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DEVELOPING: Dougherty’s Home, IBEW 98 HQ Raided by FBI

John Dougherty’s home and union hall were apparently raided by the FBI this morning.

According to multiple on the ground reports, agents are going through both Dougherty’s South Philly home and the headquarters of IBEW 98.

KYW also captured photos of investigators leaving Philadelphia Councilman Bobby Henon’s office with boxes.

Dougherty is considered the most powerful labor leader in the city. Last year, his brother Kevin was elected to the State Supreme Court.

Last February, he was accused of punching a man in the face.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops…

UPDATE: is reporting that the raid is part of a long-standing investigation of the misuse of funds.

“Sources said the investigation is a joint FBI/IRS probe into alleged misuse of union funds and has been under way for more than two years,” they write. “Anywhere from 10 to 15 locations are being searched, the sources said.”

UPDATE 2: KYW’s Kristen Johanson captured video of agents removing boxes from Dougherty’s home:

UPDATE 3: Kristen De Groot of the Associated Press reports that Dougherty’s union bar “Doc’s Union Pub” was also raided. Mark Dent and Anna Orso of BillyPenn noted that two years ago the National Review wrote about a possible “self-pay scheme” involving the bar.

UPDATE 4: Frank Keel, IBEW’s long-time spokesman who left last June, is apparently back with Dougherty.

UPDATE 5: Frank Keel has released a statement on behalf of Dougherty:

UPDATE 6: Craig R. McCoy, Tricia L. Nadolny, Chris Brennan and Jeff Gammage of the Inquirer report that Dougherty’s sister house was also searched as was union President Brian Burrows.

UPDATE 7: Those same Inquirer reporters are now revealing that one source has implicated that the investigation concerns Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s campaign as well as the State Supreme Court campaign of Kevin Dougherty.

“Late Friday, a person familiar with the investigation said it focused on the union’s finances and its involvement in the political campaigns of Mayor Kenney and state Supreme Court Justice Kevin Dougherty, who is Dougherty’s brother. Federal authorities are also scrutinizing Dougherty’s finances and taxes, the source said.”

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  2.  Local 98 gets involved in the communities of its members through its members. From park clean-ups to church sponsored outreach programs, IBEW Local 98 always makes time to help.

  3. Charles zogby, Corey L Do all Repub Trump supporters
    beat and push around and disrespect women

  4. I have been hearing that pseudo-Republican, Seth Williams, is under Federal Investigation too.

    We know he turned his back on the victim of a violent crime so he could help/protect John Dougherty. Wonder what he must be thinking now. He put his career on the line to look away. He demoted a top Deputy. And now he doesn’t have Dougherty as a “friend” anymore.

    Maybe they can be cell-mates.

  5. Pennsylvania Democrats have been having a bad week.
    Both Democrats Rob McCord, former Treasurer and now convicted felon, and Democrat John Estey, formerly of BallardSpahr and former $750,000 a year counsel to Hershey Trust, wore wires.
    I have been hearing that the FBI has Democratic financier John Dougherty and other high level Democrats on tape. It should not surprise us.

  6. Oh, you better not shout
    You better not pout
    You better not cry
    I’m telling you why
    Johnny Doc will punch you in the face.

    He knows when you are sleeping
    He knows when you’re awake
    He’s looking through your window
    He’s a peeper for Christ sake.

    Good thing the Zappala crime family ratted him to the Feds or there would be
    “heil Toupee!” once again, the mob comes to the aid of Uncle Sam because his cops
    are dumb and corrupt and looking the other way.

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