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DeSantis To Headline Allegheny County GOP Dinner

A potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate will headline a Republican Party dinner in Pittsburgh later this month. 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will be headlining the Allegheny County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner on May 20 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Hotel. 

Allegheny County GOP Chairman Sam DeMarco expressed his excitement about DeSantis’s upcoming visit in an interview with PoliticsPA. The event was first reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“We’re very excited and looking forward to hearing from the governor,” DeMarco said to PoliticsPA. “We think he has done a phenomenal job managing COVID and overall as the governor of Florida.”

“When you compare that with the financial mess that Tom Wolf has put us here in Pennsylvania, we look forward to hearing from someone who knows how to do the job and do it right,” DeMarco continued. 

DeSantis has emerged as a potential 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner. Trump recently described DeSantis as a friend and someone he would also consider as a running mate, should he run in 2024. 

DeMarco echoed the sentiments from many Republicans who view DeSantis as presidential material.

“I think that right now, if President Trump chooses not to run…  that Ron DeSantis has to be looked at as the frontrunner,” DeMarco said to PoliticsPA. 

He continued to specifically credit DeSantis’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason he would deserve to be the GOP frontrunner in 2024. 

During a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference’s gathering in Florida in late February, Trump was the highest vote-getter earning 55% of support to be the 2024 GOP nominee, while DeSantis finished in second place with 21%. When the straw poll didn’t include Trump, DeSantis led the way with 43%

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party slammed DeSantis and linked him to Trump in their response to his upcoming trip to the state. 

“Inviting someone like Governor DeSantis to speak to the Allegheny County Republican Party, who just today is signing un-American, groundless voting restrictions into law, proves what most Pennsylvanians already know: PA Republicans are the party of Donald Trump, extremists and conspiracy theorists,” said PA Democratic Party Deputy Communications Director Rosie Lapowsky. “Democrats are fighting for Pennsylvanians, putting checks in families’ hands and making historic investments in our infrastructure, but Republicans just want to fight Pennsylvanians and their democratic rights.”

On Thursday, DeSantis signed a GOP-backed bill “imposing new limits on voting by mail and using ballot drop boxes,” which Reuters described as “the latest Republican-backed voting restrictions to become law in a U.S. election battleground state.”

While DeSantis will headline the event, a majority of the 2022 GOP potential statewide candidates for governor and Senate in Pennsylvania are expected to be in attendance. 

This is the second year in a row that the Allegheny County GOP is hosting a well-known figure in the party. 

Last year, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) headlined the Lincoln Day Dinner in February 2020.

The general and VIP reception are slated to begin at 6:00 PM. One ticket for the general reception and dinner costs $150, while a VIP reception and dinner ticket costs $500. It costs $5,000 to be on the host committee, $10,000 for the Chairman’s Circle, $15,000 to be an event sponsor, and $25,000 to be a co-chair. 

Capacity is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The dinner will begin at 7:30 PM.

12 Responses

    1. The Democrat party has been infiltrated by anti-American socialists and communists who would never had been elected if they ran under their true identity on the the ballot. Make no mistake about it , they have a hatred for our nation that drives them to support anything that will undermine the very foundation of this Country . Their plan is to destabilize the Nation by undermining our sense of identity as proud Americans, by attacking the institutions that are the glue that hold our diverse nation together. Our History , our Police , our education system , our military, our Patriotism, our National news media are all under assault by these Marxists who run the Democrat party . Say what you want about Trump but he is the first modern day President to recognize this war on America that’s being waged by the treacherous Marxists hiding behind the name of the Democrat party !!

  1. Ah, it’s that time of the year again. Flowers are blooming. Weather is changing. Sam Demarco is kissing the ass of another GOP troglodyte.

  2. Trump policies were awesome. I just wish he had more self-control and didn’t say things that were used against him and other conservatives. Liz Cheney is just a Bush stooge who never worked a day in her life. Desantis is the real deal. Need to get rid of the RINOs so the party can unite, then unite the country. Just like Abraham Lincoln did.

    1. Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t be caught dead in the Republican Party today. You have no business mentioning his name either.

  3. He’s kind of a buffoon who is personally disliked by many who know and work for him’ He has no sense of loyalty. Former staffers have formed a support group of sorts to dish about the various indignities they endured working for DeSantis, most of which seem to involve the former congressman and current governor treating his aides like “garbage,” cycling through staff and advisers, and mostly relying on his own instincts and the advice of his wife, Casey DeSantis.

  4. DeSantis is the dumbest, most vile and dishonest GOP governor right now. Nobody in their right mind would want to sit through a speech by this doofus asshole.

  5. DeSantis is a Trump stooge. Until the GOP abandons Trumpism, they should not hold power at any level. Romney, Liz Cheney and other mainstream Republicans need to break away and form a viable 3 party and let the rotting remains of the Trump party eat away on its own vile carcass.

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