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DiGiorgio Resigns After Inquirer Bombshell About Racy Texts, Photo

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio resigned today after a Philadelphia Inquirer report of him exchanging sexually charged messages and an “explicit photo” with Philadelphia Republican Council candidate, Irina Goldstein. 

The report states DiGiorgio sent a friend request to Goldstein on Facebook in October amid her bid for City Council in 2019. The two shared flirty messages on the Facebook messenger application within the first 48 hours, which included DiGiorgio sending an Instagram picture of Goldstein saying that she was “nice to look at” and declined her LinkedIn request because saying she was “too beautiful to follow everywhere.” 

The report continues that DiGiorgio and Goldstein continued to message about each other’s looks, which resulted in Goldstein sending a picture to him to her “right index finger pulling at the right corner of her lower lip” after DiGiorgio requested a picture saying it was her “duty to the party.” Goldstein messaged DiGiorgio saying that he was “definitely one of the hottest 50-year-olds” she knew, but said she has a boyfriend that she loves and that he has a family. 

The two met for dinner in December once and backed out of plans to meet months before. DiGiorgio suggested on exchanging photos on Snapchat as opposed to Facebook messenger because “Snapchat deletes. Text is forever”. After the two exchanged sexually charged messages, DiGiorgio sent a picture of his “erect penis” to Goldstein on Facebook messenger. She screenshot the picture because she said she “didn’t really feel safe with this man.”

Goldstein tried to get DiGiorgio’s endorsement, but he stayed out of the Philadelphia Republican City Council primary that took place in May. She sent a screenshot to DiGiorgio of the law firm that DiGiorgio works at that showed a “large contribution” made to Dan Tinney, who became the highest vote getter in the GOP primary. After pressing DiGiorgio for help, he said he’d get her to the White House at some point. 

Goldstein messaged DiGiorgio telling him that he “sexually harassed” her citing his comments about sending a picture to her as a “duty to the party and to the country to [expletive] you”. 

DiGiorgio responded by saying he thought he was being a “perfect gentleman” to her at their meeting in a restaurant and said he was “shocked and disappointed” she suggested he was sexually harassing her, saying he “thought they were friends.” 

Goldstein finished last in the seven candidate GOP primary and did not advance to the November ballot, but did not blame DiGiorgio for her last place finish. 

According to Goldstein, DiGiorgio tried to press her into signing a nondisclosure agreement that would prevent her from “disparaging” him. Michael Schwartz, representing DiGiorgio as a private attorney, did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Inquirer. 

DiGiorgio’s resignation announcement described the sexual harassment claim from Goldstein as “fundamentally untrue” and said these characterizations were made from her after he declined to endorse in the primary. 

The Pennsylvania GOP release from DiGiorgio thanked him for his “30 years of active leadership” and leaving the party “stronger and poised for future victories.” 

It is unclear who will succeed DiGiorgio as party chair on a full time basis, but Vice-Chair Bernie Comfort is now in the role of Acting Chair.  

Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari reports that former GOP Congressman and one-time Senate candidate, Lou Barletta is being pushed to become a new state chairman. Barletta said “supporters” have urged him to make a bid for PA GOP chair and hasn’t ruled out a run.

Former PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason, who preceded DiGiorgio, tells PoliticsPA that Lawrence Tabas would be a good fit for state chair, although he has not confirmed from him that he is interested in the role.

“Lawrence would be wonderful and be acceptable from the White house down to the rank and file members,” Gleason said.

This article was updated with a comment from the former Pennsylvania GOP Chair Rob Gleason. 

60 Responses

  1. BTW, I’m told Goldstein is no angel, so perhaps they were made for each other; s/p Carlos Danger, it’s difficult to appreciate how Val would err so overtly.

  2. Although I’m no longer a committeeperson, I chatted with Val a few times and he seemed competent; he depicted a life-story that started in South Philly.

    It appears, however, that he was unfair to a committeewoman in Chester [Donna Ellingsen]; also, he failed to resign his county-level post when elected statewide.

    Finally, his demand for an open-election antagonized those seeking a secret ballot; thus, it would appear that Lawrence Tabas would be an appropriate successor, particularly because Lou may be [justifiably] running again for Congress.

    1. Sklaroff-

      So, he’s a model Trump Republican !

      Maybe now he’s free to work on Trump’s campaign full time, or get a White House appointment.

