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DEVELOPING: FBI Searches Reading City Hall

fbi_logo_twitterWell, we went a whole week before another FBI raid.

This time, the Bureau is searching the Reading City Hall.

According to WFMZ, the agents searched a number of offices including those of the mayor and city solicitor.

City Solicitor Charles Younger told WFMZ that they were armed with a search warrant and subpoena from U.S. District Court Judge Legrome Davis.

Just eight days ago, the FBI raided the offices of Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. Four days later, Pawlowski suspended his Senate campaign.

Is there a connection to Pawlowski and Reading Mayor Vaughn Spencer?

Yes, in fact, there is.

Mike Fleck, the guy who pulled a Poochie and moved out of his home, was a political consultant to both men. Fleck’s firm dissolved on the same day Pawlowski’s office was searched.

Suffice to say, the scope and scale of this still young scandal is steadily growing.

UPDATE: The Reading Eagle is also reporting that the FBI is also searching Mayor Spencer’s home.

12 Responses

  1. “The quotes in federal documents were so long and detailed they likely came from wiretaps.” –
    Brad Bumstead, Pittsburgh Tribune

    Other news organizations have strongly suggested that wiretaps were employed by the FBI during their investigation. In other words, any prominent public figures (particularly the previously mentioned labor union chieftain) who communicated with McCord in the months prior to his arrest have cause to be concerned…

  2. McCord folded like a cheap suit as soon as he was confronted by the Feds. There was plenty of speculation at the time that he immediately began to cooperate with prosecutors, and his pre-sentencing hearing was set for June 29. I don’t think they’d need wiretaps to trigger these searches. McCord’s been talking to them for months.

  3. Oh – and according to the 02/05/15 edition of The Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Friends of Vaughn D. Spencer contributed $7,000.00 to Rob McCord nine days after McCord withdrew from the race for Governor. In that same piece, Michael Fleck vehemently denied that such a contribution had been made. Check it out PoliticsPA. Again, the FBI wiretapped McCord’s conversations for a considerable period of time…

    And Observer, I am anything but a GOP operative. Just a very well-informed individual attempting to give everyone a head’s up about forthcoming developments…

  4. And Johnny Doc is WAY more controversial than any other labor boss in the state, which you would know if you weren’t a paid shill from upstate/out-of-state.

  5. Nice non-suitur there, Unknowing – jumping from simultaneous connected endorsers to a labor leader not connected in any way with the others. Re-Pube-ican, much?

  6. They’re going after the crazy man who likes to play with lightbulbs on Spring Garden Street for illegal campaign donations. Take them all down with you General.

  7. Incidentally, PoliticsPA, McCord’s most notable political supporter during his gubernatorial campaign was UFCW Local 1776 chieftain Wendell Young IV (again, your own archives). Many phone conversations and e-mails undoubtedly were exchanged between these two. What does the FBI now know about the Commonwealth’s most controversial labor union boss, the most outspoken foe of liquor privatization?

  8. Yes there is another connection: both Pawlowski and Spencer endorsed former gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord on the same day in February 2014 (check your archives, PoliticsPA). Other clients and allies of Fleck also endorsed McCord on the same date. McCord, of course, has since plead guilty to federal offenses and relinquished his position as Treasurer. Was there a deal struck between McCord and these various office-holders in exchange for these endorsements? Did the FBI capture conversations via wiretaps?

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