.  

“I’m going to suggest that the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, a state that went seven tenths of one percent for Donald Trump, conduct an investigation of whether or not the Russian government had influence on the outcome of the Pennsylvania election,” Dershowitz said Thursday.  

“Here you have a Democratic Attorney General of a state that went for the Republican that has a stake in the outcome of this investigation, and that person ought to be at least conducting an investigation.”  

Dershowitz is a frequent commenter on criminal and constitutional law, and the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard.  

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Shapiro’s office on the suggestion.

You can view the entire segment here:

22 Responses

  1. Daniel Pipes – Flynn was fired by the Obama Administration for incompetence in 2014. Try again.

  2. Am I the only one who saw those Russian Zils driving through Perry county full of Trump-Pence signs and dropping them off every half mile or so?

  3. Flynn was Obamas boy and a Democrat. Why do you think Trump left him in there. Trump is two steps ahead of the dems and media.
    When you report fake news and put the stick in the beehive you usually get stung.

  4. The tax returns will tell the tale and they are in the possession of the I.R.S. so people at the top already know whazzup. Since they are tied at the pecker to the effen bee eye in order to double dip targets, the Feds all know if there was a prior nexus between the Trumps and the Ruskies.. It miight come out, or maybe somebody gets kilt, or maybe the business-political complex keeps chugging on. so long as La familia gets paid, we can help with any kind of work.

  5. It would be great if AG Shapiro investigate the entire evidence-free “Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election” narrative in Pennsylvania. AG Shapiro could identify himself with the Trump Russia conspiracy.Let us see what he does.

  6. Jill Stein was a Russian plant to siphon off votes from HRC. Remember she was at the table with Putin too, along with Trump’s boy Flynn.

  7. I agree with the Democrats–Russia didn’t cast votes for either candidate.

  8. No, we don’t need PA taxpayer dollars and the Atty Generals time wasted on this. I can conduct a 30 second investigation and confirm that the Russians had nothing to do with Trump winning PA. Trump won PA because Hillary Clinton ignored the working class, blue collar voters in the rural areas of the state. The results in rural counties gave the Clinton campaign a clear picture they were in trouble but they ignored the CLEAR signs. Bernie Sanders was easily winning these counties AND Trump was getting huge Democratic write in votes. The imbeciles Ed Rendell and Bob Brady still believe they can deliver a large enough Democratic block of votes to win the state, but YOU TWO IDIOTS, need to realize that ignoring and disrespecting rural working class Democrats is now causing them to cross over and vote for Republicans. EVEN WORSE – if you don’t start respecting them SOON – they are changing their registrations. Also, this is causing Democratic membership in the state legislature to shrink to historic lows.

  9. It’s unlikely that Pennsylvania voters were thinking much about Russia or its relations with the Trump campaign last November. And even if there were a few who were, there were other pressing matters to consider. Other, much bigger and very real issues drove the voting.

    The Democrats and their shills already had their free shot in this state with Jill Stein’s ridiculous and ill-fated recount effort.

    It’s bad enough that Dershowitz believes that someone like Shapiro might not only agree with such convoluted logic, and be persuaded to take action on it. It would be even worse if Shapiro actually went rogue and decided to do something as vain and ridiculous–and in a time of budget constraints and massive state debt.

  10. LOL at the righties pretending all they have to do is say, “But look at that guy, over there!”
    Our current president has used that dodge until it spotted a mile away.
    It took Nixon over a term to get to Watergate. It took Trump a month.

  11. Dems should distance themselves as far as they can from Dersh, who was a frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Express private jet to that orgy island in the Caribbean. I would not even shake the guy’s hand…

  12. Bad idea. We got friends over there, you know, what we call outside talent. Let this sleepy dog lie and the republicans will cover

  13. Dershowitz has often praised Trump because Dershiboy is so rabidly pro-Israel. He could be a devil in the woodstack and spy for Trump.

  14. That’s hysterical. Josh doesn’t want a spotlight on influences in the election that could shine light on his own election.

    Also, I don’t think the FBI, NSA and CIA are going to share the transcripts of intercepted communications with Josh.

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