        1. No model D, but he certainly did not learn anything from the Weiner episode.

    1. Yes. The loss of an idiot like DiGiorgio will be a 5 point boost for Trump’s campaign.

  3. When will Megan King be brought down? I thought it was suspicious a lowly ADA was endorsed for appeals judge

  4. I wonder what kind of picture Val sent Megan King to get her to jump into the Superior Court race.

    1. Why do you thing she got endorsed? His relationship with King well known. The committee people are idiots and can easily be bribed or bought. This just derailed any chance for a Republican to win in November.

      My guess is now they will support Bernie Comfort for Chair, who is as liberal as they come and will still be controlled by DiGiorgio. Let’s see if they (state Committee) finally get the message. My guess is NO!

  5. Never EVER put something like The Flirtations in Writing . This was another Cocky Ass Lawyer that thinks he is above it all . Dude you have a Wife and Kids get a Divorce if you are not happy with your wife .

  6. Keith Rothfus should lead the party. The only actual republicans live in western PA. Keith got a raw deal. He can campaign and raise money and support the Trump agenda.

  7. When will they go after corrupt Lebanon County Chairman Casey Long for harassing Senate and House Staff

  8. Wasn’t Mueser the main guy who lobbied for Val to be Chair? Dogs sniff other dogs.

  9. This was a long time coming. Val has always been corrupt. People drank his Kool-Aid and thought he was so great. His record was horrendous, he lost so many row offices in Chester County, and played dirty politics. What he did to Rebecca Warren in the endorsement process showed his true colors. He had this coming to him and so does the Republican Party. I hope Bernie Comfort, Bunny Welsh, Pat Poprick, and Andy Reilly get what’s coming to them next. Oh, Bunny is, which is why she isn’t running for re-election. Megan King is next! Down with the Republican Party!!

  10. It’s only a matter of time until Trump tweets the guy didn’t do anything wrong. Is that golf spikes guy available to lead the GOP?

  11. It’s easy to judge others. I am grateful for Val being so enthusiastic over Scott Wagner’s candidacy and promoting Lou for Senate so he will be missed by all Dem supporters. But everyone of us writing and posting here has made dumb mistakes and is not above messing up. Clearly, according to the posted story here Val has shown poor judgement. Yet, in the final analysis, we all can be as foolish. The wise person should keep in mind the saying, “there but for the grace of God go I.”

  12. Maybe Tom Ellis can try to resurrect his career? After being laughed out of Montco, he needs a position

    1. Darn I thought I was the first to think of that. So now I am supporting Pat Mehehan

  13. Helpful tips for the PA State GOP to pick their next chairman (AKA sacrificial lamb to take the blame for Trump losing PA, and having to put up with him and rallies until then):

    1) Get contact information from all applicants
    2) Send them a request for a dick-pic
    3) Check applicants who didn’t send a picture
    4) Make sure they all know how to take and send pictures
    5) Repeat request for pics
    6) Select the applicant who didn’t send dick pic
    7) You may have to go back to step 1 a few times to get one who passes this test.

      1. Winston Throckmorton-

        Is the threshold for “perfect”: knowing whether or not it’s okay to send dick pics?

        1. And if no candidates survive so thorough an examination of character and probity, David Diano? Dying over this Throckmorton hilarity.

          1. Alex-

            If they can’t find someone after a few rounds, they can go back to the first batch of applicants. Hit these guy thumbs and penises with a hammer, and see if they finally get the message to never send dick pics.

      2. Shouldn’t set the bar so low that anyone but trump and you’re average MAGAt rethuglican could walk over it

  14. How are all you Southeast Val lovers doing now? Is he still your Savior? Megan King is next to go down!! Stay tuned!!

  15. I’m very disappointed to hear all of this. I knew Val was an idiot, but he’s even dumber than I realized. His resignation is probably going to help Trump by 5 points.

    Val clearly represents everything the Republican party stands for, even more than he did before this revelation.

    “DiGiorgio suggested on exchanging photos on Snapchat as opposed to Facebook messenger because “Snapchat deletes. Text is forever”. After the two exchanged sexually charged messages, DiGiorgio sent a picture of his “erect penis” to Goldstein on Facebook messenger”

    So, after saying he didn’t think sending on Facebook was a good idea, he sent penis pic by Facebook.. wow !

    Does there need to be a mandatory class for anyone working in politics, to tell them that they should never sent penis photos to anyone, ever, even if asked to?

    “characterizations were made from her after he declined to endorse in the primary. ”
    Translation: He declined to endorse her after she wouldn’t f*ck him

    he “thought they were friends.”
    yeah, because friends always send dick pics

    Well, I can suggest TWO career moves for Val:
    1) Sestak is running for office, and will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for staff

    2) White House staff appointment.

      1. Huh-

        Post a message when you learn to read.

        That way you won’t waste time getting people to read posts to you.

      2. What’s the matter can’t hold your attention that long between pipe hits?

        1. I do not partake. David’s self-righteous pontificating can drone on and on with no valuable insight.

          It’s better to avoid him or make sure he realizes how inconsequential his thoughts are. Unfortunately, he shows up at state committee and people tell him how great he is, negating my efforts!

        2. Jared Shoemaker Jr-

          I think Huh is suffering the effects of the fumes from his cleaning supplies and custodial duties.

    1. SEPA Dems have their own problems simmering in the Montco Courthouse. Can’t cover it up forever.

      1. KennyL-

        Gee, such a “clever” posting handle when you are obviously talking about Ken Lawrence, and the accusation that he had sex (I’m not sure if they are calling rape or assault) with a girl who was drunk/drugged/incapacitated. Both were around college age at the time.

        Her claim is that she showed up at a party, and someone (not Ken) handed her a single drink. She claims the drink was drugged, because she became quickly impaired (couldn’t stand). Then, she said, at some later point, Ken offered to walk her home, and wound up having sex with her in the woods, while she was barely conscious.

        Taking advantage of incapacitated girl is undeniably wrong (though pretty much the M.O. or goal of a lot of guys drinking with girls at a college party).

        The part of the story that makes little sense is that she was handed a drugged drink upon showing up at the party. It would be odd that someone had made preparations to drug her, since she wasn’t expected at the party, and she was the only one to get such a drink, and got it as soon as she walked in. And, further that whoever handed her the drugged drink didn’t try to take her home.

        I think it’s more likely that she had a super-low tolerance for alcohol. I actually know someone with a similar problem, when she was in her early 20’s. One time, my brother’s ex-girlfriend couldn’t get from the bar back to the parking lot without help, after having only one or two weak-ass “wine-coolers”. (She wasn’t driving.) So, if this girl had a similar reaction to alcohol (particularly a strong drink), the story would make more sense about how she became incapacitated WITHOUT reducing Ken’s culpability, since the (alleged) crime is taking advantage of her.

        1. So what possible reason would someone have to defame a man like Ken Lawrence with an unsubstantiated story from at least 25 years ago? Just dragging people through the mud without having to prove a word you typed.

          1. Mick B-

            Well, if it’s true, the “reason” would be that he did it. Duh. And, if it really happened, it’s not defamation.

            Not every rape is filmed on camera with the guy exclaiming how much he’s enjoying the raping. A lot of women don’t know how to react, and don’t go to police or get tested. There is a shortage of kits and a backlog of tested kits today (and the situation was far worse for women 25 years ago). So, it comes down to her word against his, and maybe some witnesses from the party about the events prior to them leaving, or how he wound up being the one to walk her home. It may come down to credibility.

            In the case against Daylin, by Cara Taylor, I think the early results are that investigators feel she believes her claim, despite minor inconsistencies in the story. (I don’t know what they are, but it could be about the date, time of day, or sequence of events, that might not be material.)

            I’m not saying whether or not it happened. I’m just poking at KennyL for thinking he’s being coy/clever tossing this out without explanation.

            I’m just relating what her story/claim is, so the readers here know what it’s all about. The story is out there publicly, so I’m not creating news here.

            Given my personal knowledge of someone who had similarly low tolerance at that age, I just offered it up as an alternate explanation for her claim that she had been intentionally drugged.

          2. It’s really morally wrong to trash somebody and their reputation without having any fact behind your allegation. You’re saying it’s her word against his, so why are you the one talking about this? What do you have to gain?

          3. Mick B-

            I’m not trying to “gain” anything. The story is out there. KennyL’s post was in need of some clarification. I think she’s pursuing it and there’s some investigation of her claims. Explaining what the claim/issue is neutral.

            Eye witness testimony IS evidence. Juries then decide if one person is more credible than another.

            Also, she and Ken could take lie-detector tests.

            Politically, I get the impression/sense that there is fear her story might have legs, and the Montco Dems are trying to ignore it and keep their heads down, until after the election. If the story is deemed credible or Ken runs into trouble, they’ll be able to dump/replace him on commissioners board with another Dem.

            (I have no special knowledge that Montco Dems believe/disbelieve the story. It’s just my impression that they want to get past the election, and not deal with it sooner, since Ken is on the ballot.)

        2. This is pretty offensive. Your first response is to explain it away. I find Lawrence’s accusers story more believable than Leachs accuser. Her tolerance for alcohol doesn’t give him the right to take advantage.

  16. Lou Barletta would be a good pick for State GOP. He can do to immigrants which clearly is not what Val D. did not do to this woman.

    1. PoliticsPA staff:
      This post about illegal immigrants is not from me.

      Please remove.

  17. Nice “family man” GOP Chairman sends photo of his erect penis to female candidate, suggesting it is her patriotic duty to fuck him. Trumpian behavior.

    1. That was intended to be some sort of flirtation, and not some real demand of her to do a duty. This lady clearly enjoyed the banter and dropped a hammer on him once it was advantageous to her. Dont be so outraged. Hes a scumbag, yes.

      But you thought Mike Stack was a Republican, so…

      1. Valentino and some vowels-

        I think the problem was not that she “dropped the hammer”, but that he dropped his pants and sent picture of his hammer.

        But, while I do agree that he meant the remark as flirtatious banter.. the remark and the dick pic went too far (because just the dick pic went to far).

        But to put ANY of this on her, is EXACTLY the “blame/demean the woman” attitude that all the women in this country are so pissed off about. If a girl is raped/molested, ANY discussion of the length of her skirt is wrong/inappropriate. Period.

        It’s not like she sent him a picture of her “lady parts” and asked him to send corresponding photo. (He’d STILL be wrong/stupid in that case as well because it’s NEVER a good idea to send a dick pic.)

          1. Idiot-

            She asked for: “I want a picture I can use”
            Not: “send pic of your erect penis”

            The CORRECT response is NEVER TO SEND A DICK PICTURE.

            The other CORRECT response, if she explicitly asks for THAT type of pic: INVITE HER TO VISIT AND TAKE THE PICTURE HERSELF

        1. Dearest David The Idiot,
          This issue is really between he and his family. Sending dick pics when there was consent and a flirtatious dialog means the was no harassment.

          Hes an ass, but that seems about it.

          Her claiming harassment after she didnt get what she wanted – his overt support- is what led to the press. And, it is obvious.

          Go blindly defend women to someone else and please save the beta Male white knight schtick for your communist party inductions at state committee. Some people judge individuals bases on their actions and not their gender or race first.

          1. Huh-

            Well, he’s clearly trying to use his official position as GOP Chair to offer her enticements in exchange for sexual favors.

            It IS harassment if the flirtation crosses a line, and make her feel unsafe/unsettled. It appears that she got in over her head, against an older/experienced man in a position of power.

            From the article, it sounds like she finally realized the line had been crossed weeks before, and she hadn’t really processed it until then.

            Huh, I realize that judging you on your gender might be difficult, even with pictures.

            His law firms support of her opponent indicates that he wasn’t supporting her behind the scenes, and possibly sabotaging her campaign.

            According to the article, he claims she send him naked pics, but he “doesn’t have them”. That definitely has to be a lie, because there is ZERO chance that he would have deleted a naked picture he received from her.

            “In interviews with The Inquirer, Goldstein denied sending him any naked pictures of herself or withholding messages.”

            Also: “In reporting this story, The Inquirer reviewed more than 150 pages of messages, provided by Goldstein, that she says she and DiGiorgio exchanged between October and February. Goldstein also showed a reporter the original messages on her cell phone.”

            So, her story is more credible and she gave Inquirer access, and he isn’t.

  18. This is why you don’t sext. Those images will always comeback to haunt you. Also why does anyone want to send near naked or naked photos to others? Eww. Does anyone really enjoy them? Stupid Politicians doing stupid things.

    1. A few years ago, a FB friend of mine, accidentally posted a sext picture of herself to her timeline, instead of private message as she intended.

      Fortunately, it was late at night, and at least two friends alerted her immediately, so it was gone in under 5 minutes.

      But, sexting is just bad idea.

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